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Nigeria 'to charge Dick Cheney' over alleged bribery
LAGOS — Nigerian authorities plan to charge ex-US vice president Dick Cheney in connection with a bribery scandal allegedly involving energy firm Halliburton, a spokesman for the anti-graft agency said Thursday.


Beshear announces creationism theme park to open in 2014

Gov. Steve Beshear said Wednesday that a creationism theme park...The National Center for Science Education asserts that “students who accept this material as scientifically valid are unlikely to succeed in science courses at the college level.”

Ed Rollins To Sarah Palin: 'You're No Reagan'

CNN contributor and former Reagan campaign director Ed Rollins has a clear message to Sarah Palin: "You're no Reagan."


I have had Internet for 14 hours since the day after Thanksgiving. Finally, I am back online. What a week. But, I did have a surprising lovely Thanksgiving.

I will answer your emails asap. Mea Culpa. Mea Maxima Culpa.



Obama offered up an olive branch and the incoming GOP leadership stripped it and used it as a spit to rotisserie a lame duck. - Will Durst




The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

Costa Rica versus Nicaragua


Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla said Wednesday she will send police with special training to a disputed area on the border with Nicaragua where Nicaraguan soldiers have set up a post.

Chinchilla's made her comment during a ceremony marking the 62nd anniversary of the disbanding of the Costa Rican army.



Disturbing News

Don't Ask, Don't look


The US State Department has directed its staff around the world not to surf the WikiLeaks website, according to employees.

The ban is in response to WikiLeaks' decision to published classified material, including US diplomatic cables.


A man was arrested on Black Friday at a Walmart in Palm Beach, Fla. carrying a gun, two knives, and a grenade. Residents of Palm Beach were stunned and said, “We have a Walmart here?” - Jay Leno




Subject: I'm tired of Republicans.

Republicans rally against regulation of industry, and then America sees how that turns out when BP spills a million barrels of oil in our seas.

Republicans will rally against gay people, stripping them of civil rights, and then you find them tapping their toes in airport bathrooms looking for their gay lovers.

Republicans will rally against non-existent communists but have no problem driving an economy with Karl Marx like spending of tax dollars on endless wars against enemies that did not attack us.

Besides stoking anger at Democrats and Obama, just what is the Republican Party offering? Tax breaks? We've been down this road before. Dividing people with emotional exploitation, screaming for tax breaks and ending of industry regulation is all the Republican Party is about and is absolutely funded by the companies that benefit directly from the tax breaks and deregulation.

What does the United States of America deserve for voting for Republicans? An oily, poisoned Gulf of Mexico.

Republicans still believe in the trickle down effect too. When are we going to get this lie out of the way?

The 2005 CBO data show that changes in law enacted since January 2001 increased the deficit by $539 billion in 2005. In the absence of such legislation, the nation would have a surplus that year. In 2010, when all the Bush tax cuts were finally phased in, a staggering 52.5 percent of the benefits went to the richest 5 percent of taxpayers. President Bush and his supporters argued that these high-income tax cuts would benefit everybody because they would unleash investment that would spark widespread economic prosperity.

There is no evidence of this.

From 2000 to 2007, the United States lost one in five (3.5 million) middle-class jobs. A majority of the new jobs created in the United States under Bush pay extremely low wages at less than $18,000 a year, usually without benefits. This is with corporate profits at an all time high since 1960.

Americans are kept ignorant that Republicans have no credibility on the issue of jobs creation.

Many political leaders are community organizers and so are all good pastors and churches, the Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts and so forth. Most things that are good for the people of the United States of America are the result of hard work done by people who care about people; Community Organizers.

Republicans and their propaganda machines create deceitful and ignorant people. Can you name me something that a Republican conservative ever did for anybody but the rich?

Republicans exploit the people who vote for them in order to give tax breaks to the richest among us, and do so by stoking anger at Liberals who, ironically enough, are usually the only types of leaders in government who have ever done good things for the majority of the people of the United States of America.

If you have Social Security, Medicare, the right to vote, the right to an education, a clean park or a lake near you. If you were given a disability check or a wheel chair ramp into the store you buy your food, if you like safe bridges, clean drinking water, clean air and a nontoxic environment, if you feel safe when you fly, or eat out, or give your child a toy, then it’s time you give Liberals the credit they deserve.

Just because Fox News, Rush, and Roger Ailes say the word Liberal in disdain a thousand times a day doesn’t mean anything, except it means that the rich people of our country are tired of Liberals granting protections to the people of the United States of America because it hurts their profits.


Thank you for your website,



The Republicans are better at spin than the Democrats. And I've always believed that the Internet would make people smarter. Boy, was I wrong!


Thanks for writing, Joe.




Republican-Shenanigans News


Job creation data for each president since 1960, courtesy Wikipedia:

Kennedy-Johnson Administration: 5.9 million
LBJ administration: 9.9 million
Nixon's first term: 6.2 million
Nixon-Ford administration: 5.1 million
Carter administration: 10.3 million
Reagan administration (both terms): 16.1 million
Bush 41 administration: 2.6 million
Clinton administration (both terms): 22.7 million
Bush 43 administration: 1.95 million


I Wonder If Bristol Palin Practices Abstinence Or Does She Use Birth Control?


Political scion Bristol Palin defended herself Thursday against an attack from MSNBC personality Keith Olbermann, who called her "the worst person in the world" because she preaches abstinence to teens even though she was an unwed teenager when she became a mom.

Rock-The-Voter News

Obama Is A Jew, Too!


President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama have convened a Hanukkah celebration at the White House on the second night of the Jewish festival of lights.





"Yesterday a woman wore a bikini to LAX airport hoping to avoid the patdown. She is still being patted down." –Conan O'Brien




Sen. John McCain said it's time for a regime change in North Korea. To which the Carrows waitress said, "Sir, if you don’t order now, you’re going to miss the early bird special.” - John McCain




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Biz-Tech News


Black Friday is getting crazier every year. On Thanksgiving Thursday, we give thanks for the truly meaningful things, and then on Friday, we go out and stab each other to save $6.99 on a Nintendo DS. - Jimmy Kimmel



Joe Scarborough Being Civil: Ha Ha Ha Ha


TV's Joe Scarborough, who today dismissed Sarah Palin as a symbol of "anti-intellectualism" with a "dopey dream" of being president, will help headline the launch next month of a new national group dedicated to restoring civility in politics.

Bush-Prison-Torture News




Former President George W. Bush said he’s a huge fan of his new iPad. Or as he called it, his “glowing magic window.” - Conan


The Kenyan Jewish Muslim


The story of the Obama administration's large-scale spending on faith-based groups has been largely untold, perhaps because it cuts so sharply across the moment's intensely partisan narrative. And in fact, when the stimulus was being debated in February 2009, conservatives attacked the bill as "anti-religious" in its spending guidelines.




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This handout image released on November 29, by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and taken by Eye In The Sky Magazine shows the latest sea Shepherd speedboat "Gojira" in Perth. Militant anti-whaling campaigners said Wednesday they had launched "Godzilla" to chase Japanese harpooners hunting the giant mammals in Antarctic waters. Photo/Sea Shepherd Conservation Society/Eye In the Sky Magazine





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