December 24-26,  2003   Happy Holidays to All

Bush's re-election seen linked to state of U.S. economy and security in Iraq
Canada East -12-24-03

...Political analyst Charles Cook, who publishes the widely read Cook Political Report, says he envisions an extremely close race because Bush is so universally despised by Democrats and revered by Republicans in a nation almost evenly split between the two parties.

Hating Bush has become sport for left-leaners in much the same way that Bill Clinton was demonized by conservatives....


Bushes send greetings to a select 1.5m
Guardian, UK - 12-24-03
Whatever you might make of the Bush administration, receiving a Christmas card from the president and Laura Bush themselves, postmarked Crawford, Texas, is a ...
... Get out the duct tape, Martha! And, hey, what's that suspicious package doing under our Christmas tree? Somebody call the cops! ...

All I want for Christmas is to rid this country of Bush next November.

Administration Is Exempting Alaska Forest From Protection
New York Times  12-24-03
The decision potentially opens up more than half of the 17 million-acre Tongass National Forest for more development and as many as 50 logging projects....

Major importers ban US beef
Guardian, UK - 12-24-03
South Africa and Russia today became the latest countries to suspend US beef imports
after the United States recorded its first ever case of mad cow disease. ...




This is a site sponsored by Joe Lieberman, but a nifty site nonetheless.

Bush Integrity Watch

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Excellent site.  Very professional.  Thanks for the link Sarah.

"President Bush announced today — if we capture 17 more guys in holes in Iraq, we can open a golf course." —Jay Leno

"Saddam is now being interrogated by the CIA. He is claiming he doesn’t know anything. So either he’s lying or his vice president ran everything too." —Jay Leno





            Imagine this scene: Resident Bush is holding one of his rare press conferences.  He calls on one of his favorite reporters, a “safe” and cynical television guy, wise to the ways of Washington, whose softball “question” has been pre-approved by Karl Rove.  But, the night before, this reporter was visited by an angel and given another question to ask the Resident.  The experience shook the reporter to his core and changed him deeply.  When Bush calls on him, the reporter asks, “Mr. President.  Let me ask a simple question.  In the war on terrorism, what would Jesus do?”...


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Hahaha Art.  Thanks for the link...well worth a visit.  Happy Holidays to you too.


Graphic by Oz

"We want to wish our best to Secretary of State Colin Powell. I understand his prostate surgery was very successful, which is good news – although now they have to change his name to Semicolon Powell." —Jay Leno

A Clockwork Orange Alert Brings Home the Bacon
BuzzFlash - 26 minutes ago
...if  we have beaten (or are beating) Bush's enemies so darn badly then
please explain to me WHY (a clockwork) "orange alert" says otherwise! ...




A man dressed like Santa Claus bungee jumps over a 52-meters-high Asparuhov bridge in Varna Bulgaria, some 450 km ne from the capital Sofia.