TGIF/Weekend edition - December 19-21, 2008





Levi Johnston's mother hit with drug charges
Anchorage Daily News, AK -12-19-08
Bristol Palin, 18, is due on Saturday, according to a recent interview with the governor's father, Chuck Heath....


Bush carrier to be commissioned before sea trials
The Associated Press - 12-19-08
(AP) — The Navy will hold a commissioning ceremony next month for the nuclear-power aircraft carrier George HW Bush before they have had a chance to make...

Iraqi journalist’s shoes ‘destroyed’ after Bush attack
Daily Times, Pakistan - 12-19-08
BAGHDAD: Security agents destroyed the shoes thrown at US President George W Bush by an Iraqi journalist during checks to ensure they did not contain...


I sure hope Bristol and Levi have already secretly eloped, for the sake of Sarah Palin's small town values.



And President Bush announced before he leaves office, he wants to visit the poorest regions of the world. You know, any place where people can’t afford to buy shoes. - Jay leno




The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without George W. Bush

Beer Bombs


The crew of a Chinese ship attacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia have described how they used beer bottles and water cannon to fend off their attackers before they were rescued.


"This is true, according to a new report, I was reading this today in the paper, thousands of pregnant mothers in this country are planning to name their baby Barack. That's true. Yeah, after hearing this, Sarah Palin told Bristol, 'Don't even think about it.'" --Conan O'Brien




"George Bush is over there in Baghdad saying goodbye to the troops, and this Iraqi journalist heaves a couple shoes at the President. And we thought, hopefully that's just a one-of-a-kind episode. Unfortunately, however, the news coming out of the Middle East is that Iran is developing a long-range loafer." --David Letterman




For nearly five years, FBI leaders encouraged employees on temporary assignment in Iraq to bill an average of $45,000 in overtime and extra pay by routinely claiming to work 16 hours a day, seven days a week, even when some of that time was spent eating, exercising, watching movies or attending cocktail parties, the Justice Department inspector general reported yesterday.





S. Korea Parliament Brawl Yahoo! Slide Show


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Republican-Shenanigans News


It Takes One To Know One


Iraq has yet to try a single senior official on corruption charges and ministers routinely shield political allies from prosecution, U.S. officials said.





'Deep Throat' Mark Felt Dies at 95
Washington Post 



Rock-The-Voter News

Bush Bails On Bankruptcy



The White House has decided to come to the rescue of General Motors and Chrysler by providing them with low-interest loans



"The Illinois Supreme Court refused to hear a motion to throw Governor Blagojevich out of office. Afterwards, Blagojevich thanked the Supreme Court and said, 'Your check is in the mail!'" --Conan O'Brien




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Biz-Tech News


"President Bush made a surprise visit to Detroit today. Honestly, people in Detroit are upset with him, but I understand auto workers threw brake shoes at him." --Jay Leno




Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said Friday that Congress will need to release the last half of the $700 billion rescue fund because the first $350 billion has been committed.



So, Bush wants to visit the poorest regions before he leaves office? At the rate we’re going, he can accomplish that by staying right where he is. - Laugh Lines



Bush-Prison-Torture News


"I stand for 8-10 hours a day. Why is [detainee] standing limited to 4 hours?"- Donald Rumsfeld





He Really Does Mean "Go F**k Yourself"


Dick Cheney's lawyers are asserting that the vice president alone has the authority to determine which records, if any, from his tenure will be handed over to the National Archives when he leaves office in January.


Go-F**k-Yourself News


Meanwhile Back In Outer Space


Mineral evidence for a water environment capable of supporting life has been discovered on Mars, scientists said Thursday.

Deposits of carbonate, formed in neutral or alkaline water, were spotted by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, the scientists told a meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco.







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Odd News


In this image provided by NASA Thursday Dec. 18, 2008 the Hubble Space Telescope has caught Jupiter's moon Ganymede playing a game of 'peek-a-boo.' In this crisp Hubble image, Ganymede is shown just before it ducks behind the giant planet. Ganymede completes an orbit around Jupiter every seven days. Because Ganymede's orbit is tilted nearly edge-on to Earth, it routinely can be seen passing in front of and disappearing behind its giant host, only to reemerge later. Composed of rock and ice, Ganymede is the largest moon in our solar system. It is even larger than the planet Mercury. But Ganymede looks like a dirty snowball next to Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. This color photo was made from three images taken on April 9, 2007.


I wish you all a peaceful weekend.