December 15,  2003 Monday

Saddam Gone

The Nation - By David Corn 12-15-03

It is not unheard of for good to come from bad. George W. Bush misled the United States into war and occupation. His administration was recklessly negligent in its planning for the post-invasion period. It has poorly managed the challenges of nation building in Iraq, ensnaring the United States in an ugly (and lethal) mess. And he has alienated America from much of the world. Yet Bush has bagged Saddam Hussein, the butcher of Baghdad...


Contractor served troops dirty food in dirty kitchens
Taipei Times, Taiwan - Dec 13, 2003
... get away with it and not providing the quality of service that they agreed to do," Representative Henry Waxman, Democrat of California, told NBC. Halliburton- ...
Saddam tells interrogators "no WMD" -Time report
Reuters, UK - 12-15-03
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Saddam Hussein denied during the initial interrogation after his capture that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, Time magazine ...

Yea, we should've been afraid of a guy who had wmds, didn't use them and was found hiding in a hole.

The Hunt for Bin Laden Is More Complex, Experts Say
New York Times - 12-15-03
... In Iraq and Afghanistan, the experts noted, Americans are fighting two very different battles in terms of terrain and troop strength. Saddam Hussein was hiding out in an area near his hometown of Tikrit, an obvious place for the American forces, who were based nearby, to concentrate their efforts.

American and Pakistani officials have said that he is probably hiding somewhere along the rugged 1,500-mile Pakistan-Afghanistan border ...


Another republican hero who had the maid pulling double duty!

I am Senator Strom Thurmond's daughter, says mixed-race woman, 78, UK - 12-14-03
A mixed-race woman has at last acknowledged that she is the illegitimate daughter
of the late Senator Strom Thurmond, once America's foremost advocate of ... Her mother, who worked as a maid at Mr Thurmond's parents' home in Edgefield, South Carolina, then strongly segregated, gave birth to her daughter at the age of 16.

Graphic by Oz

Iraq Coalition Casualties click here

Rep. Henry Waxman has established new whistleblower tip lines to accept tips on Iraq contracting abuses, intelligence failures, and other investigations. click here

Microsoft to Remove Swastikas from Software Fonts
Reuters, United States - 12-15-03
The swastika, which was made infamous by Nazi Germany, was included
in Microsoft's "Bookshelf Symbol 7" font. That font was derived ...

"Saddam Hussein George W. Bush is a homicidal dictator who is addicted to weapons of mass destruction."

Colin Powell Has Surgery for Prostate Cancer
Reuters, United States - 12-15-03
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Secretary of State Colin Powell was undergoing surgery
for prostate cancer on Monday morning, the State Department said. ...

City Buzzing Over Limbaugh
The Ledger, FL - 12-15-03

..."He brought a negative attitude to Palm Beach; that's the real crime," said Shannon Donnelly, society editor for the Palm Beach Daily News. "That's the worst crime you could commit in this town."

A registered Republican who is twice divorced and married to his third wife, Limbaugh is alternately described as pompous and bombastic on the air. And it may seem as if he craves attention. He was made an honorary member of Congress by adoring conservatives in 1994. Two years earlier, President Bush personally carried Limbaugh's bags into the White House when Limbaugh stayed in the Lincoln Bedroom....

Bomb Aimed to Kill Me, says Pakistan's President Musharraf
Voice of America - 12-15-03
Pakistan's President General Pervez Musharraf says a powerful bomb blast near his
motorcade on Sunday night was an attempt by Islamic extremists to kill him. ...


Bushes get Red Chinese greenbacks

By Margie Burns

Many observers were surprised last week when President Bush came out in favor of the People's Republic of China against a democratic referendum in the island of Taiwan.
His weighing in on behalf of mainland China becomes more
questionable at a time when well-connected Chinese companies are funneling large
sums of money to Bush's brothers....

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"I don't think laughing at Saddam is scoffing."

-GW Bush commenting how Saddam was found in a hole 12-15-03



Earlier This Month, We Posted a Link to This Article in Which a Republican Illinois Congressman Said That He Knew U.S. Was About to Capture Saddam. That Was on December 2. A Planned Christmas Surprise, as BuzzFlash Had Predicted?

Retaliation Over Iraq Fits Bush's Pattern
Common Dreams - 12-15-03
... He made political adviser Lee Atwater apologize to first lady Barbara Bush for his
lack of discretion after Atwater posed for Esquire magazine in boxer shorts ...


Excellent article showing how Bush has always gets his revenge.



Jet skiing.