December 4, 2003  Thursday

Bush to announce moon mission
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - 12-4-03
... The plans go beyond just a single mission to the moon and could even involve the establishment of a permanent base there, the magazine said. Mr Bush may also ...
Bush report trumps Chinese chip company's bold plans
CBS MarketWatch - Dec 3, 2003
...Late last week, the Los Angeles Times reported that the company, which is backed by the son of former Chinese president Jiang Zemin, hired Neil Bush on a consulting contract that would pay him $400,000 a year in preferred stock over five years -- $2 million in total...
Bush little brother Neil providing grist for gossip mill
Pasadena Star-News, CA - 12-4-03
... Neil Bush has made a number of trips to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia with his father, brother Marvin, who also raises venture capital, and members of the first Bush ...


I wonder if Bush can pronounce nepotism.


State may deregulate hospitals
Miami Herald 11-21-03

Gov. Jeb Bush's administration could move to allow hospitals to add to programs and facilities without say-so. The possible changes worry hospital boards.
Despite concerns from health experts that the move might raise costs and lower the quality of care...


" No one wants our civil servants -- like Linda Tripp and Ken Starr -- to be society's Peeping Toms watching our sex lives and deflecting our national agenda from the truly great work that needs to be done." Bob Weiner, who was among the Clinton White House staffers subpoenaed by Ken Starr to appear before the Monica Lewinsky grand jury.




Bush: "I Have Two Arkansas State Troopers With Proof of Iraqi WMDs"
News Hax (News Satire) - Nov 30, 2003



Lucianne Goldberg was an admitted snitch for Richard Nixon in the Washington press pool. Lucianne is the one who told Linda Tripp to tape Monica.  Yeah, there's no vast right wing conspiracy.


Queen visits mock Nigeria village
CNN - 12-4-03
ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) -- As leaders of her former colonies converge for a Commonwealth summit, Queen Elizabeth II was to visit a mock-up Nigerian village ...


The queen's visit to Nigeria has to be the most expensive photo-op ever.  Oops, that title goes to the turkey landing in Iraq last week.



The birthmark forms the Arabic letters of Ala'a
Palestine Chronicle - Dec 2, 2003
... have become something of a rarity, thousands of Palestinians in the West Bank city
of Bethlehem marveled at a newly born baby who had a large reddish birthmark ...


It looks like it spells SAG to me.  I guess that is the English translation.



US cities tell politicians to pay up for security
Reuters, 12.03.03, 1:41 PM ET

...Portland, Oregon, has sent a $116,000 invoice to the George W. Bush-Dick Cheney reelection campaign for the cost of police overtime pay needed to secure a fund-raising event featuring the U.S. president. That event raised $1.0 million....



Limbaugh Attorney Comments on Seizure of Medical Records
Yahoo News (press release) - 12-4-03
... that this afternoon the Palm Beach State Attorneys Office will announce that it
has seized the medical records of four doctors who treated Rush Limbaugh for ...




Bush Baghdad Trip Distracts Media from Black Sheep Brother
Common Dreams - Dec 1, 2003
... Neil Bush caused trouble for their father, President Bush the first, more than a
decade ago because of his role in the collapse of a savings and loan company ...



"Saudi Arabia is going to hold back on the money they pledged to Iraq for rebuilding. Apparently Iraq is too dangerous for their terrorists to go to now." —Jay Leno


"Donations to All Hat No Cattle is a good thing." -Martha Stewart Casey

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More Photographic Dishonesty from President Bush
The Daily Mislead  11-4-03
In the most famous picture from his trip to Baghdad, President Bush had himself artfully photographed to look like he was serving turkey to the troops.1 The image was emblazoned on front pages throughout the country - and now appears to be an entirely false depiction...




"The methods employed on Bush's Baghdad trip were nothing new for him -- he's been flying with the lights out for years." - 





"Considering her visits to Afghanistan and Iraq (not layovers, mind you, but actual visits!) Hillary Clinton is Audie Murphy compared to Bush." - 



Money and Medicine  


By Dan Tyler


A recent headline in the local daily caught my attention: “Flu Outbreak May Be Shot In The Arm For Hospital Profits.”   The article appeared on the business page and thus had a pro-business slant, as in, the more people get sick and the sicker they get the more money for HCA, the world’s largest for-profit hospital chain and one of Nashville’s biggest employers.

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It's Time for - Name That Toon






"The White House Christmas tree was delivered this week. It's an 18-foot-tall fir tree from Wisconsin. President Bush said just the sight of it puts him in the spirit of the season — logging season." —Jay Leno




This computer generated image created by NASA shows Neptune (Lower-R) as it would appear from a spacecraft approaching Triton, Neptune's largest moon at 2706 km (1683 mi) in diameter(NASA-HO)