December 12,  2003 TGIF

Fill ' er up - - with taxpayer dollars
Salon 12-12-03
...Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., wrote a letter to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld inquiring about evidence that American oil services giant Halliburton Corp. had profited from doing business with countries that sponsor terrorism. He got no response. On Sept. 30, Waxman wrote to Joshua Bolten, the Bush administration's director of the Office of Management and Budget, with concerns about overspending and a lack of oversight in the reconstruction operations in Iraq. He got no response. For almost six months now the California Democrat has been asking the Bush administration to explain ...

Halliburton shares seen rising on asbestos progress
Forbes - 12-12-03
... On Thursday the Defense Department said Halliburton may have overcharged the US government by more than $120 million for delivering fuels in Iraq. The Pentagon ...

Pentagon probe finds overcharging with Cheney's former company
Arizona Business Gazette, AZ - 12-12-03
WASHINGTON - A Pentagon audit has found Vice President Dick Cheney's former company may have overcharged ... $61 million...

Didn't Bush say that having former oil executive experience was a good thing for Americans?  I guess he meant if you were an American CEO.

Derailing the debate
Baltimore Sun, MD - 12-12-03
...Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio, blew the whistle on Mr. Koppel.
"To begin this kind of a forum with a question about an endorsement, no matter by who, I think actually trivializes the issues that are before us," he said, mentioning the war in Iraq he vehemently opposes.
But Mr. Koppel was not deterred. He went on, talking about Dr. Dean's fund-raising prowess and lead in the polls and asking Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, who trails Dr. Dean here in New Hampshire, whether there was "anything to be learned" from Dr. Dean's campaign success...

Kucinich Bests Koppel - 12-1--03

“I like the way (Kucinich) ripped into Ted Koppel and wish there would have been more of it because the debate was a complete sham. The questions stunk and the follow-ups were worse.” -Gary Dietz of Brookline


ABC News recalls reporters from Kucinich...  

 Tacoma News Tribune 12-12-03


The network says it's a routine coverage decision, but it has angered ...Kucinich - particularly after the Ohio congressman had a testy exchange with ABC News' Ted Koppel during Tuesday's debate in New Hampshire.

ABC said the change was designed to better deploy forces for the upcoming Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary. The producers who had been traveling with the three candidates will continue to follow the campaigns by phone....


"I don't think ABC should be the first primary. The first primary should not be on a television network." -Dennis Kucinich

"During the last [Democratic] debate, Howard Dean was the only candidate to raise his hand after Ted Koppel asked how many candidates think Howard Dean could beat President Bush. Meanwhile, all eight candidates raised their hands when he asked 'How many think I have the worst comb-over ever?'" —Conan O'Brien


I have uncovered a secret memo from the Office of the Vice
President. Although I cannot give you the actual memo for fear
of being labeled an "Enemy Combatant" I can tell you the gist of
the context:

Regarding the 2000 year metaphorical edict " It will be easier
for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a wealthy
man to pass through the gates of heaven." This office, in
conjunction with the Project for a New American Century, have
come up with a way to circumvent this exclusion. Tentatively
named the " The New After World Order" we will contract
Halliburton to expand the eye of the needle and Eli Lilly to
genetically alter and shrink the camel. Just to be safe we will
contract the Exxon oil tanker "Condoleezza Rice" to strategically
spill oil near the coast where the camel will be housed to ensure
sufficient lubrication upon the passing through the expanded

I contacted various religious organizations who were all
exasperated with the arrogance and pomposity of the men involved
in the New After World Order. None would speak on the record
except for a Franciscan monk who uncharacteristically and with
John Kerry bluntness said, " That's f##ked up."


Hahaha Doug.  You know, with the antics of this administration your scenario doesn't seem so far fetched.

Thanks for writing.

Arab waiter barred from Bush dinner
Guardian, UK - 12-1--03
An Arab-American waiter who reported for work at a presidential fundraiser last Friday was sent home because the US secret service believed he posed a security risk.
Mohamad Pharoan, a Syrian-born Muslim who entered the US in 1992 and became a citizen in 1996, was supposed to serve lunch at a banquet where George Bush raised $1m...

These guys are killing more kids than Talibans!
Rumsfeld thinks it's OK. He calls dead civilians collateral damage, like a house or Bridge etc. Someone ought to inform him that Afghani kids are no different than ours. they laugh, they cry and when hurt they bleed, the blood of these children cover the hands of G.W. Bush and all those Americans who support him!
In Afghanistan he told us he was going to get Bin Laden Dead or alive. He made no mention of the Taliban or innocent civilians!!
And Rumstad's Pentagon wonders why the suicide rate by our military in Iraq and Afghanistan is so much higher than during Viet Nam, Korea and WW-2?
Add to the suicides, thousands of Americas sons and daughters who have been evacuated back to the states with serious psychiatric problems!
"Bush Lies and our troops die!"
"Bush Lies and Afghani Children Die!"
Keep Your Powder Dry

Thanks for writing Tom. I guess Bush believes it is OK to kill children to get to the terrorists. We need pictures of these atrocities.

Are we going to start using Napalm on Afghan kids like we did in VietNam?

Time reporter loses hand throwing away grenade
Arizona Daily Star, AZ - 12-12-03
... sent to Weisskopf's former colleagues at The Washington Post said he picked up the
grenade and tossed it out of the Humvee. It exploded, blowing off his hand ... was named site of the day for 12-11-03!

Interesting and informative website!

When people first meet Dubya, why do so many people form an instant dislike for him??


Sen. McCain Criticizes Guantanamo Delays
Grand Forks Herald, ND - 12-12-03
... designated by President Bush as possible candidates for trial by military tribunals ... McCain
said he will be "communicating with the Pentagon my concerns ...


EU Denounces Bush's Reconstruction Contract Policy as 'Unjustified"
Voice of America -12-12-03
... from lucrative US financed reconstruction projects in Iraq ... from billions of dollars worth of Iraqi reconstruction ... said Anthony Gooch, a spokesman for the EU's ...
       EU says US Iraq contracts ban violates WTO - MENAFN
       EU's Solana joins criticism of Iraq contract move - MSNBC

To: <>

Subject: Canadaphobes are clueless!

Bush apologist Dennis Peters ("Idiotic Cartoon", Dec. 12) asks if cartoonist Mike Luckovich "learned to draw cartoons in Canada?" Why the cheap shot at Canada? Has Mr. Peters ever been there? I've noticed that most Canadaphobes couldn't find the Great White North on a map. (Yes, I've been there - several times - and thoroughly enjoyed it.)

But Canada is a such terrible place...what, with its low crime rate and its citizens' having what most of the civilized world has: national health insurance. But, hey, we can't have that here because it's much more patriotic to have Americans pay a small fortune for medicine (and have to decide between food or their medication) than have a <gasp> socialist thing like national health care coverage!

The bottom line is that many people in this country believe that King George The Unelected deserves "ridicule". Show me where it says that Americans have freedom of speech ONLY if they express right-wing opinions.

At least Canada still has a free press, which is more than I can say for the Bush lapdogs/cheerleaders that the American media have become!

Terry C.

Good for you Terry!  I like a man who speaks his democratic mind.  I wish more democrats would!

Hi Lisa,

No kidding about Medicare. I saw one cartoon that said it's now called "Medidon'tcare". What made AARP sell out? Oh that's right, I forgot $$$$$$, lol.

Take care,


You hit the nail on the head with that toon Larry.  Thanks.

What are the three top forms of recreational activity in Texas?
1. Football
2. Barbeque


This photo from The Journal of Science shows human sperm. Research conducted on mice shows that stem cells can also be coaxed into forming sperm that can fertilize eggs.  Scientists are concerned that the sperm only swim to the right.(HO-JOS)