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Rice says Iraq has potential to be a Vietnam-like success
London Free Press, Canada - Nov 19, 2006
By AP. HANOI -- After vigorously rejecting comparisons between the US wars in Vietnam and Iraq, the Bush administration found a parallel it liked yesterday. ...


Bush Won't Commit to Iraq Troop Changes
Sioux City Journal, IA - 11-20-06
President Bush said Monday that he hasn't decided yet on whether to send more US troops to Iraq or to begin bringing them home, saying he is awaiting recommendations from the military.


McCain Says More Troops Needed in Iraq
Washington Post, United States - 11-20-06
The postelection debate over Iraq is intensifying as members of Congress from both parties pose remedies and the Bush administration hunts for answers.


Gee, Condoleezza Rice wanting  Iraq to be like communist Vietnam sure has a Jane Fonda taste to it.



Commence the castration. -- Grant Gerver


The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


Kissinger on Iraq


Military victory is no longer possible in Iraq, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said in a television interview broadcast Sunday.

Kissinger presented a bleak vision of Iraq, saying the U.S. government must enter into dialogue with Iraq's neighbors -- including Iran -- if progress is to be made in the region.




By Don Davis



President Pigeon Toed



Disturbing News



Freedom Fried


A museum director in this military town removed an art exhibit featuring several deep-fried American flags.

Art student William Gentry said his piece, "The Fat Is in the Fire," was a commentary on obesity in America. "I deep-fried the flag because I'm concerned about America and about America's health," Gentry said.





People for the Ethical Treatment of Stem Cells -- Grant Gerver



Republican Shenanigans



The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 269


Homophobic Republican


Governor Mitt Romney said yesterday that he would ask the Supreme Judicial Court to override the Legislature and let voters decide whether to ban same-sex marriage, telling a boisterous crowd of several thousand at a State House rally that lawmakers are violating the state constitution by refusing to act on the proposal.


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"Yesterday in a 25 to 24 vote, Republicans welcomed back Lott back into their leadership and named him minority whip. That is great for Trent. They say minority whip is a stepping stone to Grand Wizard." --Stephen Colbert



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Andy Borowitz




Bush-Prison-Torture News



Stop calling what Dick Cheney does "hunting." Cheney spent election day in Pierre, South Dakota, massacring small, tame animals that someone tossed in front of his gun. The only good news was it was the first time in months you heard a Republican was in Pierre, and Pierre wasn't a little boy. -- Bill Maher



Cherry Picking Intel


The White House dismissed a classified CIA draft assessment that found no conclusive evidence of a secret Iranian nuclear weapons program, The New Yorker magazine reported...The article, in the current issue of the magazine, discussed how Vice President Dick Cheney believed the Bush administration would deal with Iran if the Republicans lost control of Congress -- as they did in the November 7 election.





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Eleven-day-old Golden Langur Joon clings to his mother Sameli inside their enclosure at a zoo cum botanical garden in Guwahati, the major city of India's northeastern state of Assam, November 17, 2006. Photo/Utpal Baruah (INDIA)