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Study Group says administration's policy has led to chaos in Iraq
KXLY - 12-6-06
President Bush's policy in Iraq "is not working," a high-level commission said bluntly on Wednesday, prodding the administration to use diplomacy to stabilize the country and allow withdrawal ...


Honest Gates stings Bush
New York Daily News, NY - 12-6-06
 Robert Gates, picked by President Bush to be the new defense secretary, contradicted his future boss ...

Bush Denies Reaching Out to Dad
By Dan Froomkin - Special to washingtonpost.com
Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Even as Washington's punditocracy relishes the storyline of the elder-statesman father riding to the hapless son's rescue, President Bush insisted yesterday that he doesn't talk shop with his dad -- and certainly doesn't ask for his advice.


It's unusual to see Bush reprimanded so publicly. I wonder if Bush bothered to watch the press conference with the Iraq Study Group? I hope he was served pretzels with his bourbon and branch water at the Oval Office Unhappy Hour.



"Earlier today, President Bush met with the head of one of Iraq's Shiite political parties. However, there was an awkward moment when Bush asked him, 'Are you the Shiite head?'" --Conan O'Brien






The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


Baker's Bitch Backhanded Slap?


David Sanger, NYTimes:You picked very carefully the goals that - of the president that you choose to embrace. It's actually one of his later iterations of this: an Iraq that can defend itself, and sustain itself, and govern itself. There's no place I saw in the executive summary where you refer to his older goals, which was a democratic Iraq, or an Iraq that could spread democracy throughout the region. Are you essentially telling the president in this case that he should abandon that as a either medium-term or long-range goal?


James Baker: This was the latest elaboration of the goal, and that's the one we're working with.



The Daily Show on Troop Levels and Glenn Beck


Anybody But Rumsfeld?


The Armed Services Committee's ranking member, Carl Levin, D-Mich., who voted against Gates' nomination in 1991 to be director of the CIA, said he wanted to give Gates a ''fresh look; a lot of time has passed.'' Well, highly damaging evidence has come to light since 1991, implicating Gates in some of the most serious national-security scandals of the 1980s. Veteran investigative reporter Robert Parry, for one, has been providing chapter and verse on Consortiumnews.com.

For example, in January 1995, Howard Teicher, who served on President Reagan's National Security Council staff, submitted a sworn affidavit detailing the activities of Gates and his then-boss, CIA Director William Casey, in secretly providing arms to Iraq. This violated the Arms Export Control Act in two ways: ignoring the requirement to notify Congress; and providing arms to a state designated as a sponsor of terrorism.

FYI: Robert Gates was not sworn in yesterday






Disturbing News



By Don Davis


Fewer Freedoms to Fight For


The Bush administration's new privacy guidelines fail to protect the rights of Americans, and the board created to guarantee those rights lacks the independence to do the job, civil libertarians told the White House privacy board yesterday at its first public forum.


Republican Shenanigans




“And here’s a really frightening story. This is like some 007 thing. You been following this story about this Russian spy they believe was poisoned? Wasn’t that scary? Doctors believe he was either deliberately killed by exposure to a deadly radioactive material or he recently visited New Jersey. They’re not sure.”- Jay Leno






Still Kicking Around Katrina Victims


The Bush administration is challenging a court order requiring it to make housing payments to thousands of families whose homes were damaged by Hurricane Katrina.
U.S. District Judge Richard J. Leon said last week that confusing, often contradictory letters to hurricane victims from the Federal Emergency Management Agency didn't explain why housing funding was cut. He said that violated the Constitution, and he ordered the agency to restart the program immediately.


Rock-The-Voter News


Will Marry Cheney Give Birth Out of Wedlock? Or Will There Be a Shotgun Wedding?


 Mary Cheney, the openly gay daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney and wife Lynne, is pregnant, according to a published report.


Golf Gulf War I




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Bush comes to Putin's defense: "Vladimir wouldn't poison anyone unless they're a threat to national security." - www.seriouskidding.com



Oily Debt


Iran is still owed hundreds of millions of dollars for oil it supplied to Israel in the years before the Islamic Revolution in 1979 and the two countries, now sworn enemies, are holding contacts meant to settle the debt, according to the report in the daily Haaretz citing anonymous Israeli and Swiss officials involved in the negotiations.




Biz/Tech News


What a Difference a President Makes


Former President Clinton was swarmed for autographs, handshakes and photographs on the streets of Hanoi Wednesday by throngs of admirers whose warm welcome contrasted sharply with the restrained reception given President Bush last month.


Gates photos begin to appear in Pentagon


The Right Angle and Perspective




This last picture reminds me of Dubya.


Bush-Prison-Torture News



"The Iraquadratic Equation": Bush is as slow to leave Iraq as he was quick to invade it = why?2- www.seriouskidding.com


Cheney is the Last Man


They were all this President's men - Cheney and Rummy and Wolfie and Bolton - neoconservatives, hard-line conservatives, iron-fisted conservatives, unyielding conservatives.
Once they were not only The Untouchables but also The Unbudgeables. Now there is only one.


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An artist's concept chronicles the star being ripped apart and swallowed by a black hole over time. First, the intact sun-like star (left) ventures too close to the black hole, and its own self-gravity is overwhelmed by the black hole's gravity. The star then stretches apart (middle yellow) and eventually breaks into stellar crumbs, some of which swirl into the black hole (at right). (NASA/JPL-Caltech)