Wednesday edition - December 14, 2006 - Grant Gerver



Bush says he won't be rushed on Iraq changes
CNN - 12-14-06
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush said Wednesday he will not be rushed into a decision on "a new way forward in Iraq," but pledged that his new strategy will give troops there all the tools they need to "complete their mission.


Joint Chiefs reportedly recommending change in Iraq strategy
Seattle Times, United States - 12-14-06
By Robin Wright and Ann Scott Tyson. WASHINGTON The nation's top uniformed leaders are recommending that the United States change ...

US spy agency answers Iraq Study Group report
Los Angeles Times, CA - 12-14-06
From AP. WASHINGTON - To dispute one criticism by the Iraq Study Group, the Defense Intelligence Agency has disclosed the number of its analysts devoted to Iraq: more than 300, with 49 focused exclusively on the insurgency.


My guess is that Bush's decision making process has been elevated to eeny meeny miney moe.



"The White House said today President Bush is expected to make his Iraq strategy public, but not until after the holidays. ... What's the rush? Take a break."- Jay Leno




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


The Man Who Held a War Without a Computer


Mr. Rumsfeld has also seemed at times wistful about giving up the vast resources of his office. Shortly after announcing his resignation, the 73-year-old Mr. Rumsfeld, who dictated his memos into a recorder to be transcribed and disdained e-mail correspondence, told his aides: I guess Im going to have to get a computer.


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Bush's Daily Affirmation: "When God gives you Iraqs, make Iraqade" -

Disturbing News




Subject: dead links


The past few editions have had several dead links. Whazzup?


Thanks for writing. I received many similar emails yesterday. I have tracked it to my recent Internet Explorer 7 installation. I think I have resolved the problem for future links.


FYI: Installing IE7 also removes your image toolbar to send or save pictures.


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Jeb Bush Jr. Now Caught Having Sex With Champagne Bottle

There's a Jeb Bush Jr? Hold me. I'm afraid. - Wonkette blog


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Republican Shenanigans




Polling for President


Clinton remains the most polarizing politician among those considering a campaign for president in 2008, but her image has improved perceptibly during her six-year tenure in the Senate.

In contrast, McCain's favorability ratings have declined over the past nine months. Among independents, his support has dropped 15 percentage points since March. Independents were his strongest supporters when he sought the Republican nomination in 2000.

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Rock-The-Voter News


Tom DeLay is a true "paytriot." -



Biz/Tech News


Top Ten Questions To Ask Yourself Before Eating At Taco Bell - David Letterman

10. "Are my affairs in order?"

9. "Why is the counter kid wearing a hazmat suit?"

8. "Will the hot sauce kill the bacteria?"

7. "Is this how they poisoned that Russian spy?"

6. "Do I really want to succumb to a taco-related death?"

5. "Should I go somewhere safer for lunch like Fallujah?"

4. "Will this help me meet the recommended E.coli daily requirement?"

3. (No number 3 -- writer ate a bad chalupa)

2. "What would Kristie Alleyy do?"

1. "Wait -- when was Taco Bell not tainted with E.coli?"





Latest Fiore flash-toon: Outsourcing Victory!


Bush-Prison-Torture News

7 Deadly Social Sins

1] politics without principle

2] wealth without work

3] commerce without morality

4] pleasure without conscience

5] education without character

6] science without humanity

7] worship without sacrifice

- Mahatma Gandhi






By Don Davis



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Just another day at the office.

US space shuttle Discovery US Mission Specialist Robert Curbeam works outside on the International Space Station (ISS). The crews of the Discovery and the International Space Station grappled with a solar array that refused to fully retract, raising the possibility of an unscheduled fourth spacewalk. (Photo/NASA)