November 22-23,  2003  Weekend Edition

Killing's impact lost on today's students
Louisville Courier Journal, KY - 11-22-03

Taking student yawns and heavy eyelids as vital signs, professor Ben Harrison says he has watched Camelot slowly die, as young people shove the assassination of President John Kennedy deeper into the history books.

"I don't see the nostalgia or the hero worship that I used to see," said Harrison, a history professor for 30 years at the University of Louisville. "Just a few years back, people were much more interested....

Acceptance of the New York Liberal Party Nomination
September 14, 1960 - John F. Kennedy

What do our opponents mean when they apply to us the label "Liberal?" If by "Liberal" they mean, as they want people to believe, someone who is soft in his policies abroad, who is against local government, and who is unconcerned with the taxpayer's dollar, then the record of this party and its members demonstrate that we are not that kind of "Liberal."
Family Members Visit Kennedy's Grave
ABC News - 11-22-03
WASHINGTON Nov. 22 — Family members visited President Kennedy's grave site in Arlington National Cemetery Saturday.
His daughter, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, his brother, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., and others knelt before the eternal flame that is a memorial to the late president and laid flowers on the stones.

Will W lay a wreath on Kennedy's grave today?

Crunch Time

On November 22, I celebrated my 53rd birthday. Hold on, allow me to
rephrase the preceding sentence. On November 22, I acknowledged my 53rd
birthday. Like mine, a handful of birth dates are freighted with the
burden of history or cultural tradition. December 25 (my son’s
birthday), July 4, December 7 and September 11 come to mind. It seems
there’s always a pall over the party if a tragedy is involved or a
distraction if a holiday conflicts.

Forty years ago, John F. Kennedy was murdered and things starting
changing in this country.

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"My government told me a single man killed John F. Kennedy.  Then they told me a single man killed Lee Harvey Oswald.  I don't think so."  -Jess Ventura


Gen. Franks:
WMD Could End
the Constitution
and Republic  11-22-03
Gen. Tommy Franks, who recently retired as head of Central Command,

warns that if terrorists succeed in using a weapon of mass destruction against the U.S.

or one of our allies, it would likely bring an end to our Constitution and could give rise to a military form of government

Sounds like we should be getting ready for another attack.  Stock up on duct tape and plastic sheeting to hold our constitution together!


A series of shocking pictures revealing US soldiers tying up Iraqi women and children in their own home has provoked international outrage.

The occupying forces have now come under renewed fire for their treatment of ordinary Iraqis as shown in the pictures published by

Sent in by Wal from Australia



The Unseen Photographs

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Gerald Ford stands by Warren Commission
San Jose Mercury News, CA - 11-22-03
... President Lyndon B. Johnson, who wanted Ford, then a high-ranking House Republican,

to serve on a seven-member commission that would investigate the murder.

"I told him I couldn't do it because of my responsibilities in the House of Representatives," Ford said in a

recent interview. "But, in a typical LBJ technique, he twisted my arm and that's how it happened."...

Gerald Ford, in a 1975 presidential debate, argued that Poland wasn't part of the Soviet Union. Another GOP shining star.  Maybe that is why LBJ insisted he serve on the Warren Commission.


"[T]he way people talk about the Kennedy assassination is this: they almost always start it with "I remember where I was." I, I, I, me, me, me. And the sad thing about the assassination it has become yet another excuse for that generation, the baby boom generation to talk about itself."
-Tucker Carlson, too dumb to be on CNN's Crossfire but a fitting representative of the hateful right

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One would think the GOP could find someone more intelligent than bowtie boy to spin for them. He is a male Ann Coulter.


SUBJECT: Your comments yesterday about Bush wishing he could gag the US media


Dubya doesn't need to gag the press here. They do it on their own, voluntarily. Yesterday, for instance, it was all Michael Jackson, all the time!

Roy Adams, Tyler, TX

You are absolutely correct.  I thought I was in the land of the free when I wrote that.


Differential weathering of basaltic rock in Hawaii produced this remarkably recognizable profile of John F. Kennedy.

Uncle Bam, the Trigger Happy Twin of Uncle Sam:
Today's 'toon considers the 9-11 Commission's compromise with the White House

Comments about Dan Tyler's column

Thank you Dan & Lisa. I believe as well, that it's all connected, these 'losses
of democracy.' Bit by bit, the pieces just seem to fall right into place for
the money/corporate people. The Kennedy brothers, Dr. King, Medgar Evers,
Malcolm X, 9/11...the list keeps getting bigger, and the American citizen keeps
paying for it.

I grew up in Fort Worth, Texas, right underneath that Kennedy aura that is still
so powerful, raised by my grandmother who told me about true democracy and the
men behind it - Kennedy, FDR, Lincoln. She and my mother are still haunted by
that morning in Fort Worth when they met President Kennedy outside the Hotel
Texas. My mother shook his hand, only to learn just a short time later that he
was gone.

What price are we going to be paying next?

Thanks again for the article, and the wonderful 'oasis' to re-charge my


Crunch Time; Well written and researched. Our country is now minority ruled by
wrong wing capitalists and white wing Christian extremists of the same ilk that
murdered liberals Lincoln, Kennedy, King and even Jesus. We're in deep scat here
and I fear for our country's survival.
Swami Damnam Bandanaman

Dear Lisa,
Thank-you so much for publishing Dan's column on the JFK murder. I have for a
long time thought that the smirk on that chimp's face was an affirmation of the
fact that the plan that his father's friends put into play in Dallas in '63 was
going just as they had all hoped. I too see a connection between that tragedy
and the one on 9/11. "Follow the money" as Oliver Stone advised us in his movie
Please treat us to more of Dan's columns. It helps to know that others have the
same dark suspicions regarding these events.
Phil Schultz


Depressing to hear that children actually celebrated a presidents assination.

Reality really bites.


Very poignant. It's great to have you here, Dan. Keep up the good work.

Thank you all for your responses.  I only posted a few of the many responses, all were positive.

Missiles Fired From Donkey Carts in Central Baghdad
New York Times - 11-21-03
21 The Palestine and Sheraton hotels in central Baghdad were hit by a volley
of five rockets fired from donkey carts at about 7:15 this morning. ...

"A new erectile dysfunction drug claims it will allow men to last seven times longer than Viagra. In a related story, Elizabeth Dole has gone into hiding." —Conan O'Brien

Page: Rush could make an effective case for drug reforms
Salt Lake Tribune, UT - 11-22-03

WASHINGTON -- Rush Limbaugh is back on the air after five weeks of drug rehabilitation, although experts say it could be weeks before Ol' Rushbo recovers his full sense of self-importance.
His return sermon bombarded listeners with fusillades of what sounded a lot like humility, evidence that his rehabilitative treatment had broken down his defenses, cracked through his sense of denial and gotten him in touch with his feelings, as well as his audience...

"Vice President Dick Cheney has given another speech linking Saddam Hussein with the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Didn't President Bush say Saddam Hussein has nothing to do with the terrorist attacks? Here's my question, what if it turns out that Dick Cheney is the dumb one?" —Jay Leno

What a difference a president makes





NASA composite image shows city lights, centered on the North Pole. The image was made from a combination of AVHRR, NDVI, Seawifs, MODIS, NCEP, DMSP and Sky2000 catalog data (NASA/File/HO)