Monday -- November 22, 2004




"John Wayne" Bush rides to rescue
Seattle Times, WA - 11-22-04
By Mike Allen. SANTIAGO, Chile — For President Bush, it must have been like going out without his wallet. He turned around and ...



Chile downsizes Bush event over U.S. demand for screening
Seattle Post Intelligencer, 11-22-04
By DAVID E. SANGER AND LARRY ROHTER. SANTIAGO, Chile -- President Bush's visit to Chile ended on a bizarre note here last night when ...

Bush Tries to Mend Ties With Latin America
ABC News, 11-22-04
President Bush, trying to mend relations with Latin America, pledged Sunday to make a fresh push for stalled immigration reforms and defended the U.S. invasion of Iraq, saying that "history will prove it right." ...


At one time, this would have been called an "international incident" by the media.  I don't remember any president ever having his Secret Service Agents stopped from entering anywhere. Ever.


"You're not stopping me! You're not stopping me! I'm with the president!" an unidentified [secret service] agent can be heard yelling on videotape of the mayhem.



The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

 “Any time a fan touches you or throws something at you, you have the right to beat the hell out of them.”  – Charles Barkley, Republican Retired NBA player on the NBA Basketball Brawl

CIA director's pledge starting to spook some
The Republican, Maine, 11-22-04
... Porter Goss as director of the Central Intelligence Agency because he feared the Florida Republican was too partisan. "I sincerely ...

Disturbing News

"Blessed are those who ask for votes in my name for they shall be called the rightful leaders of men, and I shall speaketh in their ears with a Southern drawl."  -- American Jesus

Republican Shenanigans

Ernie Istook Explains All

I'm innocent,
Says Rep. Istook.
I'd never at your tax files look.

Didn't write that clause.
It wasn't me.
I'd never mess with privacy.

The rest of the poem is here:

See which companies are getting contracts from the military

Putin's nuclear plans signal new arms race
Houston Chronicle, Nov 20, 2004
By ERIC ROSENBERG. WASHINGTON -- The announcement last week that Russia is building advanced nuclear missiles signals that a new arms ...

"All of us journalists agree that President Bush looked like a cowboy. It was total breach of protocol. I've seen a lot of John Wayne movies, and President Bush was definitely acting like a cowboy." -- Marcelo Romero, reporter for Santiago's newspaper La Cuarta

Rock-The-Voter News


I used an ATM machine today and realized it was a Diebold machine. OOPs! I may have just given some money to the GOP. Sorry about that. Your contribution is on it's way via snail mail. (That way it won't disappear in the ozone or be counted as a vote for Bush.) You've given me a lot of laughs, if I could give you a dollar for every laugh you'd be rich!


your friend from
the People's Republic of Northern California


Thanks Friend, for everything.

Good News

"There are many who believe George Bush is a liar, a President who knowingly and deliberately twists facts for political gain. But lying would indicate an understanding of what is desired, what is possible, and how best to get there. A more plausible explanation is that words have no meaning for this President beyond the immediate moment, and so he believes that his mere utterance of the phrases makes them real. It is a terrifying possibility."  -- Seymour Hersh , investigative reporter who uncovered the My Lai incident and most recently, Abu Ghraib, in his latest book CHAIN OF COMMAND

Biz-Tech News

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“Here's a sign of the times... A video company is coming out with porn that features only married couples having sex. See that's when you know the Republicans have won. When we have married porn.” – Jay Leno

Bush-Prison-Torture News

An art museum is alive and well in Baghdad

Odd News

Man In Abu-Ghraib, a marble figurine by Iraqi artist Karim Khalil.