November 26-27,  2003  Thanksgiving Issue - Late Edition, very late

President has a plain old cowboy's winning ways
Atlanta Journal Constitution, GA - 11-26-03

... George W. Bush has had the finest education a man can buy or inherit, but ... construct the carefully detailed and, yes, objective arguments against the war in Iraq ...


Pentagon Sending More Marines to Iraq
ABC News - 11-26-03
..Several thousand additional Marines will go to Iraq next year, the Pentagon said Wednesday in an update that indicated the total US force won't be ...
Man acquitted of stockpiling missiles speaks about charges
KOB-TV, NM - 11-26-03
... One of the businesses reported to have worked with Hudak was Haliburton, which wasformerly run by Vice President Dick Cheney, and currently holds contracts ...

I just couldn't resist doing that toon.

Neil Bush, the bringer of honor and dignity to the Bush family name, with his ex and two other people.

Divorce reveals Neil Bush secrets
BBC News, UK - 11-25-03
Neil Bush was to receive $2m in stock options from a semiconductor firm despite having no education in the field, he told the court in March. ...
       Neil Bush deals detailed in divorce records Houston Chronicle
       Bush brother collected millions from Grace Semi - The Inquirer
       Brother Bush a babe magnet
New York Daily News, NY



Hi Lisa,

Here's a link for all your British visitors, or for anyone who ever
wanted to throw an egg at Mr B.

Keep up the good work!


Cheers to you too, T.  Bush was hard to egg!!  Just like in real life. Thanks for some fun.

"This morning the Senate passed the president’s big prescription drug benefit bill. The bill will help 40 million Americans. The president said that everyone should have the same right to prescription drugs as Rush Limbaugh." —Conan O'Brien



"Let's say they do use suicide donkeys, now would that be 'weapons of ass destruction'?" —Jay Leno


Inspired by Jennifer from Dallas- Thanks girlfriend.

" President Bush and Queen Elizabeth have a lot in common — they both came into power without being elected." —David Letterman


"Today President Bush pardoned the White House turkey. Of course the turkey had to donate $100,000 to his reelection campaign first." —David Letterman

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Deep Turkey Thoughts

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SUBJECT: I cancelled my AARP membership


I told them the reason for the cancellation was that they were too much in the pocket of the current illegal and immoral administration for my liking.

I said that Bush and his pack of rich buddies don't know what it's like to have to work for a living, live from paycheck to paycheck and to have to pay a small fortune for medical care and prescriptions. They will never have to live on Social Security (that is, if that's still around after they get finished).

I also said that Bush doesn't give a damn about "ordinary" people and I don't want to belong to an organization that lets him run roughshod over us.

Terry C

Dear Terry,

Thanks for writing.  Good for you! Bush really made sure seniors would have a nice holiday season this year.  A republican tampering with Medicare is sure to backfire.  I had planned on depending on Medicare when I retire--guess I am going to have to find another way to pay for what I have paid into since 1968.

I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving anyway!


Medicare: All Politics

Newsday - November 26, 2003

"If George Bush was here today, I'd probably kill him," said Irene Lannon, 80. "I don't mean I really would," she said with a laugh, "but he makes me mad."....



"It can happen." -Judy Tenuta

I wrote this after reading about the attack on 2 soldiers in Mosul who's bodies were brutalized after they were killed. I am so Outraged by this senseless war for Vain Glory, Oil and some kind of starting block towards Corporate America taking control of the Middle East. I am fricking sick and tried of all the deaths, ours and theirs. My writing style isn't the best but I hope you like what I wrote anyway.


Dear Whitehouse Selected

Here’s from the soldier
Who’s friend was brutally killed
In the desert sands of Iraq

The ones coming home

In body bags

From the men and women
Praying and crying
Themselves to sleep
Wondering if tomorrow
Death will come their way

Dear Whitehouse Selected
Go to Hell

Here’s from the innocent civilians
In an unjust war
Terrorized, maimed and killed
By invading soldiers
Who are just following orders

Dear Whitehouse Selected
Go to Hell

Here’s from the mothers, fathers,
Sisters, brothers, wives, husbands
Fiancées and children
Of those war dead
Coming home but never seen by the public

For the wounded
With missing limbs
Mental trauma
Unexplained illnesses
And other injuries

They ain’t the same as
A year ago
Never will be

Dear Whitehouse Selected
Go to Hell

Here’s from the families
Of those who died on 9-11
For your Dark hearted
Political and Financial
Profiteering at their Loss

Dear Whitehouse Selected
Go to Hell

From dissenter’s
Who you and your press
Branded Un-American, Un-Patriotic, Traitors
The careers you tried to destroy

For Max Cleland, Robert Byrd, Cronkite
Howard Dean, Wesley Clark, Tim & Susan
Sean Penn, Michael Moore, Al Franken
The Dixie Chicks, Mellencamp, Springsteen and Steve Earle

Dear Whitehouse Selected
Go to Hell

Here’s from the World
Nations once united
By 9-11 outrage and sorrow
You tried to use this support
To start another World War
But with Arrogance and Ignorance
You flipped them off and went it alone
When they said No

Dear Whitehouse Selected
Go to Hell

Here’s from the American Public
Those who predicted the increase in Terrorism
Who feared the senseless deaths
Who know you were lying

Here’s from the Innocent Americans
Who trusted you
Who in their naïve love of Country
Bought your Bullshit
Who now feel Cheated and Cheapened

Dear Whitehouse Selected
Go to Hell!!!!!

S.E.W. 11-24-04


Dear Scott,

Thank you. I feel better now.  Do you?

Happy Turkey Day.



Today is Wednesday, Nov. 26, the 330th day of 2003. There are 35 days left in the year.

Highlights in history on this date:

1095 -
Pope Urban urges the faithful to wrest the Holy Land from the Muslims, heralding start of Crusades.
1789 -
A day of Thanksgiving is set aside by US President George Washington to observe the adoption of America's Constitution.

1922 -
King Tutankhamen's tomb is opened in Egypt.

1950 -
China enters the Korean conflict, launching a counter-offensive against soldiers from the United Nations, the United States and South Korea.

1965 -
France launches its first satellite, sending a 41kg capsule into orbit.

1992 -
An aid agency predicts disaster if the United States sends a large military force to Somalia; Queen Elizabeth II announces she would start paying taxes on her personal income and take her children off the national payroll.
1997 -
Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein invites foreign experts to live in his "presidential palaces" to prove that he has nothing to hide. The palaces remain closed to weapons inspectors.

2000 -
Florida certifies George W Bush as the winner of the state's electoral votes for the US presidential election. US Vice President and Democratic rival Al Gore challenges the decision.
2002 -
Attorney Gloria Allred asks California authorities to investigate singer Michael Jackson because of news videotape of the star holding his baby son over a fourth-floor railing at a hotel in Germany.



Peace and Happy Thanksgiving!