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Unlike Clinton, Bush Sees Hanoi in Bit of a Hurry
New York Times, United States - 11-20-06
During his visit in 2000, former President Bill Clinton helped Dan and David Evert, behind him, search for the remains of their father, an airman. ...


Top-Secret Torture
Washington Post, United States - 11-21-06
BURIED WITHIN a recent government brief in the case of Guantanamo Bay inmate Majid Khan is one of the more disturbing arguments the Bush administration has ...

Bush hasn't decided what to do with troops in Iraq
Chicago Sun-Times, United States - 11-21-06
BOGOR, Indonesia -- President Bush said Monday he isn't ready to decide between rival calls to increase or scale back US troops in Iraq. ...



Hill-Bill-y in 2008!!!!



 “President Bush, right now, trying to gain international support for the war in Iraq. Today, he met with leaders from several countries in Vietnam. It's true. Experts say that nothing builds support for an unpopular war like a trip to Vietnam.” - Conan O’Brien





The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


Welcome Back Janet


Former Attorney General Janet Reno and seven other former Justice Department officials filed court papers Monday arguing that the Bush administration is setting a dangerous precedent by trying a suspected terrorist outside the court system.


By Don Davis


"President Bush landed in Vietnam, but he's running a little bit behind. As you know, he was supposed to be there in 1968.” - Jay Leno



Disturbing News


"I am not 'running' for president. I am seeking to create a movement to win the future by offering a series of solutions so compelling that if the American people say I have to be president, it will happen."-- Newt Gingrich







"Senator Trent Lott, who was ousted from the Senate leadership four years ago because of remarks considered racially insensitive, won election Wednesday, as the Senate Minority Whip. But Lott was disappointed to learn this doesn't mean he gets to whip minorities." --Seth Myers



Republican Shenanigans


Did the CIA kill Bobby Kennedy?

In 1968, Robert Kennedy seemed likely to follow his brother, John, into the White House. Then, on June 6, he was assassinated - apparently by a lone gunman. But Shane O'Sullivan says he has evidence implicating three CIA agents in the murder



President Bush arrived in Vietnam Friday as his job approval ratings at home continued to sink. The timing of his trip says it all. Thirty-five years after staying in America to get out of Vietnam, he's gone to Vietnam to get out of America. -- Argus Hamilton




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Let's get rid of the 22nd Amendment that says you can't run for president more than twice? Because that's just hatin'. If a guy can win the popular vote, he should be able to run, or that's not a democracy. Bill Clinton should be able to run for president in 2008, period. It would be worth it just to see him debate Hillary. -- Bill Maher


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"President Bush on Monday met for more than an hour with the independent panel examining strategic options for Iraq and cautioned afterward that while he's open to new ideas, he'd like them to come only from people who agree with him." --Amy Poehler


Bush-Prison-Torture News


Our Coast Guard Is Guarding Costa Rica


A home-made submarine packed with 3 tons of cocaine captured by the U.S. Coast Guard off Costa Rica's Pacific coast, is under guard in the Pacific port of Puntarenas, Costa Rica, Monday, Nov. 20, 2006. The 49-foot craft was found Friday, 166 kilometers (103 miles) off Costa Rica's coast near Cabo Blanco National Park on the Nicoya peninsula, according to Costa Rica's Security Minister Fernando Berrocal. Two Colombians, a Guatemalan and a Sri Lankan man were arrested and taken to the U.S., since they were captured in international waters. (Photo/Kent Gilbert)




Subject: Welcome back Trent Lott


Do you think the Republicrats said "Hell, them Macacas didn't vote for us so lets bring back the racists!"? The implosion should be fun to watch.


And the GOP wonders why people of color avoid their party like the plague.


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Four white Belugas wear Santa hats during a Christmas show at the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise aquarium in Yokohama, suburban Tokyo. (Photo/Yoshikazu Tsuno)