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.Can Bush Find "A Way Forward" for Iraq?
TIME - 11-27-06
By MIKE ALLEN/TALLINN, ESTONIA. Jetting into Jordan for a mini-summit on Wednesday, President George W. Bush will have dinner with King Abdullah II, then breakfast the next morning with Iraqi Prime Minister ...


Cheney asks Saudis for help in Iraq
Ireland Online, Ireland - 11-27-06
US Vice President Dick Cheney has sought help from Saudi Arabia in dealing with Iraq’s spiraling violence and other trouble spots. ...

Bush calls 10 troops on Thanksgiving
MSNBC - Nov 23, 2006
CAMP DAVID, Md. - President Bush called 10 members of the armed forces from California to Iraq Thursday to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving and thank them for their service


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!



Given the events of the year past, it is surprising that the turkey didn't pardon the president. --Zing!





The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News



Explain to me again why it is OK for President Bush to be wined and dined in communist Vietnam while families in Florida are not permitted to visit their relatives in Cuba. -Zing!


Give Peace a Chance? Hell, NO!


A homeowners association in southwestern Colorado has threatened to fine a resident $25 a day until she removes a Christmas wreath with a peace sign that some say is an anti-Iraq war protest or a symbol of Satan.

Some residents who have complained have children serving in Iraq, said Bob Kearns, president of the Loma Linda Homeowners Association
Lisa Jensen said she wasn't thinking of the war when she hung the wreath. She said, "Peace is way bigger than not being at war. This is a spiritual thing."

Jensen, a past association president, calculates the fines will cost her about $1,000, and doubts they will be able to make her pay. But she said she's not going to take it down until after Christmas.

By Don Davis

Disturbing News



"A new poll finds that 60 percent of Americans think George W. Bush is a worse president than his father. However, President Bush's advisers cheered him up by telling him he's the second best George W. Bush who's ever been president." --Conan O'Brien


Iraq Job Creation - Smuggling


Smugglers were loading gasoline on a ship at an illegal port in southern Iraq when police surprised them with a raid that ended with five smugglers and two policemen dead.

The October clash at Abu Flus was one of many attempts by security forces trying to stop smuggling of Iraqi petroleum products to neighboring countries, a practice that is costing the country billions of dollars every year.





Republican Shenanigans


Texas is Toxic


Among all states, Texas is by far the No. 1 emitter of greenhouse gas pollution. But Texas has no plan to stop it, slow it down or deal with the consequences. We don't even have an official state inventory of what's at risk. Other states are trying to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, but Texas is poised to build 19 coal-fired power plants that will emit an additional 110 million tons of greenhouse gas pollution a year



Vice President Dick Cheney flew to Saudi Arabia last week for a meeting with the royal family. It's an annual pilgrimage. Once a year Dick Cheney travels to Saudi Arabia to visit the Republican holy cities of Crude and Light Sweet Crude. - Argus Hamilton, comedian


Rock-The-Voter News



"I don't own an iPod. I would never wear an iPod… If this is your primary focus in life -- the machines… it's going to have a staggeringly negative effect, all of this, for America… did you ever talk to these computer geeks? I mean, can you carry on a conversation with them? …I really fear for the United States because, believe me, the jihadists? They're not playing the video games. They're killing real people over there." --Bill O'Reilly



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Bush Ain't No General Omar Bradley


The war in Iraq has now lasted longer than the US involvement in the conflict that President Bush's father fought in, World War II.


Subject: Bush hand holding


Hi Lisa,

You showed the picture of Bush holding the hand of the Saudi prince/king (whatever he is). Please tell my why the fundies don't accuse him of being gay. They accused poor Sponge Bob of being gay for holding hands with his friend. Just asking.

Keep of the good work.



Thanks Jan.


What I find disturbing about Bush's hand holding is that he is the only world leader photographed doing that.  Actually what is more disturbing is wondering what else Bush is holding.


Sponge Bob is gay?



Bush-Prison-Torture News


Our Banished VEEP (Limerick)

By Madeleine Begun Kane

He’ll be banished from office, VEEP Dick;
Not his job, but his real estate pick.
He had primo House space,
But eviction he’ll face,
Cause the Democrats won. What a kick!


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A NASA computer graphic shows the position of Mikhail Tyurin when he hits a golf ball during his spacewalk from the International Space Station, November 22, 2006. (Photo/NASA)