TGIF/Weekend Edition-- November 26-28, 2004





Year After Baghdad, Bush Visits Troops by Phone
Reuters -
President Bush made Thanksgiving Day calls from his Texas ranch to US troops abroad on Thursday, a year after he made a secret trip to spend the holiday with soldiers in Iraq.




Congress Seeks to Curb International Court
Washington Post, DC - 11-26-04
UNITED NATIONS -- The Republican-controlled Congress has stepped up its campaign to curtail the power of the International Criminal Court, threatening to cut ...

More high-level operatives stepping down from CIA
Chicago Sun Times, IL -  11-26-04
WASHINGTON -- The chiefs of the CIA's Europe and Far East divisions are retiring, according to a federal official ...


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.



“US forces have taken Fallujah. Experts say it’s going to be hard to keep Iraq’s insurgents from going after people in other cities. That will be hard. We can’t even keep the Indiana Pacers from going after people.” -  Jay Leno


The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

 “After pressure from the United States, it looks like 80% of Iraq's debt will be forgiven by creditors. 80%. And our latest story, today Donald Trump said to Bush, ‘Hey, could you invade my casino?’” -- Jay Leno

Bush Sheds Codpiece

Disturbing News

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Republican Shenanigans

"There is political talk of amending the constitution so that Arnold Schwarzenegger could be president. The Democrats are against it. First they want the constitution changed so a Democrat can be president again." --Jay Leno

Rock-The-Voter News

“I think we're as big hypocrites as we ever were. I mean, look at the uproar again about this towel dropping on "Monday Night Football." Right? First we had Janet Jackson. The country was permanently traumatized, because they saw a black nipple for one second. Now the country is -- you know, the same week when we made the ultimate recruiting tape in Iraq, I mean that tape of the Marine shooting an unarmed Muslim and cursing in a mosque. That is the Great Satan trifecta. I'm telling you, every Muslim man -- see, this is what bin Laden wants more than anything else. We are so playing into it. He's like, please stay in Iraq, please make more Abu Ghraibs, please make more tapes like that. And trust me, there's going to be a tape where they're going to do something to a woman, and then every Muslim man in the world is going to say to himself, I've got to kill me an American yesterday.

So if you think Bush made you safer, he didn't.”  – Bill Maher on Larry King Live 11-23-04

Good News

Biz-Tech News

“In a speech at the big summit in Chile, President Bush said he will work hard to have a major guest worker program with Mexico. He says this way we can fill the empty jobs here that nobody wants. Like in his Cabinet.” -- Jay Leno

Bush-Prison-Torture News

"The founding fathers never used the phrase 'separation of church and state,'" -- US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia used an appearance at an Orthodox synagogue in New York to assail the notion that the US government should maintain a neutral stance toward religion, saying it has always supported religion and the courts should not try to change that.

Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to the Danbury Baptist Association in 1802 to answer a letter from them, asking why he would not proclaim national days of fasting and thanksiving, as had been done by Washington and Adams before him. The letter contains the phrase "wall of separation between church and state," which led to the short-hand for the Establishment Clause that we use today: "Separation of church and state."

"There was another White House resignation today -- Laura Bush. That's right. Laura Bush is stepping down. She is going to be replaced by Mary Tyler Moore." --David Letterman


Go-F***-Yourself News

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Odd News

Robert Potter (L) and Jose Santos of the Pine Street Inn kitchen staff help prepare 1,200 Thanksgiving meals for Pine Street Inn's homeless guests in Boston, Massachusetts November 23, 2004. Pine Street Inn, New England's largest shelter for men and women, served 60 25-pound turkeys, 440 pounds of mashed potatoes, 300 pounds of peas and pearl onions, 28 gallons of gravy and 180 pies on Thanksgiving. (Photo by Rick Friedman)