November 20,  2003 Thursday

Bush, Blair Insist No Compromise in Anti-Terrorism Effort
Voice of America - 11-20-03
President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair say there will
be no compromise or hesitation in efforts to defeat terrorism. ...

       Bush, Blair use Turkey blasts to justify Iraq occupation as 10 ...  - Albawaba Middle East News
       Bush, Blair Condemn Bombing in Turkey ABC News
       Demo fury over Bush-Blair summit - Manchester Evening News
Bush meets families of British war dead
Reuters, UK - 11-20-03
... in London that their loved ones had not died in vain. Bush, on a high-profile state visit to Britain that has been accompanied by a number of protests, spoke ...
Chase Bush via the Web
Internet Magazine, UK - 11-20-03
... of the US President during his visit to London ... being submitted from the street, alerting protesters to Bush's ... wage slaves and others who cannot attend protests ...

I just love Steve's cartoons.

Graphic by Oz

If Tom Daschle Doesn't Crack the Whip...
BuzzFlash - 11-20-03
... The Democrats have a chance to lead a grassroots senior revolt against a Newt Gingrich-inspired Medicare bill that shafts seniors in the long run -- and ...
       Feinstein may back drug bill for seniors San Francisco Chronicle
       Fight on Medicare bill intensifies as vote nears - Baltimore Sun

 Bad Radar Prompts White House Evacuation 

ABC News - 11-20-03

Air Force fighter jets were scrambled and the White House was briefly evacuated on Thursday after birds or possibly disturbances in the atmosphere tripped radar that keeps watch on restricted air space around the complex...


I wonder why the radar system didn't pick up the jets heading toward the World Trade Center on 9/11?



Top Ten George W. Bush Complaints About England - David Letterman

10. "Clocks are five hours fast"

9. "Everybody's speaking some crazy foreign language"

8. "Harry Potter won't return phone calls"

7. "So touchy about minor going to war under false pretenses"

6. "They don't know where Saddam is either"

5. "Queen Elizabeth not half as funny as 'King of Queens'"

4. "Disappointed to learn 'Big Ben' is just a giant clock"

3. "Pack a gum costs 2 pounds -- who carries two pounds of money?!"

2. "I've been here for 36 hours and Prince Charles hasn't made a single move on me"

1. "Driving on the left reminds me of my drinking days"



Graphic by Oz


Subject : GWB quote, "They hate our freedom" re-purposed


Hi Lisa,

Fantastic website! Thanks for devoting yourself to it.

As I gazed at the photo of all of those men fondly looking at King
George signing the so-called "partial birth" bill into law and leaving no
health exception for the life of the mother, I wondered:

"Why do they hate us (women)?"

And then it occurred to me that Bush's oft-repeated explanation for the
terrorist attacks on Americans is an apt response:

"They hate our freedom."

We'd better keep our eye on the women's right to vote.

Keep up the good work.



Thanks for writing. Yeah, I wondered why GOP women, who voted for that bill, were absent from that bill-signing.  We can still vote, can't we?



Army Bullying Allegations

BBC UK  10-20-03

Newsnight investigated the allegations of dozens of soldiers who came forward claiming they had been bullied in the armed services. We put their claims to the Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff, General Anthony Palmer.
Warning: Text and video link contains strong language....


"My answer is bring them on."óGeorge W. Bush, Washington, D.C., July 3, 2003

RPT-GLOBAL MARKETS-Bombings in Turkey rattle markets worldwide
Forbes - 11-20-03
... unloaded stocks and the dollar on Thursday and fled to the relative safety of
gold and government debt after another round of deadly bombings in Turkey. ...




Graphic by Oz

"I glance at the headlines just to kind of get a flavor for what's moving. I rarely read the stories, and get briefed by people who probably read the news themselves." óGeorge W. Bush, Washington, D.C., Sept. 21, 2003

Miami police clash with trade-zone protesters
CNN International - 11-20-03
... The specter of violent protests loomed as police arrested seven people in a Miami
mansion who were allegedly preparing for rallies Thursday and Friday with ...

Jeb Bush has sure created a kinder and gentler Florida.




Have a nice day.