November 21,  2003  TGIF

Bush leaves tension of London for tea and a pub in Sedgefield
Toronto Sun, Canada - 11-21-03
...Later, as Bush's entourage arrived in the area of Sedgefield, a small town of 5,000 in an old coal-mining region, several hundred protesters filled the town green with chants of "Bush out, Bush out," upside-down U.S. flags and posters labeling the president the world's "No. 1 terrorist." A couple hundred more bystanders lined the main street, which was blocked to traffic...

George W trapped in a hell of his own making
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - 11-21-03

George W. Bush Loves Michael Jackson - By William Rivers Pitt -11-21-03
George W. Bush is in England, surrounded on all sides by enraged British citizens whose massive protests have required nearly every police officer in London to ...


Mob Of UK Protesters Topple Mock Statue Of Bush
NBC, DC - 11-21-03

...First lady Laura Bush says street protests haven't disturbed the president's state visit to Britain.
Laura Bush told reporters that she and her husband have seen more supporters..


Bush was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a rabbit's foot.

What luck for W that Michael Jackson got arrested.


Dear Readers,

All Hat No Cattle is proud to introduce a new columnist, Dan Tyler. 

Dan has previously appeared on my site as a songwriter.  He is a man of many talents.

After I read Dan's column I was stunned how different our backgrounds are.

The column is poignant. Be prepared.



Crunch Time

On November 22, I celebrated my 53rd birthday. Hold on, allow me to
rephrase the preceding sentence. On November 22, I acknowledged my 53rd
birthday. Like mine, a handful of birth dates are freighted with the
burden of history or cultural tradition. December 25 (my son’s
birthday), July 4, December 7 and September 11 come to mind. It seems
there’s always a pall over the party if a tragedy is involved or a
distraction if a holiday conflicts.

Forty years ago, John F. Kennedy was murdered and things starting
changing in this country.

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SUBJECT: Bush gets toppled in England

Hi Lisa,

Just got back from the Anti-Bush march in London (see pics below)

About 150,000 people turned up - not bad for a late Autumn Thursday
afternoon in London, when people are at work. Hope you saw how they
pulled Dubya's statue down - did it remind you of something? I think even
Dubya might get the message if its explained to him in words of one syllable.

Pretty good natured march with the usual suspects i.e. Socialist
Workers rent a mob, CND, but overwhelmingly thousands and thousands of ordinary
people who had travelled from all over the UK. Trafalgar Square was packed
with a huge lively crowd.

You'll be glad to know that there were many banners along the lines of
"We love America, but we hate Bush". A lot of pro Bush people here have
been trying to insinuate that the march was anti-american, it clearly

We'd like you yanks to know that.

I had my "You can't spell 'Nitwit' without a Dubya" banner, which made
lots of people laugh, including the police. Thanks to the provider of that
at Allhatnocattle.

Today's news from Turkey shows the folly of attacking Iraq, the UK is a
target now. If you put a stick into a hornets nest and twist it around,
what do you expect?

I'm off to chill out now with my Allison Kraus DVD, my Mojave 3 CD and
a warm beer.

Cheers from England.

Alan G.
ps what's that about Prince Charles? We are not allowed to know.

Dear Alan,

I wish I could have been there. Thank you for the news from London and the pics.

Whoever wrote that slogan please contact me, , you win a free sticker!




"President Bush is also the first U.S. president to spend the night in Buckingham Palace at the request of the royal family. As he was showing the president around, Prince Charles asked President Bush if he wanted to see Big Ben, and Bush said, 'Whoa, I'm from Texas, don't try any of that funny stuff with me.'" —Jay Leno

Graphic by Oz

Drugmakers protect their turf
Medicare bill represents success for pharmaceutical lobby

MSNBC  11-21-03

No industry in negotiations over the $400 billion Medicare prescription drug bill headed to the House floor today outpaced the pharmaceutical lobby in securing a favorable program design and defeating proposals most likely to cut into its profits, according to analysts in and out of the industry....


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Graphic by Oz



We have all paid into Medicare for decades.  With the passage of this bill, I'll bet that we will have to pay for our parent's prescription drugs too. Republicans revising Medicare reminds me of Republicans counting votes.  We'll all get shafted.



Graphic by Oz



"As you know President Bush is in Great Britain . I don't think he has a real good grasp of geography. Like yesterday when he got off the plane, he asked one of his aides 'Did this state vote for me or Al Gore in 2000?'" —Jay Leno




Rockets fired at Baghdad hotel, UK - 11-21-03
Rockets have been fired from donkey carts at the Iraqi oil ... Two other carts, also loaded with rockets, were found in ... a media centre during the US-led war in Iraq ...
       Baghdad attacked: Rockets fired at oil ministry and media hotels - ABC Online

Queen silences our man Parry

The Mirror - By Graham Brough - Nov 21 2003

THE Daily Mirror was gagged by the Queen last night with a dramatic injunction in the Royal Courts of Justice, halting our revelations about poor palace security.

In the name of the Attorney General, Her Majesty demanded in the High Court that we stop publishing our world exclusive series.

Daily Mirror reporter Ryan Parry was accused by the Queen's dozen-strong legal team of reneging on confidentiality clauses he signed to become a royal footman...

I wonder how Dubya feels about freedom of speech in the UK? He probably wishes he could gag the US media.



Uh oh.