January 21  2003

February 2002

The Daily Texan - John Ashcroft and what's best for the breast
... news conferences are usually upstaged by nude statues that stand ... Ashcroft is uncomfortable
standing in front of a naked statue ... Obviously John Ashcroft disagrees ...

Watching Big Brother - Volunteers monitor round two of Ashcroft’s “special (L.A. Weekly)
... but there was enough outrage last month over the first phase of John Ashcroft’s Orwellian-titled “special registration” program — which many activists characterize...
- Jan 17 3:12 PM ET

Ashcroft touts faith-based plan (Denver Rocky Mountain News)
U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft brought the battle over faith-based initiatives to Denver on Monday, speaking to an enthusiastic crowd of true believers.
- Jan 14 7:20 AM ET