Tuesday edition - December 30, 2008


The Worried Shrimp



Bush feels certain he will be vindicated
Seattle Post Intelligencer -12-30-08
Bush is certain that his decision to invade Iraq will be vindicated in the future and he will be hailed as a victor. "I was a wartime president," he told...


Israeli Planes Bomb Gaza For A Fourth Day
NPR - 12-30-08
The violence in the Gaza Strip and southern Israel continues for a fourth day

'Magic Negro' flap might help Saltsman bid
MLive.com - 12-30-08
The controversy surrounding a comedy CD distributed by Republican National Committee chair candidate Chip Saltsman has not torpedoed his bid and might have inadvertently helped it...


As Jan. 20 approaches, I'm reminded of President Ford's speech on Aug. 9, 1974: "Our long national nightmare is over."



After leaving office, George Bush reportedly plans to go out on a speaking tour. Thatís right. Speaking tour. You canít make stuff up like this.- Laugh Lines




The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without George W. Bush

Shoe Thrower Update


 Iraq's Central Criminal Court decided on Tuesday to postpone the trial of an Iraqi journalist who won global fame for throwing his shoes at US President George W. Bush, a court spokesman said.



Another Shoe Tossing Game!




Disturbing News

Don Imus Update


Don Imus completed a triumphant first year as morning host at WABC - where he scored higher ratings than he had when he was fired by WFAN in 2007.



BREAKING NEWS: Roland Burris to be named to replace Obama in Senate





Ever notice how many wealthy Republicans go into non-political public service work? Me neither.- Zing!


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Republican-Shenanigans News



Teenagers who pledge to remain virgins until marriage are just as likely to have premarital sex as those who do not promise abstinence and are significantly less likely to use condoms and other forms of birth control when they do, according to a study released today.



Zbigniew Brzezinski Calls Joe Scarborough "Stunningly Superficial"

All Hat No Cattle just calls Joe "Stunningly Stupid"








His lieutenant governor says Rod Blagojevich will be impeached and convicted by Feb. 12. Just in time for Lincolnís 200th birthday. Illinois will be so proud. Ė Will Durst






2008's Funniest Political Moments OpEdNews

Rock-The-Voter News

Unwed Teen Without High School Diploma Gives Birth - Offered $300,000 for Baby Pictures


When Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin confirmed that her teenage daughter, Bristol, and boyfriend Levi Johnston were expecting a baby, the celebrity weeklies knew that the first photos of the Palin-Johnston baby would incite a bidding war. Baby Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston, born Dec. 28, proved those editors right.


Poor Sarah Palin, not only did she and John McCain lose out in November, now Barack Obama has also won the swimsuit competition. - Laugh Lines




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Biz-Tech News


Barack Obama was voted the Most Admired Man in America Friday and Hillary Clinton was named Most Admired Woman, however Sarah Palin finished right behind them. It sums up the nation's current mood. If hope and forgiveness doesn't work, get the gun. - Argus Hamilton

Bush-Prison-Torture News


President Bush interceded when India and Pakistan threatened war Saturday. He's only too glad to help. Despite Iraq, the financial crisis, the real estate crash, the oil slide and the fall of the U.S. auto industry, he's not about to rest on his laurels.- Argus Hamilton





Peace in the Middle East is as likely as Bush being voted best President in U.S. history. - Grant Gerver


Go-F**k-Yourself News


Picture Editor Definitely Needed


 A new website for campaign finance information in Wisconsin includes the State Capitol in Madison in front of a striking skyline -- of Minneapolis....Ethics division director Jonathan Becker joked the skyline was a "fanciful picture of what Madison may look like someday."

Becker assumed the picture was of Milwaukee, but because he didn't grow up there...



A Beverly Hills surgeon used body fat taken from his patients with liposuction to fuel his two S.U.V.ís. Talk about having junk in the trunk.  - Laugh Lines




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In this July 5, 2008 photo, an Army cadet looks down at his ripped uniform pants as he marches in a military parade commemorating Venezuela's Independence Day in Ft. Tiuna in Caracas.
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