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Detroit automakers' rescue stalls in Senate
The Associated Press - 11-20-08
WASHINGTON (AP) - A plan to give troubled US automakers billions of dollars in government-backed loans is on life support, leaving the fate of hundreds of thousands of workers and Detroit's once-venerable car companies hanging in the balance

Sources: Secretary of state post is Clinton’s to choose
Atlanta Journal Constitution,  USA -11-20-08
Chicago —- Associates of Sen. Hillary Clinton said Wednesday the former first lady is weighing whether to leave the Senate and become

Jobless claims jump unexpectedly to 16-year high
The Associated Press -11-20-08
WASHINGTON (AP) — New claims for unemployment benefits jumped last week to a 16-year high, the Labor Department said Thursday, providing more evidence of a


Stop saying that we've overcome racism just because we've found a qualified black man and elected him president. Everybody knows we won't have true equality until we elect a dumb, unqualified black man. [slide of Bush doing African dance] . - Bill Maher

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 A Japanese warship failed to shoot down a ballistic missile target in a joint test with U.S. forces Wednesday because of a glitch in the final stage of an interceptor made by Raytheon Co, a U.S. military official said.


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Bush Getting In One More Shot



Animals and plants in danger of becoming extinct could lose the protection of government experts who make sure that dams, highways and other projects don't pose a threat, under regulations the Bush administration is set to put in place before President-elect Obama can reverse them.


If it were possible to merge the DNA of Sarah Palin and Vladimir Putin, might we end up with Sarah Ras-Putin and Vlad-the-Impalin’? - Laugh Lines


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Subject: Satire - Ted Stevens


Hi Lisa,
I'm a graphic artist living in Alaska, and to celebrate uncle Ted's election loss, we came up with a little commemoration.....would you be interested in posting this image?
Thanks for the awesome website, Robert W



You betcha Robert! Please keep them coming!



The rest of the world can go back to being completely jealous of America. Yes...our majority white country just freely elected a black president; something no other democracy has ever done. Take that, Canada! Where's your Nubian warrior president? Your head of state is a boring white dude named Stephen Harper. And mine is a kick-ass black ninja named Barack Hussein Obama! - Bill Maher




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As Sarah Palin settles back into her job as the state's chief executive, a new ethics complaint filed Tuesday says she's already improperly mixing her official duties and broader political ambitions.

The charge: That Palin broke state ethics rules by holding national television interviews about her run for vice president from the governor's office.

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CNN Reports on President Bush at the G20 Summit -No One Shakes Bush's Hand, Not One Leader - YouTube


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Not even the blessing of Gene Simmons, famed bassist for the 1970s rock supergroup KISS, could inspire the market [yesterday] Simmons rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange. (Why? Apparently just because he asked.)



"Barack Obama says one of his top priorities once he becomes president is closing down Guantanamo Bay. To make it closes, he's going to turn it into a bank." --Jay Leno


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The World Must Be Ending. Joe The Plumber Lands Book Deal.



Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, the presidential campaign fixture and John McCain advocate better known as Joe the Plumber, won’t have to open his own plumbing business just yet: he has signed a deal to write “Joe the Plumber: Fighting for the American Dream.” PearlGate Publishing, a small publisher in Austin, Tex.,



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Open letter to AHNC readers


Greetings from Finland .

For the last 8 years I have watched in disbelief at what the neo-cons of the Bush administration have done to the US . Floridas election debacle in 2000 made me a critic to the GOP and the illegal war in Iraq made me “pick up the boxing gloves”.

What really pissed me of though was the war-drums, before the Iraq war. The american press threw their brains and ethics in the dumpster, and became lapdogs for Emperor Bush. Not one major newspaper opposed the war. In my opinion the critics to the war, were found on the internet and on comedy central. It is tragically and morbidly funny that the most accurate real analysis of the situation that you found on the TV was aired between sockpuppets and muppets making prank calls.

From yellowcake uranium and Powells vial of anthrax to the aluminium tubes, the only people raising eyebrows were the bloggers.

AHNC, Bartcop, Buzzflash, Kos , were the ones that kept my faith to the american people alive. My faith for the Bush administration was dead and buried. It was a hard hard eight years.

Humour kept me believing in you, the american people, when the faith for your leaders was gone.

Why do I write this ? To me AHNC was one of the places I visited daily. The photoshops, collected links, replied letters, all pointed out that the creator of the site had something unique about her. I found no cynicism, no malicious slurs on the site. Lisa was fights with humour. That humour kept me coming here. Now that the elections are over and you have a leader that can form a complete sentence, I found it necessary to thank all the people that made it possible.

Please, donate some money, or spread the word around about the site. We need to keep this site online.

yours truly

Kari X, Finland

Thank you so much for taking the time to write Kari.


I'm once again optimistic about my country and my brand new president that can form a complete sentence.


The trick in the future will be AHNC trying to expose those that can't form complete sentences.



Thanks again Kari, I needed that.


Fist Bumps all around. Thank you for your support!




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In this image provided by NASA shows an extravehicular activity (EVA) tool bag drifting away from the International Space Station during the mission's first scheduled spacewalk Tuesday Nov. 18, 2008. The astronaut who lost her tool bag on a spacewalk, Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper, admitted Wednesday that she made a mistake by not checking to see if the sack was tied down, and said she's still smarting over the whole thing.