TGIF/Weekend edition - November 7-9, 2008





Obama Victory Alters the Tenor of Iraqi Politics
New York Times, United States - 11-7-08
Barack Obama may have been elected only three days ago, but his victory is already beginning to shift the political ground in...


After years of Bush, Arabs see hope in Obama
The Associated Press - 11-7-08
But at least with Obama, I feel he will throw us a bone." Almost despite themselves, many Arabs are daring to hope Obama will bring something new to the

Economy to be focus as Obama, Biden to meet press
CNN - 11-7-08
The nation's sagging economy is expected to be in the spotlight Friday as President-elect Barack Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden hold their first news


"Ladies and gentlemen, Barack Obama is our new president. And I think I speak for most Americans when I say, anybody mind if he starts a little early?" --David Letterman




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without George W. Bush

Bush's Dog Turns Mean


Word of warning to President-Elect Barack Obama, you probably don’t want to pet First Dog Barney when you visit the White House on Monday.

President George W. Bush’s Scottish Terrier was not feeling too friendly on Thursday when a reporter tried to say hello and pet him on the White House driveway.

Barney snarled and chomped down on Reuters Television correspondent Jon Decker’s index finger, causing some minor bleeding. White House medical staff attended to Decker’s injury and he will require a tetanus shot.





Disturbing News




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Subject: Thank you Lisa, and Thank you America


Hi Lisa,
This is the first time I write you, despite I've visit your page regularly since I found it a few months before the 2004 election, and quite often in the last months.

I think what happened last Tuesday is bigger than we realize, I have always followed US politics out of interest in the topic and because they heavily affect Mexico in many ways, including the ever lasting love-hate relation between our countries, and feel we still quite don't realize the magnitude of what was achieved last Tuesday.

For the last 12 years or so, due to my job, I have worked very closely with Americans and visited the US over 30 times, during this time I've got the opportunity to meet a lot of great, smart, honest and opinionated Americans, some of which are among my closest friends now, and whom I still believe represent the majority of the US citizens.

The 2004 election was a terrible disappointment for must of us outsiders, we all could understand the 2000 election (assuming W won, which is still debatable) could be the result of wrong expectations by the voters, but after 9/11, record-superavits turn into record-deficits, bogus reasons for an unneeded war, breaking treaties with every country, Valerie Plame...etc., the 2004 W reelection seemed to send the message that Americans were ok with these policies and the new image of the US around the world... not good.

But two days ago everything changed, Americans showed the world they're not happy with what this administration represents, they showed resolution waiting over an hour sometimes to cast their votes, they showed interest with the biggest participation ever from youngsters, they showed determination to show the world they -the real people- wanted a real change, they showed elegance, despite I differ from McCain's point of view in pretty much everything, his concession speech was beautiful, gracious, sincere, deep, a real gentleman's.... and Obama's was no less; all in all, it was a great demonstration of what many of us think America really is, or can be.
Before the war in Iraq, when literally millions of people around the world were marching and rising their voices to find a different way than war to deal with Iraq, the W administration sent a clear message to the world, we don't care what you think, we do as we want. Now you, the American people, have shown the administration that even if they don't care too much about the rest of the world, they do have to care about how you think and feel, because you are not going to let them behave in ways that don't represent who you are, what you think, and what you believe in.

Over the last years you and the emails you post from other Americans (or most of them) have helped me keep my faith in what I believe America wants to represent to the world, last Tuesday 60+ million reassured me that keeping the faith was the right thing to do.

Best regards,
Puebla, Mexico


Thank you so much for writing, Bernardo. It meant the world to me.


I'm proud to be an American again. In fact, that is the common thread in the 100s of emails I have received from Americans stateside or abroad since Obama's historic victory.


And I'm so grateful that America finally stood up and said, "Enough of these Republican cucarachas!" and made Washington DC a Democratic city again.


I hope the US will encourage more communication with all of our Latin neighbors who the US has ignored or taken advantage of over these many decades. And I think we will because we have smart people back in the White House.


Thanks for keeping the faith and I am humbled to have assisted you.


Best regards to you too, Bernardo.


Republican-Shenanigans News

Sarah's Grand Departure


When McCain and Palin split up in Arizona Wednesday, the personal differences were stark.

McCain drove himself home in a Toyota sport utility vehicle. Palin's departure was a grander event. She left with an entourage of 18 family members and friends and a Secret Service detail, heading to the airport in a motorcade stretching more than a dozen vehicles, flanked by a dozen more cops on motorcycles.


Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are - The Onion




"But right about now Joe the plumber is meeting with his transition team. They're going to help ease him from obscurity back to oblivion." --David Letterman


Undecided Voter Still Undecided - Red Tractor USA




Rock-The-Voter News

Lawyer Looking For Sarah's $150,000+ Wardrobe


Sarah Palin left the national stage Wednesday, but the controversy over her role on the ticket flared as aides to John McCain disclosed new details about her expensive wardrobe purchases and revealed that a Republican Party lawyer would be dispatched to Alaska to inventory and retrieve the clothes still in her possession.







You have to remember that nearly half of the people in this country STILL voted for McBush so we are a long way from being home. In a way I hoped that McBush had won. It would take a lot more disastrous "leadership" from the republiCANT party before the millions of mentally retarded Americans that vote republiCANT could finally realize that the republiCANTs don't give a damn for them. Now Obama will be expected to clean up "w's" mess in record time or all of his mistakes will be attributed to Obama. And then in 4-8 years if Obama does right the repugnicants will run another idiot who will start the cycle of destruction all over again.




Thanks for writing Rick.


You make some excellent points.


After 8 successful Clinton years, I was surprised how close the 2000 race was. Sadly, Jeb Bush fixed Florida for his brother back then and we are paying the high price today. Americans are easily fooled and have short memories, unlike the Elephants or republiCANTs as you call them!


I believe in holding politicians responsible for their actions and the Internet has done a sweet job of that this election. I bow to YouTube and all the bloggers out there who have not stepped back from the fight. I've held on for eight years and you have been one of my finest supporters and for that I deeply thank you.


Dontcha think Michelle Obama should have the White House fumigated before they move in!



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Biz-Tech News

White House Emails Hacked


US officials say Chinese hackers have raided White House email archives multiple times, according to a report.

The Financial Times reports some people it describes as "US government cyber experts" suspect the raids were sponsored by the Chinese regime.


The stock market dropped over 400 points [on election day], which is not a reflection on Obama. No, the brokers just realized they’ve still got three months of George Bush. - Craig Ferguson



Bush-Prison-Torture News


President Bush called Senator Obama last night to congratulate him and this is an actual quote. He said, “What an awesome night for you and your family.” I think his eloquence is what we will remember most about Bush.
Obama thanked the President for his call and for all he did to help him get elected
. - Jimmy Kimmel





The real challenge, though, is for Joe Biden because he’s got to figure out how to get Dick Cheney out of the vice presidential mansion. As you know, Dick Cheney is armed and has a history of shooting old men. - Jimmy Kimmel


Go-F**k-Yourself News


In California, the ban on gay marriage passed. Gay people are furious. They stormed the state capitol in Sacramento and caused $3 million in improvements to the city. - Craig Ferguson





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Odd News



Workers walk near a large pair of jeans made in a factory in San Juan de Lurigancho in Lima October 30, 2008. Seamstresses in Peru, hoping to snag a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records, presented what they say is the world's largest pair of jeans on Thursday, complete with back pockets, buttons and a belt. Cranes lifted the enormous pair onto a giant metal made to model the pants, which measure 40 meters (131 ft) tall, 30 meters (98 ft) wide and weigh more than 2 tons. The jeans were cut from some 3,000 meters (9,842 feet) of cloth.
Photo/Mariana Bazo