December 22,  2003  Monday

Soldier 'punched spitting Saddam'
Brisbane Courier Mail, Australia - 12-21-03
SADDAM Hussein spit on one of the US soldier sent to capture him, prompting the soldier to punch the former Iraqi dictator, Time magazine has reported, citing ...
Pressure on Israel to scrap WMD
The Herald, UK - 12-21-03
... Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president, welcoming Libya's move as "a very excellent step", added: "It will have repercussions in the whole world, including Israel, because Israel must remove weapons of mass destruction in any form." ...
US Senate to resume WMD probe
Al-Jazeera, Qatar - 12-22-03
A Senate panel's probe into the WMD claims, which President George Bush had used as a pretext to invade Iraq, was stopped six weeks ago amid a partisan row. ...

Isn't it normal behavior to spit, kick and scream after you were captured in a hole?





            Imagine this scene: Resident Bush is holding one of his rare press conferences.  He calls on one of his favorite reporters, a “safe” and cynical television guy, wise to the ways of Washington, whose softball “question” has been pre-approved by Karl Rove.  But, the night before, this reporter was visited by an angel and given another question to ask the Resident.  The experience shook the reporter to his core and changed him deeply.  When Bush calls on him, the reporter asks, “Mr. President.  Let me ask a simple question.  In the war on terrorism, what would Jesus do?”...


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Today in History

1775 Continental navy organized with 7 ships

1807 Congress passes Embargo Act, to force peace between Britain & France

1832 HMS Beagle/Charles Darwin reaches Barnevelts Islands

1882 1st string of Christmas tree lights created by Thomas Edison

1919 Government of Ireland Act of Power (Home Rule for Ireland)

1961 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site

1962 USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR

1974 2nd cease-fire between IRA & British; lasts until approximately April 1975

1990 Iraq announces it will never give up Kuwait


‘ Kurdish forces nabbed & drugged Saddam ’
The Statesman, India - 11-22-03
LONDON, Dec. 21. — Ousted Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was captured by Kurdish
forces, then drugged and handed over to the American forces as a revenge ...

       Saddam was held by Kurdish forces, drugged and left for US troops - China Daily

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Is the Draft coming back?

TIME - 12-22-03

New York – "We may need a bigger army," Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld tells
TIME in this week's Person of the Year double issue (on newsstands for two ...

Coffee, Tea or Handcuffs?
An Australian journalist gets a taste of Department of Homeland Security hospitality

Subject: The Military Career of George W. Bush

G.W. Bush, the appointed one, in three yeas has literally destroyed our country! He preaches morality but douse not practice what he preaches.
Know your enemy!
Check out this site for background Information on the Bush Clan!
Keep The Faith

Military Career of our Commander in Chief

and the Bush Family Values  click here

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State readies for Limbaugh case
South Florida Sun-Sentinel, FL - Dec 20, 2003
... have met the legal requirements to examine Rush ... Limbaugh admitted in early October
he was addicted to ... husband had supplied him with powerful prescription drugs ...


Suing California to keep Berkeley afloat
San Francisco Chronicle, CA - 12-22-03
On his first day in office, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger repealed the increase in the
vehicle license fee. In doing so, he threw my city into a financial crisis. ...

ANALYSIS: Saddam may put US on trial, too
St. Paul Pioneer Press, MN - 12-22-03
... According to declassified US government documents, for example, Donald Rumsfeld,
a special envoy under President Ronald Reagan, visited with Saddam in Baghdad ...


"I'll beat the ... out of them"

-retired Army general Wesley Clark's response to a question on how he would respond if they (Dem candidates) or anyone else criticized his patriotism or military record.

 Clark tells it like it is.
The Democrats should be attacking Bush, not fellow Democrats.



Light sculpture : A stylized fiber optic canoe --'Light Sculpture' by Australian glass artist Warren Langley.