December 13-14, 2003 Weekend Edition

Dollar hits fresh low against euro
San Francisco Chronicle, CA - 12-13-03
... Snow is trying to put a smiley face on the Bush ... The comments came as the US trade deficit climbed to $41.77 billion as the deficit with China ...
       Snow's toy-buying spree may nudge up US trade gap Forbes
       Dollar continues downward slide - BBC News
       Greenback continues slide despite Snow's assurances - National Post
Chinese imports help swell US trade gap to $490b
New Zealand Herald, New Zealand - 12-13-03
... dollar needs to fall further if the trade ... The prime culprit for the deficit was China. Though US exports to China reached a ... to prompt new demands from the Bush ...
US trade deficit hits $41.77 billion
Evansville Courier & Press, United States - 12-13-03
... Democrats campaigning for Bush's job have ... Critics have singled out China's surging trade surplus with the United States, arguing that the country is not ...

I wonder who will be the winner of W's Chinese checkers game?

Bush touts "year of accomplishment"
CNN - 12-13-03
... Bush says he's not yet begun campaigning, but he sounded a lot like someone running for re-election Saturday as he argued he has led "a year of accomplishment" ...

Year of accomplishment?  Bush must be drinking again.  Pass the pretzels.

Anti-Bush art pulled in Eureka
Santa Rosa Press Democrat, CA - Dec 12, 2003
A North Coast artist is crying censorship because his award-winning satiric drawing
of President Bush was pulled from an annual Humboldt County art exhibit. ...

Uh oh.  Artists are even being censored (looking over shoulder).

Uncle Bam - The Evil Twin of Uncle Sam

click here

Partitioning Iraq might slow bloodshed as US is ousted
The Capital Times, WI - 12-12-03
... Launched by lies, this war was based on fantastically hopeful or foolish ... the Afghans against America almost to find a raison d'etre, but George W. Bush ...

Very interesting historical perspective on Iraq.

Bad Karma News

Car Thieves Gate-Crash Florida Governor's Mansion
Reuters, United States - Dec 12, 2003
... Jeb Bush in Tallahassee and took ... My understanding is that they did not even know
it was the governor's mansion," spokeswoman Kristen Perezluha said. Gov. ...

A Baghdad Thanksgiving's Lingering Aftertaste

Washington Post - By Dana Milbank Friday, December 12, 2003

Stars and Stripes, the Pentagon-authorized newspaper of the U.S. military, is bucking for a court-martial.
When last we checked in on Stripes, it was reporting on a survey it did of troops in Iraq, finding that half of those questioned described their units' moral as low and their training as insufficient and said they did not plan to reenlist.

With the Pentagon just recovering from that, Stars and Stripes is blowing the whistle on President Bush's Thanksgiving visit to Baghdad, saying the cheering soldiers who met him were pre-screened and others showing up for a turkey dinner were turned away....

Can this administration tell the truth about anything?  Just asking.

Good Morning, Lisa ~ and thanks for the reply. I'm sure you're busy enough (especially this time of year). I sent my email inquiries to MSNBC expressing my opinion that "something is very wrong" and asking why they hired him. (Joe Scarborough)

I agree, there are certainly a plethora of "me too" rightwingers willing and ready to spout their discouraging opinions loudly at any opportunity. What I'm beginning to wonder is if they don't ALL have a host of unsavory skeletons in their closets just waiting to be outed (witness Rush Limbaugh recently - what an incomprehensible lout). It is my sincere belief that the louder these people spout morals, values, family, religion etc. etc. ad infinitum, the less they are probably actually practicing what they preach. After all, it's obviously perfectly acceptable to be involved in criminal behavior, look at the pResident and staff currently occupying the White House.

I've just been studying into the "Strange Death of the Woman Who Filed a Rape Lawsuit Against Bush" at (link to the article: ). It's pathetic, but I tend to believe Ms. Schoedinger was completely sane and telling the truth even without further corroboration, because that's the kind of person Bush has shown himself to be. So even if it were to turn out that it was all a hoax, which we will most likely never know now, it is still a pitiful reflection on Bush that this is believable (and on the media for totally ignoring the entire thing for the most part. Can you imagine the coverage if anything like this had come to light about Bill Clinton?)

All of which doesn't change the fact that they are standing in line waiting for a tv job. There must be a better choice, if MSNBC must assault us with one of them.

Good luck and thanks for the website - I'll keep checking up on it!

Thanks for writing Jan. Yep, the liberal media is just hiring rightwingers to be talk show hosts on cable TV and radio.

On a possibly related note, there was a  cocaine bust by the Feds at Pensacola Beach, FL click here -- Joe Scarborough had just left Pensacola to be on the Imus show. 

I saw that article on the Bush - rape - suicide.  Gee, I wonder if the liberal media will cover it as intensely as they did the Vince Foster suicide?

Anderson wins lawsuit against News Journal
Pensacola News Journal, FL - 12-13-03

A jury awarded Joe Anderson Jr. $18.28 million Friday night, deciding that a Pensacola News Journal news story maliciously portrayed the road paver in a false light....

At first glance the above story just looks innocuous. But this is the first time a news organization has been penalized for telling the truth.  The repercussions are chilling.  Just think, what about movie reviews that cast the movie in a bad light, or plays or books?  Or me?

ps- Joe Anderson is a good friend of Jeb Bush.

Short issue today cable connection was out most of the day due to storms.

Marines invade Florida Panhandle 

Atlanta Journal Constitution 12-13-03

...amphibious assault vehicles and tanks crossed the busy highway to reach the interior of this 724-square-mile base....The Marines will use the exercise to decide whether to make Eglin a permanent training site, one of several installations under study to replace Vieques.

The Navy closed its bombing range on the Puerto Rican island in May following a series of protests after errant bombs killed ....

The radioactive water last month was bad enough but now the military is closing down our only east/west roadway to do military exercises?  By the way, I may have a nice house for sale here in the panhandle.


This NASA Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) picture shows dark, windblown sand dunes amid outcrops of light-toned, sedimentary rock in a crater in western Arabia Terra on Mars. The darkest material in the scene is windblown sand; the steep slopes--the slip faces--of the dunes face toward the southwest (lower left), indicating that wind transport of sand has been from the northeast (upper right). The layered mounds are the remains of sedimentary rock that were once more extensive across this crater floor.(NASA/HO)