Wednesday edition - December 13, 2006



Bush postpones Iraq strategy announcement
Guardian Unlimited, UK - 12-12-06
The US president, George Bush, has delayed a major announcement on US policy in Iraq, it was reported today. The postponement comes as Mr Bush faces a blizzard of suggestions and proposals on what course to pursue.


More Than 800,000 Iraqis May Be in Syria
CBS News, NY - 12-13-06
(AP) Syria has admitted more than 800,000 Iraqis who have fled the violence in their country, the official Al-Baath newspaper quoted Syria's Interior Ministry ...

Saudis May Back Iraq Sunnis if US Exits
CBS News, NY - 12-13-06
(AP) Saudi Arabia has warned Washington it might provide financial aid to Iraqi Sunnis in any fighting against Shiites if the US pulls its troops out of Iraq, The New York Times reported Wednesday.


I wonder if Bush will visit the troops in Iraq on Christmas?



"President Bush has received a copy of the 96-page Iraq Study Group report. When they gave it to him, President Bush said, 'Don't tell me how it ends.' They said, 'Uh, it doesn't.'" --Jay Leno



The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


 Barack Obama on Monday Night Football


Promoting Inexperience


Lawyers for a once-decorated terror-fighting FBI agent will make public hundreds of pages of testimony from the bureau's top brass declaring that terrorism expertise has been given little weight in promoting agents since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks...The agent assigned to oversee the Sept. 11 investigation at the Pentagon acknowledged she had no formal terrorism background. ``I do not have a terrorism background myself,'' agent Ellen Knowlton testified.





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Remember Jeff Gannon? Still Spreading...Lies After All These Years



"Valerie Plame is a third-rate analyst married to a proven liar. The two of them perpetrated a fraud on the American people with their nonsense about her “outing.” She wasn't “outed” any more than I was." - Jeff Gannon in a recent interview



"Republicans used their last days in power to pass last-minute tax cuts, expand oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, clear GOP leadership of wrongdoing in the Mark Foley scandal, and pardon Hitler." --Jon Stewart


Republican Shenanigans


Skilling Doesn't Pull a Ken Lay


Former Enron C-E-O Jeffrey Skilling reported to federal prison in Waseca today to begin serving his 24-year sentence for crimes related to the collapse of the energy giant.

Prison spokeswoman Sue Bradshaw says he entered the low-security prison just after noon central time.






"The 2008 presidential race is already underway. ... Over the weekend, Senator Barack Obama visited New Hampshire and thousands of people showed up to hear him speak. The New Hampshire crowds were excited, because apparently, this is the first time they've ever seen an African-American." --Conan O'Brien



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Nuckin Futs - by JibJab






“And former Attorney General John Ashcroft is in the news. Remember that guy? He’s coming out with a new book. It was just released today. It says, ‘Hey, don’t blame me, I left in 2005, okay?” - Jay Leno



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Global warming will melt Arctic ice by 2040. Like big wow, that's over 33 years away. -


Bush-Prison-Torture News



The Iraq Study Group is the new Edsel.  -




"Dick Cheney's daughter, who happens to be a lesbian, is pregnant. ... That's great. It gives Dick another chance to get out the shotgun." --David Letterman

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Tired of the rat race? One of the world's most remote pubs, The Birdsville Hotel, about 1,400 kilometres (870 miles) west of Brisbane, Australia is up for sale. For more than 100 years the Birdsville Hotel -- the so-called dead heart of Australia's outback -- has been a refuge and drinking spot on the fringe of the forbidding Simpson Desert. Photo/Birdsville