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World celebrates Barack Obama victory
Times Online - 11-5-08
World leaders rushed to congratulate Barack Obama today, basking in the reflected glory of his election as his America's first black president and looking forward to a new, less confrontational era in US foreign policy.

Pakistan tells next US leader to stop attacks
International Herald Tribune, France - 11-5-08
AP ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Washington must stop US missile attacks on the Pakistani side of the Afghan border or risk losing the war against al-Qaida and the

African-Americans Glimpse 'Promised Land'
ABC News -11-5-08
 At once weeping and jubilant, African-Americans glimpsed the Promised Land tonight, 40 years after the...


It's going to be wonderful to have a president who can form a complete sentence.




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without George W. Bush

Uh Oh


Russian President Dmitry Medvedev pledged on Wednesday to station new missiles near Poland's border in response to U.S. plans for an anti-missile system and proposed extending the presidential term to six years from four.


 "We cannot win the fight against terrorism with air strikes. This is my first demand of the new President of the United States - to put an end to civilian casualties.” - President Karzai of Afghanistan




Subject: US Elections


Hi Lisa,

Work basically has ground to a halt here in the office, all are busy checking the election results and giving opinions on the resounding victory of The People vs The President on a String (and no, we are NOT some American company). Everybody is heaving a BIG sigh of relief here that this dark page will soon be turned.

You have done a great job over the last 8 years keeping us informed about the the situation on the ground. We do not make ourselves any illusions, things are not over, things are only starting. We from Old Europe count on you to keep your sharpest ear & eye on this 'New America', to make sure New America keeps it's eye on the ball and Old America does not sneak back in through the backdoor.

This must go right !!



Thank you for such a lovely email, Old Europe! Deep curtsy.


It's been a dirty job but some one had to do it.


When I began this website eight years ago I felt the Internet was the future for all forms of communication and would make the world a smaller place. I still am awed at the emails I receive from around the world. I am thrilled I can email my son who is now studying in China. I am honored to produce this website.


Knowledge is power and the American people finally saw Bush and the Republicans for what they are --- irresponsible boobs.


Now we will have the intelligentsia back in the White House instead of "Good job, Brownie" types running our government.


Thank you for your generous donation and words of support.







Saddling Up


President-elect Barack Obama is wasting no time getting ready to take over the White House 76 days from today - with two wars raging and an economic crisis clogging his in-box.

Fresh off his historic triumph, he may quickly unveil the leaders of his transition team -
all of whom have been working anonymously for weeks


Disturbing News


Subject: We've won!




No more preaching

No more crooks

No more Bush's dirty looks!




Hey, Jeff! Bush has left more than dirty looks, he's left plenty of dirt and now Obama has the broom.





Sarah Palin 2012 - You Betcha!


Even in defeat, John McCain bequeathed an invaluable gift to his running mate, Sarah Palin: the national prominence that could allow her to compete for the GOP's presidential nomination in 2012.


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Republican-Shenanigans News




“I’m so excited because Obama shares our town’s name. But even if the town was called McCain I would still support Barack Obama.” - Masayo Ishibashi, a 44-year-old dancer in Obama, Japan


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Subject: Just....Wow



I am speechless. I was crying tears of joy all night. No words can express how proud I am to be an American right now. To see black, white, Asian, Hispanic…people of all colors and creeds coming together - crying, celebrating. What a powerful speech by Obama. What a respectful speech from McCain. I have HOPE!

(although, I AM going to miss Maverick Palin!) LOL

Take care and thank you for these years of humor. Are you going to continue with the site?



We're free at last! Free at last!


I cried too.


Are you saying goodbye?


The last fundraiser of 2008 will determine if All Hat No Cattle continues.


I am at your service as long as I'm wanted.




Bush-Prison-Torture News

Fox Defending Free Speech? No, The World Hasn't Ended


For the first time in 30 years, the Supreme Court took up the issue of indecency on television and radio broadcasts Tuesday, and its leading conservatives made clear they would like to uphold an official crackdown on the use of expletives during daytime and early evening hours....Representing the Fox TV network, Washington lawyer Carter G. Phillips urged the court to think twice before allowing the FCC policy to go into effect. "At the end of the day, you are regulating the content of the speech," he said.

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U.S. Army Sgt. Kyle Whalen, 22, from Plover, Wis., playfully taps his helmet with an Iraqi boy's donated toy football helmet during a visit to the boy's school in Mosul, 360 kilometers (225 miles) northwest of Baghdad, Iraq on Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2008. Iraqi Army troops donated school supplies to children who attend the school.
Photo/Maya Alleruzzo