November 5,  2003 Wednesday

Bush should remove filters and face uncomfortable questions
Salt Lake Tribune, UT - 11-5-03

... the Pentagon is enforcing for the first time a policy that dates back to the first Persian Gulf war, of banning photos of flag-draped coffins that arrive in Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.
The administration really does want to honor its servicemen and servicewomen who have been killed in action, once the administration's censors have filtered the tragedy of their deaths ...

Hiding the Bad News
Washington Post - Nov 4, 2003

...General Hertling suggested to the reporters that their accounts should emphasize not the deaths and injuries, but the heroic efforts of the Iraqi police officer whose actions, he said, had prevented more deaths."...

It's the War, Stupid
Mother Jones, CA - 11-5-03
... him with both a lousy economy and a tailspinning Iraq. ... whether the economic growth
will replace jobs lost under Bush ... have been sure to point out that one good ...



Bush is spinning like a top.


Two Words on a Banner That No Author Wants to Claim 

New York Times  11-3-03

Whoever came up with the idea of the "Mission Accomplished" banner that has so plagued President Bush remained as elusive last week as the White House leaker. But here, so far, is the story of "Bannergate" and the hunt for the person or persons behind the two words....




Why is George Bush so hard-headed?
His skull protects the weakest part of his body.




Jobs still missing from robust economic recovery
Jefferson City News Tribune, MO - 11-5-03

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Democrats are using the ghost of Herbert Hoover to taunt President Bush, who so far has the worst jobs growth record of any president since the Great Depression.

With the economic recovery in full swing, the hiring gains that typically follow have not. The economy lost 2.6 million jobs since Bush took office -- 1 percent in the private sector alone....


What happens when you cross James Dean with George Bush?
You get a rebel without a clue.

 How the White House deletes the truth
Boston Globe -By Derrick Z. Jackson, 11/5/2003

...Bush's desire for us to become ostriches over the deaths and wounding of American soldiers in Iraq -- 379 dead and 2,155 hurt at last count -- is but one more pathological act in sticking all of America into the sand. Bush severely limited access to the presidential papers of his father. Vice President Dick Cheney erected an iron curtain around his energy task force. Hundreds of Muslim immigrants were detained without due process and with no evidence they were involved in the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The administration wiped out parts of an Environmental Protection Agency report that specifically tied human activities to global warming...

"He knows nothing and thinks he knows everything. That points clearly to a political career."
-George Bernard Shaw

Rick Kushman: CBS runs from 'Reagans'
Sacramento Bee, CA - 11-5-03
... Ironically, CBS was trying to woo Reagan fans with the project. It
doesn't take a genius to read the American mood and figure you ...

       US television network caves in to right wing over Reagan mini- ...  - World Socialist
       CBS forced to pull Reagan mini-series - Financial Times (subscription)
       Reagan drama angers Republicans - Guardian



"If they are unwilling to correct the imbalance they themselves acknowledge and review the program for historical accuracy, Showtime should inform its viewers through a crawl every ten minutes that the program is a fictional portrayal of the Reagans and the Reagan Presidency, and is not intended to be historically accurate."

-Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie






Government extends its secrecy shield - 11-5-03

...About a week ago, the U.S. Army surreptitiously pulled the plug on one of its more popular Web sites,, after The Washington Post wrote about a report that had been posted on it.

The Post's October 25 article said "the U.S. military intelligence gathering operation in Iraq is being undercut by a series of problems in using technology, training intelligence specialists and managing them in the field," citing the report prepared by the Center for Army Lessons Learned at Fort Leavenworth, Kan....

What's the major thing that separates Bush sr. from Bush jr.?
 8 years of economic prosperity.



"Giving government money and power is like giving car keys and whiskey to a teenage boy" - P.J. O'Rourke



Muscular Progressivism
The Weekly Standard, DC - 11-5-03
MONDAY NIGHT at the International Spy Museum, John Podesta & Co. marked the opening of the new Center for American Progress with the Washington debut of Robert Greenwald's documentary "Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War," which accuses the Bush administration of wholesale deception in its arguments for regime change. Podesta set the tone for the evening with opening remarks describing the Bush administration's foreign policy as being built on an "edifice of ideology" rather than a "foundation of facts." He then explained that his new think-tank would represent "muscular progressivism."...



"Senator John McCain recently compared the situation in Iraq to the Vietnam era — to which President Bush replied, 'What does Iraq have in common with drinking beer in Texas?'" —Craig Kilborn



44% say they’ll vote against Bush

New poll finds only 38% support president’s re-election


ALBANY, N.Y., Nov. 4 — More than four in 10 voters nationwide say they definitely plan to vote against President Bush next year — more than plan to vote for him, according to a poll released Tuesday....







Picture released by Japan Marine Science and Technology Center shows a deep sea creature found 6,500 meters (10,000 feet) under water in the Japan Deep of the Pacific Ocean. (JIJI PRESS/HO)