Thursday edition - December 10, 2009



Second poll shows Obama at 47%
at Politico – 12-10-09
About 44 percent say they’d rather have George W. Bush as a leader.


Wartime US president picks up his peace prize

AP –12-10-09
OSLO, Norway – A wartime president being honored for peace, Barack Obama said Thursday that criticism of his Nobel prize as premature might recede if he advances goals such as a nuclear-free world and tackling climate change.

Obama Nobel Peace Prize: What Arabs think
Christian Science Monitor - 12-10-09‎
The Obama Nobel Peace Prize is seen as inappropriate by many Arabs, who are angry about the surge of US troops into Afghanistan and a stagnant Israeli-Palestinian peace process.


"Talk about bad timing. The latest issue of Golf Digest has Tiger Woods and President Obama on the cover. I don't think Michelle's going to let the President hang with Tiger too much longer." –Jay Leno




The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

More Al-Qaida


Al-Qaida's umbrella group in Iraq claimed responsibility Thursday for coordinated Baghdad bombings this week that killed 127 people and wounded more than 500, warning of more strikes to come against the Iraqi government



Since 1980, there have been 91 breaches of security at the White House. Well, 92 if you count George Bush." –David Letterman





Disturbing News

Obama Flip Flops


 A bipartisan group of lawmakers hopes to finally win a long struggle to ease curbs against importing low-cost prescription drugs but will have to overcome the Obama administration and the pharmaceutical industry to do so...As a candidate, Obama supported allowing U.S. consumers to order lower-cost prescriptions from abroad. As president, he needs the backing of the drug industry to push his health care bill through Congress.



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"The tea party nation announced last week that Sarah Palin will headline what is being called the first national tea party convention in February. It is expected to be the nation's largest ever gathering of misspelled signs." –Seth Meyers



Republican-Shenanigans News

Al Gore, Inventor of Internet AND Global Warming Speaks


The global warming deniers persist in this era of unreality. After all, the entire North Polar ice cap which has been there for most of the last three million years is disappearing before our eyes, 40% is already gone, the rest is expected to go completely within the next decade ...what do they think is causing this?"

They don't think, Al, that's the problem.





Rock-The-Voter News


"Oprah Winfrey will sit down with the Obamas at the White House for an Oprah prime-time Christmas special. For the taping there will be dozens of Secret Service guys, sharp shooters, bomb-sniffing dogs. And of course, Obama will have protection too." -Jimmy Fallon





Subject: anyone else?


1. All the very best to you in your struggle with cancer.
2. Last March I thought I made a contribution to AHNC but it never appeared on the Discover Card I was using. That card, it turned out, had its numbers hijacked and I had two fraudulent charges placed on it. I got a new card and was not charged for any of the purchases which were sent to Texas (I just wonder).
3. I used the new Discover Card to send you $20 on 12/2 and now I again have two new fraudulent charges. While I was doing the contribution to you the screen did some unusual changes but it all looked so legit including going to PayPal.
4. This may all be nothing and compared to your other concerns it really is just that. Yet, it would not surprise me in the slightest if AHNC was a target for the dark side.

All the very best, always


PS. You will never know how many your AHNC helped through these dark years. I hope that reflection on that help you may gain some for yourself.


Thank you for writing, Jim.


Has anyone else experienced or heard of a problem such as this?



You should sell "I slept with Tiger" tee shirts.

We could all wear them. ha




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Biz-Tech News


"President Obama is sending troops to Afghanistan. Well, hell, he ought to be sending them to Tiger Wood's house."–David Letterman





Bush-Prison-Torture News


"According to the CIA, Osama bin Laden periodically sneaks into Afghanistan. Well, a guy's got to have fun! You know what I mean? What happens in Kabul stays in Kabul." –Conan O'Brien




"Fifteen thousand people talking about climate change for two weeks. It's basically Al Gore's version of Ozzfest." –Jimmy Fallon


Go-F**k-Yourself News


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To Help You Deflate Photo



This photo released by Anthony M. Tortoriello shows Faith a two-legged dog walking down Michigan Ave to the wonderment of the human pedestrians.
Photo/Anthony M. Tortoriello





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