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Iraq: Obama calls Iraqi PM to discuss cooperation
The Associated Press - 12-4-08
BAGHDAD (AP) - The Iraqi government says President-elect Barack Obama has called Iraq's prime minister and stressed his commitment to a responsible withdrawal of American forces from Iraq. A statement from Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's office says...


Campaign Promises on Ending the War in Iraq Now Muted by Reality
New York Times, United States - 12-4-08
WASHINGTON - On the campaign trail, Senator Barack Obama offered a pledge that electrified and motivated his liberal base, vowing to “end...

Rice satisfied with Pakistan's anti-terror stance
The Associated Press - 12-4-08
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) — Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Thursday she is satisfied with Pakistan's commitment to fight terrorism and its


Well, President Bush has been opening up a little bit. He gave an interview to ABC News. Bush said he wished the intelligence on Iraq had been different. Hey, how many wish the intelligence in the White House had been different?- Jay Leno



The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without George W. Bush

Spoils of War


About 1,000 Asian men who were hired by a Kuwaiti subcontractor to the US military have been confined for as long as three months in windowless warehouses near the Baghdad airport without money or a place to work.

Najlaa International Catering Services, a subcontractor to KBR, the Texas firm formerly known as Halliburton, hired the men


Research shows uttering words "Rove, Cheney, Bush" better than Syrup of Ipecac. - Grant Gerver



Disturbing News


Clusterf*ck Bombs


Afghanistan unexpectedly joined dozens of nations signing a treaty banning cluster bombs in an effort that supporters hope will shame the U.S., Russia and China and other non-signers into abandoning weapons blamed for maiming and killing civilians.

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Republican-Shenanigans News

Palin Ethics


 Gov. Sarah Palin has added to her financial disclosure forms two free trips that she took nearly two years ago but failed to report. The free trips were taken in April and May of 2007 and should have been reported within 30 days under state ethics law. The Nov. 17 disclosure forms note that the reports were "not filed timely due to administrative error."


Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush said in a recent interview that Republicans “cannot be the old, white guy party.” I believe he made this statement at a national shuffleboard convention in Boca Raton, Florida.- Jay Leno

Rock-The-Voter News

Laura and Dubya Saving For New Home



Laura Bush confirmed that she and the President are buying a house in Dallas, about two hours from his beloved Prairie Chapel Ranch in Crawford, Texas...She broke the news while unveiling the White House’s patriotic Christmas décor this morning, explaining that her family will be "very careful" with spending this holiday to save up for their real estate purchase.


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Biz-Tech News

Inexplicably, my credit cards have melted.- Grant Gerver


Bush-Prison-Torture News


 A dozen retired generals met with President-elect Barack Obama's top legal advisers Wednesday, pressing their case to overturn some of the Bush administration's terrorism-fighting policies.


Go-F**k-Yourself News


Great. Congress spent 621 million on the Capitol Visitor Center because they think the taxpayers stink. Priceless.



Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid knows there are some things he should not say in public. For instance: "In the summertime, because it gets so hot here, you could literally smell the tourists coming."





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Sara the walrus and her Russian trainer Sergiy perform during a show at the newly-opened Istanbul Dolphinarium in Istanbul, Turkey, Dec. 1, 2008. Photo/Murad Sezer