February 10  2003

Bush bids for big change in government
Buffalo News, NY 2-9-03
... While details of the Medicare proposal have not yet ... more cuts," said Monica Mahaffey,
spokeswoman for the Healthcare ... spectrum said it's no sure bet that Bush ...

Bush Prescription Drug Views Draw Sharp Opposition
Western Queens Gazette, NY - 06 Feb 2003
President George W. Bushís proposals on Medicare ... reception of the presidentís
remarks on healthcare ... reconsider some features of the presidentís proposal. ...

Bush Administration Unveils Medicaid Reform Plan
Yahoo News - 03 Feb 2003
... The proposal requires the support of the US Congress. ... In effect, the Bush Administration
is giving a green light to slash healthcare for the people who ...

ANALYSIS Intelligence Veterans Question Powell's UN Report
Santa Fe New Mexican, New Mexico - 2-9-03
... Your Secretary of Veterans Affairs recently closed the VA healthcare
system to nearly 200000 eligible veterans by administrative fiat. ...

Jeb Bush backs caps for malpractice awards
Miami Herald, FL - 05 Feb 2003
... the trial lawyers who oppose those caps ... trial lawyers' archenemies, the powerful
insurance and healthcare ... than the pocketbooks of everyday Floridians,'' Bush ...

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Isn't Italy backing Bush on Iraq?

Smoking Weed on School Trip Not a Crime
Reuters - Fri Feb 7, 9:55 AM ET
An Italian court has ruled that taking 40 joints of hashish on a school trip is not a crime.

Gee, what a surprise, another lawsuit dropped against Cheney.

Agency gives up fight over Cheney advisers
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - 2-9-03
Washington: The United States General Accounting Office (GAO) has dropped an unprecedented
lawsuit aimed at forcing the Vice-President, Dick Cheney, to name ...

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