November 25,  2003  Tuesday

Senate Passes Medicare Bill
Washington Post - 11-25-03
... drug coverage they need and the choices they deserve," Senate Majority Bill Frist of Tennessee said. "At the same time, it preserves traditional Medicare."....
       Medicare bill approval all but certain - Springfield News Leader
       Lott casts key vote to save Medicare bill he opposes - San Francisco Chronicle

Frist Cares Most About Health of Corporations

NEWS RELEASE Dec 23, 2002

Frist's ownership of and entanglement with one of America's biggest corporate criminals, hospital chain Columbia/HCA, shows his loyalty and should have prevented him from leading the US Senate. In total, the company, now called HCA, will pay more than $1.7 billion in civil and criminal penalties -- the largest amount ever in a health care fraud case...

Senator Is Challenged on His Medical Opinions

Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, October 5, 1999

..Rep. Harold E. Ford Jr. (D) has been barnstorming around Tennessee to tell voters that Frist wrote the Senate GOP's managed-care bill -- which the American Medical Association calls a "Patients' Bill of Wrongs." Ford also blasts Frist for owning nearly $25 million in stock in his family's for-profit hospital chain, calling it a "blatant conflict of interest" for a senator involved in health care issues...


Yeah, it makes sense to give about a  $100 billion dollars to corporations instead of those greedy senior citizens.

Bush Medicare CEO d'etat.



Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday, invented on these very
shores. It is a good thing that we, as a people, spend one day a year
in prayerful communion with family and friends, counting our blessings and
practicing the gratitude attitude. Who can argue with a good meal,
football and a nap? And, better yet, the day after, itís off to the

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Senator Bill Frist (R-Tennessee) is a compassionate

conservative corporate healthcare provider.



"AARP" now stands for "American Association of Republican's Patsies." - 




CourtTV should have these women investigate the George W. Bush Inc.

administration instead of Michael Jackson!






I watched  CourtTV's  Nancy Grace and Diane Diamond on Larry King last night. I believe I saw them salivating. Let them loose on Dubya!  





I am not asking for much.  I just want the same healthcare package that members of Congress have.





What a surprise, no new news on the outing of the CIA agent.



"At this rate, the AARP will soon come out in support making Social Security a workfare program."-




"Operation Rubber Hammer" would be more appropriate because the policy will undoubtedly bounce back and smash Bush in the nose."




I love your site, and insight!

Since I detected a slight uneasiness towards GeeDubya & Gang, quite apparent in the attitude of your site and productions (which I'm certain the vast majority of your viewers also share!), I wondered if you might like to help, in a different way - indirectly, in putting yet another thorn in Dub's side, by putting a thorn in the side of Rush sLlimebaugh?

It has been stated by more than one political analyst that Dubya doesn't stand a chance of (re)selection without RushBo behind the golden microphone for 3 hours a day, using his "Talent on loan from God" in blurting out the proper spin for him, and everything else the right-wing does, or doesn't do.
Perhaps those analysts are correct, and in any case it would certainly be in the best interests of all, if they were both sent packing, the sooner the better.

R.J. Crane at  has just recently started a campaign to "Help" the Rash through his present dilemma of having no suppliers for his habit, and has put up the promotion here:  with ready-made labels to simplify the process:

I would appreciate any thoughts you may have about this.

Also, I was hoping that you might put a prominent link to it, on your site.

Thanks for your time, efforts, and consideration!

Ken Walters

Dear Ken

Thanks for writing.  Nancy Grace and Diane Diamond should investigate Rush.  They would get to the bottom of this!



Bush-Cheney campaign head defends RNC ad
NH Primary, United States - 11-25-03
... The Republican National Committee's ad is a flat-out lie. Even worse, it attacksthe patriotism of those who disagree with President Bush and his failed ...

"We ended the rule of one of history's worst tyrants, and in so doing, we not only freed the American people, we made our own people more secure." óGeorge W. Bush, Crawford, Texas, May 3, 2003



The Medicine Conservatives Can't Swallow
Washington Post - 11-25-03
... Such as Rush Limbaugh, who called prescription drugs "a manufactured Washington-politician
problem to advance the expansion of government." Only this time, he ...

Little Big Man
The totally unpresidential, but strangely appealing, campaign of Dennis Kucinich.

Mother Jones

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Abizaid: Attacks on US Soldiers Are Decreasing
Washington Post -  11-25-03

BAGHDAD, Nov. 25 -- The top U.S. military commander for operations in Iraq said on Tuesday that attacks on American forces had declined significantly since troops began aggressive counter-insurgency operations across the country two weeks ago.

"Asses and Donkeys Now Being Seen on Both Sides."
The only difference? Theirs have four legs.
New replicants seeking the Prince Charles Scandal Report -- it's here;



Nyiragongo volcano, Congo. (NASA/HO)