Thursday -- December 9, 2004

The Alabamazation of the United States







White House Plugs 10 Commandments Displays
ABC News, 12-9-04
WASHINGTON — The Bush administration on Wednesday urged the Supreme Court to allow Ten Commandments displays on government property, adding a ...



Rumsfeld `Cavalier' on Iraq Gear, Dodd Says, Demanding Answers
U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd demanded answers on military preparedness from Donald Rumsfeld, describing the defense secretary as ``cavalier'' in his response to a soldier who said troops ...

House OKs spy network reform
Nashua Telegraph, N.H.,
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The House voted Tuesday to overhaul a national intelligence network that failed to prevent the Sept. ...

Thanks to Jo-Ann for the "Alabamazation of the United States" phrase.

“After an attack on an American consulate, Saudi Arabia has renewed its vow to fight terrorism in all aspects. And they're serious! This time they may even stop funding it.” -- Jay Leno.

The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

 Betty Bowers' Christmas Newsletter

“We'll nip this rumor in the bud before any blogulators get ahold of it and wring it of every annoying last bit of speculative hogwash. There is no way, no chance at all, that the George W. Bush Presidential Library will be built in New Haven. None. Zero. Na-da. Zilch-o.” -- Tom Gogola, New Haven Advocate columnist

Disturbing News

"Any problem mentioned, he's in denial," said retired Army Gen. Barry McCaffrey about Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s answers to U.S. soldiers' concerns.

By Patricia Gerber -- San Francisco

You might be a right wing Republican doesn't bother you that the man with his finger on the trigger of most of the nuclear weapons in the world can't pronounce the word.
-- An AHNC viewer

Republican Shenanigans

“Authorities have tested Michael Jackson's DNA and made an astonishing discovery... They now think Michael Jackson may be a black man in his 40s.” -- Jay Leno.

Rock-The-Voter News

A transcript of Rumsfeld's meeting with the soldiers is available at

“Still furious about the election, liberals are lashing out at blacks. First it was Condoleezza Rice . But calling a Ph.D. who advised a sitting president during war "Aunt Jemima" apparently hasn't satiated the Democrats' rage. Even the racist cartoons didn't help.” – Ann Coulter, who is a closet AHNC viewer?

Good News

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton Wins Another Grammy Nod
新浪网, China




"W" Didn't go to Viet Nam OR Alabama,

Why do I have to go to Iraq?

More about this at:

Biz-Tech News

Part of the problem, said Daniel Goure, another former Pentagon official, is that Rumsfeld acts less like a head coach and more like the owner of the football team. "For this reason, he doesn't do well at 'win one for the Gipper'-type speeches."

Bush-Prison-Torture News

"They raised the price of a ticket to Disney World to $59.75. They've also put up a new sign that says, 'Your wallet must be this big to get in.' " -- Jay Leno.

Sometimes, You Just Have to Laugh


This composite photo depicts Viktor Yushchenko, Ukraine's opposition leader and top presidential candidate, before and after his mysterious illness. On the left, Yushchenko is seen after he submitted his candidacy papers in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev on July 4, 2004. On the right, Yushchenko, with his face disfigured by illness, is seen at the presidential Mariinsky palace in Kiev, on Dec. 6, 2004. The cause of the illness that has left Ukrainian opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko's face pockmarked is still not known, the director of the hospital that treated him said Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2004, rejecting a report that the presidential candidate was poisoned. (Photo by Efrem Lukatsky)

Vladimir Putin supported Yushchensko's opposition.

Go-F***-Yourself News

"Earlier today, the president has called on all Americans to do volunteer work. For example, National Guard service" -- David Letterman


Odd News

Pillars from the Millau Viaduct, designed by the English architect Lord Norman Foster, rise above the cloud-covered valley of the river Tarn on Dec. 9, 2004. The Millau Viaduct, with seven slender soaring pillars, is the highest bridge in the world at 343 meters and now creates a direct route between Paris and the Mediterranean coast. The bridge will be inaugurated by French President Chirac at a ceremony December 14. (Photo by Jean-Philippe Arles)