TGIF/Weekend edition - December 5-7, 2008




Jobless Rate Rises to 6.7% as 533000 Jobs Are Lost
New York Times - 12-5-08
With the economy deteriorating rapidly, the nationís employers shed 533000 jobs in November, the 11th consecutive monthly decline, the government reported Friday morning, and the unemployment rate rose to 6.7 percent


Fidel Castro says Cuba open to talks with Obama
Reuters - 12-5-08
HAVANA (Reuters) - Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro said on Thursday his country was open to talks with US President-elect Barack Obama, Havana's latest

Big Three say they could work with federal monitors
Baltimore Sun, United States -12-5-08
Richard C. Shelby of Alabama, the Senate Banking Committee's top Republican, who expressed opposition to a bailout as auto executives testified before the


Little bit of history trivia. It was this week, actually yesterday, in 1961, that Fidel Castro announced he was a Marxist and would turn Cuba into a communist country where the government would take over all the major industries. Or as we call that today, a bailout. - Jay Leno



The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without George W. Bush

US Out Of Iraq in 2011


The commander of the US military in Iraq has written to troops to announce a "subtle shift" in how they conduct operations in the country.

Gen Raymond Odierno's move follows the signing last week by the Iraqi government of a deal that will see US troops leave the country by 2011.


If India gets involved in a nuclear war, where are we gonna get tech support? - Zing!





Disturbing News

Racism Comes In All Forms


The owners of the Faubus Motel in northwest Arkansas say they replaced Old Glory with a Confederate flag outside their business after the election of Barack Obama - but not because the new president is black...."We think socialism is deeply rooted in him, and we'll see it manifest in all areas," Linda Vandiver told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. "This doesn't have anything to do with Mr. Obama's color. We'd like to celebrate the fact that for the first time we have a black president. But we can't."





Well, the Big Three car boys left their private jets at home and came in electric cars. They still donít get it. The American people donít want to see them in electric cars, but chairs.- Laugh Lines



Top 10 Bushisms of 2008


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Republican-Shenanigans News

Putting Lipstick On A _____


Gov. Sarah Palinís traveling makeup artist was paid $68,400 and her hair stylist received more than $42,000 for roughly two months of work, according to a new campaign finance report filed with the Federal Election Commission.



Guinness creates new category for Bush: Worst President Ever - Grant Gerver


Rock-The-Voter News



President-elect Barack Obama nominated New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson to be Secretary of Commerce. Given the state of our economy, that might be the toughest cabinet job of all of them, which means, once again, the Mexican guy gets stuck with the job nobody wants to do. - Jimmy Kimmell


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Biz-Tech News


"According to this week's Newsweek, in this bad economy, a lot of wealthy people are feeling what's known as luxury shame. They're embarrassed about their wealth while others are hurting. Although they say, after a few bottles of Cristal, that feeling goes away." --Jay Leno



Bush-Prison-Torture News

Unconstitutional Crowding


Three federal judges seem convinced that overcrowding in California prisons is so bad it leads to unconstitutional conditions. Now they must weigh whether ordering the release of nearly a third of the state's inmates would be a public safety nightmare.

The state stuffs its 33 adult prisons with nearly twice as many inmates as they were designed to house. Attorneys representing the inmates asked the judges on Thursday to order the state to trim about 52,000 inmates from the current population of 156,300 over the next two years.


The most fun of these exit interviews with the president is going to be watching the news anchors try to delicately assess whether this president realize just how bad he has f***ed this thing up [on screen: Gibson asking Bush various questions, trying to gauge what he thinks the American people think about his presidency. Gibson also asks Bush if there was an 'uh-oh' moment]. An 'uh-oh' moment? Why do we have to talk to this jackass like he's four? When did foolhardy war and economic collapse become 'uh-oh' moments? Mr. President, I have a question. Did you make a boom boom in the Middle East? Look at me, I'm asking you a question!" --Jon Stewart


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