December 20-21,  2003   Weekend Edition

Libya: No Coercion in Weapons Agreement
Guardian, UK - 12-20-03
TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) - Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi decided to abandon weapons of mass destruction after receiving assurances that the United States was not ...
       Libya ends nuke plan - Calgary Sun
       Libya promises to give up weapons of mass destruction - Hindustan Times
       Libya to Dismantle Arms - Newsday
Gadhafi - Revolutionary and Pariah
Voice of America - 12-20-03
Libyan ruler Moammar Gadhafi is the Arab world's longest-serving leader since coming to power in a 1969 military coup that overthrew King Idriss. ...

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Libyan Oil Production: 1.429 million bbl/day (2001 est.)

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The Mad Hatter?


Condit Sues Over Chandra Levy Articles
Atlanta Journal Constitution, GA - 12-20-03
... The case drew months of negative publicity and was cited as the main cause of Condit's re-election defeat in the March 2002 primary.
   His wife, Carolyn, settled a lawsuit with the Enquirer for an undisclosed amount in July.
   Condit has another lawsuit pending, an $11 million defamation complaint against author Dominick Dunne ...

Drug arrests are talk of town
Pensacola News Journal, FL - Dec 10, 2003
... until the outcome of the case. Popular local figure Joe Scarborough
knows Switzer socially. The former congressman, attorney and ...



"We're learning more and more about the capture of Saddam Hussein. It turns out U.S. forces acted on a tip from Rush Limbaugh's maid." —David Letterman


Prosecutors argue to see Limbaugh medical files
Palm Beach Post, FL - 15 hours ago

...Investigators said Limbaugh engaged in "doctor shopping," obtaining overlapping prescriptions in order to illegally obtain excessive amounts of pain pills.
Doctor-shopping is a third-degree felony, punishable by up to five years in prison.
The state attorney's Money Laundering Task Force obtained the search warrants after looking at Limbaugh's prescription records from pharmacies near his Palm Beach mansion....


Hi Lisa,
This whole memorial building thing seems a little too pat. Its like a
Warren Commission with fat paychecks.
Is it just me?



Great cartoon Steve. Too bad that I don't take online bets.  Because I think the odds are quite high that Bush Inc. will have some contractor buddy involved or maybe his brother Marvin? If not Bush than maybe Guilliani?

Where there is money to be made, republicans are first in line.



"Now that George Bush has captured Saddam Hussein, it raises the question, what's he going to get his dad for Christmas next year?" —Jay Leno





"John Kerry, Joe Lieberman and Dick Gephardt all agree that the capture of Saddam Hussein was a great thing. But now, they say we have to keep our eyes focused on the real enemy, Howard Dean." —Jay Leno





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Today's 'toon focuses on hyping Hussein's capture.




"Thurmond's daughter, who lives in California, waited 78 years before making the sexual allegations about her father. And today, Arnold Schwarzenegger said, 'Why can't I meet women like that?'" —Jay Leno


82nd troops to fill Iraq gap
Fayetteville Online, Fayetteville NC - 12-20-03

The Army is sending Fort Bragg paratroopers to Iraq because a National Guard unit needs additional training.

About 2,000 paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne Division's 1st Brigade will deploy to Iraq in January. The unit will fill in for the 81st Infantry Brigade, an Army National Guard unit from Washington state that had been scheduled to deploy next month....



"President Bush says he doesn't want to use the capture of Saddam for political gain. He says he wants a very slow, public trial that would end, oh, about next November." —Jay Leno


This is the cartoon Doug requested on Thursday.

Happy Holidays Doug.

Seized hashish linked to al-Qaida
Atlanta Journal Constitution, GA - 12-20-03
WASHINGTON -- The Navy announced Friday that it had seized nearly two tons of hashish
being shipped through the Persian Gulf with "clear ties" to Osama bin ...

Libyan relations with the West since the 1980s
Reuters AlertNet, UK - 12-20-03
... A year later US fighters shot down two Libyan jets over the disputed Gulf of Sirte and US President Ronald Reagan accused Libya of sending a squad to ...
       WRAPUP 4-Libya seeks reward for scrapping banned weapons - Forbes
       Libya seeks reward for scrapping weapons - Reuters

ZZ Tops fans click here to see pictures of them playing at George W. Bush's inauguration.

US Team Leader in Iraq Arms Hunt May Quit
Los Angeles Times (subscription), CA - 22 hours ago
... David Kay, who has led the 1,200-member Iraq Survey Group since June, has told superiors at the CIA that he is considering leaving the team, which has yet to ...
       Top US arms hunter to quit - Calcutta Telegraph
       After Eight Months with No Discoveries, Mission Chief Quits Common Dreams
       Kay Plans to Leave Search for Iraqi Arms -

I wonder what Saddam was saving his WMDs for?

Today in History - December 20


1192 Richard the Lionhearted captured in Vienna

1606 Virginia Company settlers leave London to establish Jamestown Va

1780 England declares war on Netherlands

1803 Louisiana Purchase formally transferred from France to US for $27M

1820 - The State of Missouri enacted legislation to tax bachelors between the ages of 21-50, $1 a year -- for being unmarried.

1879 Tom Edison privately demonstrated incandescent light at Menlo Park

1922 14 republics form Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics (USSR)

1957 Elvis Presley given draft notice to join US Army for National Service

1963 - The Berlin Wall was opened for the first time. It remained open for the holiday season, but closed again on January 6, 1964. 4,000 people crossed over to visit relatives during this period.

1967 474,300 US soldiers in Vietnam

1978 H R Haldeman, Nixon's White House chief of staff released from jail

1983 PLO chairman Yasser Arafat & 4,000 loyalists evacuate Lebanon

1986 - The Bangles’ Walk like an Egyptian moved to the top of the "Billboard" "Hot 100". It was #1 for three weeks.

1989 US troops invade Panama & oust Manuel Noriega, but don't catch him 1999 Portugal returns Macau to China





A picture issued in May 2002 shows a simulation of Beagle 2 on the Martian surface. The British spacecraft the size of an open umbrella began the final leg of its mission to find life on Mars where it should parachute down on Christmas morning and start broadcasting a tune by Britpop band Blur. (Beagle 2/HO)


Peace on Earth.