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Cheney dusting off his shotgun
Chicago Sun-Times, United States - 11-6-06
WASHINGTON -- Vice President Dick Cheney will spend Election Day on his first hunting trip since he accidentally shot a companion last February while aiming at a covey of quail on a private Texas ranch...

New York Post, NY - 11-6-06
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Less than 24 hours after he was fired from the evangelical megachurch he founded, the Rev...

Bill O'Reilly Caught Up In Kansas Abortion Flap, NY - 11-6-06
Did Bill O'Reilly's source break state or federal law by divulging patient information about abortions? The AP reports: "An abortion ...


I consulted my Magic Eight Ball about the outcome of tomorrow's election.




"The Bush administration is now spending tens of millions of dollars on an ad campaign to convince unmarried adult Americans to stop having sex. So, we're trying to stay the course in Iraq and stop the intercourse here at home." --Jay Leno




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News



Liquid versus Smoke



Voters in Colorado Tuesday will be deciding a measure that would legalize marijuana possession.

SAFER Colorado, the group backing Proposition 44, is pointing to President Bush and Vice President Cheney as reasons to approve it.

An ad in the Greeley Tribune has a picture of Bush along with copy that reads: "In 1972, this man tried to fight his dad when he was drunk. Just one more reason to vote 'Yes on 44."' It's a reference to an incident in 1972 when Bush was 26.

Another ad in The Gazette of Colorado Springs features Cheney, saying: "Shot his friend in the face after drinking. Just one more reason to vote 'Yes on 44."'



"The decisions did not get made that should have been. They didn't get made in a timely fashion, and the differences were argued out endlessly.… At the end of the day, you have to hold the president responsible.… I don't think he realized the extent of the opposition within his own administration, and the disloyalty." - Richard Perle - Vanity Fair Interview

Note: The photographs by Annie Liebowitz are extraordinary



"According to Google trends people in the world most likely to look up homosexual activity are in Saudi Arabia, which is the ultimate dilemma for Republicans: gays with oil -- what do we do now?" --Jay Leno





Disturbing News







Shutting Down the Messengers


After Saddam Hussein was sentenced to hang on Sunday, Iraqi security forces closed two Sunni Muslim television stations for violating curfew and a law that bans airing material that could undermine the country's stability, the Interior Ministry said...The Iraqi government closed the Baghdad news office of Al-Jazeera television in August 2004, accusing the station of inciting violence. The office is still closed


Republican Shenanigans



Imelda Marcos Returns


Former Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos, who made headlines for her vast shoe collection, is embarking on a new project a fashion line.

The 77-year-old widow of dictator Ferdinand Marcos told reporters Monday that she planned to launch
"The Imelda Collection" of fashion jewelry and accessories on Nov. 18.


My version of Imelda's Ultimate Bling





Rock-The-Voter News



A Scene We'd Love To See - YouTube 9 sec.



Cursing the Messenger


The campaign of gubernatorial front-runner Charlie Crist received some 11th-hour attention Friday it probably could have done without.

Gov. Jeb Bush, traveling with the attorney general and fellow Republican during a stop in Orlando, bristled when television reporter Steven Cooper interrupted another reporter to ask about Crist's sexuality.

"Put a smile on your face and don't be such a horse's ass," Bush said.




"Actually, Kerry's still pretty mad. Did you hear what he said about the press secretary, Tony Snow? He said he was a stuffed shirt, White House mouthpiece standing behind a podium. John Kerry calling you a stuffed shirt? Isn't that like Mark Foley calling you a pervert?." --Jay Leno


The Heretik






"GOP Congressman Don Sherwood of Pennsylvania was recently sued by his Peruvian mistress for allegedly beating and strangling her. Now Sherwood has admitted to having a mistress but denies beating and strangling her. Still, there's probably not a Republican that would be caught dead in the same room as that guy [on screen: Pres. Bush speaking at a Sherwood event]. Oh. Apparently, the president believes his popularity still slightly lower than an alleged Peruvian mistress strangler." --Jon Stewart



Biz/Tech News



By Don Davis



Bush-Prison-Torture News



“I had a strange thing happen last night. A knock on my door. I open it. It's a kid, says, ‘Trick-or-treat.’ And I go, ‘Trick-or-treat? Aren't you, like, two days late?’ He goes, ‘No, I'm dressed as a FEMA worker.’” - Jay Leno





Go-F***-Yourself News



“But here is good news. Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney got a full endorsement from President Bush. That's like Curly and Larry getting a vote of confidence from Moe.” -- David Letterman


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A rendering of a conceptual design for a quieter, environmentally friendly passenger plane unveiled by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Cambridge University researchers at the Royal Aeronautical Society in London November 6, 2006. Photo/MIT Cambridge University Silent Aircraft Initiative



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