December 6-7,  2003  Weekend Edition

Iraq stretching Army to danger point
Seattle Times, WA - 12-6-03
WASHINGTON — Four Army divisions — more than 100,000 soldiers, 40 percent of the active-duty force — will not be fully combat-ready for up to six months next year, leaving the nation short of ready troops in the event of a major conflict in North Korea or elsewhere, a senior Army official said yesterday ...

Bremer sees surge in Iraq attacks
James Baker III named to restructure debt from Saddam era
MSNBC  12-5-03
BAGHDAD— The top U.S. administrator in Iraq predicted Friday attacks against coalition forces will escalate over the next few months...

Rumsfeld Visits Iraq; 1 Killed at Funeral
Guardian - Saturday December 6, 2003 6:01 PM

...Meanwhile, a funeral north of Baghdad for two Iraqis killed in a firefight with U.S. troops turned violent, with mourners killing a security officer and chanting pro-Saddam Hussein slogans over his body...


Do you think Bush uses self serve or full service?


CIA stands firm on Iraq assessment
The Globe and Mail, Canada - Dec 3, 2003
...Although the CIA now concedes that it may have been completely wrong, its wide-ranging defence maintains that the conclusions it reached in its October, 2002, National Intelligence Estimate were justified and credible. The report served as the basis for Washington's efforts to persuade the world of the real and imminent danger posed by Saddam Hussein's Iraqi regime and underpinned U.S. President George W. Bush's justification for waging war to topple the dictator....


"Gotta give the White House credit on this one. My colleagues and I are incredibly impressed by how well we were misled, and this was for a good cause. Just imagine if they were doing something they were ashamed of. We'd never find out. This just proves that we journalists shouldn't even try, which we don't." —Daily Show "White House correspondent" Stephen Colbert, on Bush's surprise Thanksgiving trip to Baghdad

What a hypocritical country we have become.  Republicans that abuse drugs get to be president and have the number one radio show, but a Democratic president who cheats on his wife gets impeached.

Limbaugh Ridicules Prescription Pill Warrants
Turn to, RI - 12-6-03
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Talk show host Rush Limbaugh is poking fun at
the probe into whether he bought painkillers illegally. Florida ...


Sounds like Rush is back on drugs.

Graphic by Oz

With all the traveling he's done lately, W is really piling up the frequent liar miles. -

Nazis originally coined the term "Operation Iron Hammer." It was used in a campaign meant to smash the USSR. So the Pentagon has chosen not just a stupid name but a fascist, losing, stupid name. So maybe it is appropriate. (According to MSNBC's website: ''Eisenhammer,'' the German for ''iron hammer,'' was a Luftwaffe code name for a plan to destroy Soviet [power] generating plants in the Moscow and Gorky areas in 1943.") -

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Spy in Iraq scandal shows her face
Straits Times, Singapore - Dec 4, 2003
Ms Valerie Plame, described by the glossy magazine as 'the most famous female spy
in America', appears in a two-page photo spread in next month's edition. ...


I wonder how the investigation of the CIA leaker is going?

Israeli intel 'exaggerated' Iraq WMDs

Daily Telegraph, Australia - Dec 4, 2003

ISRAELI intelligence overplayed the threat posed by Iraq and reinforced an assumption by American and British counterparts that Saddam Hussein had large caches of weapons of mass destruction, a retired Israeli general said today, after studying the run-up to the US-led invasion of Iraq....


Why wasn't this on the front page of every United States newspaper?

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New Medicare Bill Bars Extra Insurance for Drugs
NYTIMES By ROBERT PEAR December 7, 2003

WASHINGTON, Dec. 6 — Medicare beneficiaries will not be allowed to buy insurance to cover their share of prescription drug costs under the new Medicare bill to be signed on Monday by President Bush, the legislation says...

Any Democrat that voted for the new Medicare bill should be drawn and quartered.


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