TGIF/Weekend Edition -- November 19-21, 2004




Federal judge won't quash subpoena for Time reporter
First Amendment Center, Tenn., 11-19-04
... Aug. 23, when he discussed a conversation he had had with Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff. ...



Reporter Tericani found in contempt
Providence Business News, R.I., 11-19-04
Reporter Jim Taricani was convicted of contempt of court yesterday for refusing to reveal the source of a videotape that showed a city official taking a bribe, Bloomberg News reports.


Reuters Blames U.S. for Journalists' Deaths
Turks.US , 11-19-04
... other reporters. In October 2003 a Palestinian cameraman for Reuters was killed near Abu Ghraib prison during a shootout. The US ... Drops Ted Rall's Cartoons Editor & Publisher

Kill the messenger. Jail the messenger. Fire the messenger. Then there will be no messages.

"President Bush was going to pardon the presidential turkey. But before he could pardon him, he resigned." -- David Letterman

"The thief's purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give life in all its fullness." – Jesus Christ, Matthew 10:10

The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


Dave Casey

The Large Editor


Battle of hawks brewing



Watch for the ultra-hawks to further restrict the news media – both in combat zones and back on the home front – during Dubya’s second term.

As if photos of U.S. flag-draped coffins and of prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib weren’t enough to drive some far right-wingers over the edge, now comes videotape of a Marine killing a wounded, unarmed Iraqi insurgent at pointblank range.

The ultra-hawks – many of the chickenhawk, blindhawk or greedhawk breeds – are nearly frothing at the mouth as they continue trying to justify extreme treatment of enemy combatants, mounting allied losses and the Iraq war in general.

“The Marine was acting in self-defense because he had been shot at before by insurgents pretending to be wounded,” says the chickenhawk, who never served in the military but is an expert on warfare and the rules of engagement. “How can I ask the sons and daughters of my fellow Americans to risk their lives in combat if they might be prosecuted for killing prisoners? My boy, incidentally, starts med school next semester.”

The blindhawk (dumbirdius patrioticus) takes a simpler stance: “It’s them or us. They can run, but they can’t hide. Iraq was involved in the 9-11 terrorist attacks, and the insurgents hate Americana for their freedom. You have to break some eggs to make an omelet. Osama who?”

The greedhawk (warbirdius profiteerus) takes a more complicated position: “We’re in Iraq to make it safe for democracy and oil production. That insurgent probably would have voted against our puppet candidates. The Marine involved should be given a medal and reassigned to more important duty, like guarding a Halliburton fuel truck convoy or a pipeline.”

So we’ll see the same old tired response by ultra-hawks when a conflict doesn’t go quite the way they expected: Kill the messenger. If the damn liberal news media wasn’t there taking pictures, Americans wouldn’t be exposed to the discomfiting violence of war. And they might not ask so many questions.

At this point, there would be a terrible squabble among the hawks about press restriction, because there are many more breeds than the three mentioned previously.

Foxhawks would say, “If TV crews are no longer imbedded with U.S. troops, we won’t be able to promote the war on our network with such fervor. We need striking images of combat and heroism to keep selling this war to the public! How about if we agree to let the Pentagon edit our film? Could we stay then?”

Warriorhawks like Sen. John McCain and former Sen. Max Cleland also would oppose further restrictions on the news media. This breed is nearly extinct in the Bush administration now that Secretary of State Colin Powell has resigned.

These hawks have been there-done that, when it comes to war. They suffered wounds, imprisonment or torture for their beloved nation. And they would oppose muzzling the news media because the First Amendment was one of the things for which they fought.

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 "It's kind of weird. Bush wins the election and everyone is leaving. In fact the Bush twins are being replaced by the Hilton sisters." -- David Letterman

Graphic by the Great Oz


Subject: Aunt Jemima

You guys were ahead of the game.

Radio host calls Rice 'Aunt Jemima'
Seattle Post Intelligencer, WA - 11-18-04
MILWAUKEE -- A radio talk show host drew criticism Thursday ... The station's corporate office received about 100 calls about his comments, Sylvester said.

Joe - California

Why is it wrong to use Aunt Jemima, yet OK for Bush to use Jesus?

President Bill Clinton Discusses Northern Ireland Peace Pact (April 10, 1998)

President Carter: PEACE TREATY BETWEEN ISRAEL AND EGYPT (March 26, 1979)

President George H. W. Bush: No peace accords or pacts. Gulf War I and Invasion of Panama.

President George W. Bush: No peace accords or pacts. Afghanistan War and preemptive strike on Iraq.

Disturbing News


Dear Lisa

You wrote “All this wonderful technology should be put to better use.”

Sorry to disabuse you but this ‘wonderful technology’ is, I believe, part of the most significant contributor to global warming, the unrestrained use of jet engines. (I know the scramjet is different, no moving parts etc., but it’s the operating temperature - 1300 – 3000 degrees Celsius). Basically, the faster you fly, the hotter the vehicle gets. To prepare for Tuesday's test, engineers reinforced the X-43A's nose and the leading edges of its wings and tail with extra carbon thermal coating, like that used on space shuttles. The temperature at these points was expected to reach two-thousand degrees Celsius, about 3,600F. The airframe and engine require lightweight, high-temperature materials and structural configurations that can withstand the extreme environment of hypersonic flight. These include:

► very high temperatures
►heating of the whole vehicle
►steady-state and transient localized heating from shock waves

The combustion temperature for liquid fueled rockets is typically around six thousand degrees Kelvin. The combustion temperature will be higher if the reaction releases a higher amount of energy, so a fuel reacting with liquid oxygen will reach a higher temperature than a fuel reacting with hydrogen peroxide. The combustion temperature will generally be higher if the exhaust has a higher molecular weight, if it is high in carbon dioxide for instance. The reaction of ethanol and hydrogen peroxide will reach a temperature of about three thousand nine hundred degrees Kelvin. The reaction of quadricyclene and oxygen react will reach a temperature of about seven thousand eight hundred degrees Kelvin. (7527 C., 13580.6 F)

A gas turbine is an extension of the same concept. In a gas turbine, a pressurized gas spins the turbine. In all modern gas turbine engines, the engine produces its own pressurized gas, and it does this by burning something like propane, natural gas, kerosene or jet fuel. The heat that comes from burning the fuel expands air, and the high-speed rush of this hot air spins the turbine. The rapid expansion of hot air from the exhaust nozzle provides the engine with its thrust.

A modern turbine engine is extremely efficient, and there is still a lot of oxygen available in the exhaust stream. The idea behind an afterburner is to inject fuel directly into the exhaust stream and burn it using this remaining oxygen. This heats and expands the exhaust gases further. Because they spin at such high speeds and because of the high operating temperatures, designing and manufacturing gas turbines is a tough problem from both the engineering and materials standpoint. Gas turbines also tend to use more fuel when they are idling. Many of the helicopters you see, a lot of smaller power plants and even the M-1 Tank use gas turbines. (Most military helicopters use turbines).

In the last two decades, air traffic volume has increased considerably, whereas the total quantity of fuel consumed has remained almost unchanged. The jet engine manufacturers strongly contributed towards this by increasing engine efficiency and power generation. This was achieved by raising the operating temperatures. The gas temperature varies from 850 to 1100 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the exhaust gas from the gas turbine is typically in the range of 500°C to 640°C, depending on the design of the gas turbine and the fuel used.

By the year 2050, increased flights by jet airplanes will impact global climate through the greater number of contrails they will produce, according to a new study in the July 1 issue of the journal, Geophysical Research Letters. Contrails are ice clouds created by jet engines and are short lived in dry air, but can persist for hours in moist air and become indistinguishable from natural cirrus clouds. Jet aircraft emissions are deposited directly into the upper atmosphere and some of them have a greater warming effect than gases emitted closer to the surface, such as automobile exhaust. Carbon dioxide combined with other exhaust gases and particulates emitted from jet engines could have two to four times as great an impact on the atmosphere as carbon dioxide emissions alone. A study performed in the days after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, when U.S. skies were clear of airplanes, found that contrails have a small but measurable effect on daily temperatures on Earth. The temperature range was more than one degree Celsius (about 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit) larger than when contrails were present, scientists reported in the journal Nature. Six aircraft were responsible for the formation of cirrus clouds that covered more than 20,000 square kilometers within an area between Virginia and central Pennsylvania.

A research team of American and German scientists headed by Patrick Minnis of the NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, reports that contrails cause a warming of the Earth’s atmosphere, although their impact is currently small as compared to other greenhouse effects. They predict, however, that it may grow by a factor of six over the next 50 years. In 1992, for example, contrails added an estimated 0.02 watts of warming per square meter globally, about one percent of all manmade greenhouse effects. Air traffic and, therefore, contrails, are not evenly distributed around the globe. They are concentrated over parts of the United States and Europe, where local warming reaches up to 0.7 watts per square meter, or 35 times the global average. The resulting temperature increase is not computed in this study, but is estimated to reach between 0.01 and 0.1 degrees Celsius (0.02 and 0.2 degrees Fahrenheit) over the northern temperate zones for current air traffic. In the future, increased air traffic will raise these values.

Number, worldwide, of commercial airline flights which take off every 24 hours today, according to Boeing: 49,315

There are no statistics for military flights, but I think they’d be fairly busy right now, don’t you?

Thanks for your marvelous column, which helps keeps the flag of real democracy flying.

Wal - Australia

Thanks for writing, Wal.

I'm no rocket scientist, but it sounds as though we're f***ed.

Republican Shenanigans

"President Bush announced that he would not be burying any more nuclear waste in Nevada. He said he is looking for a new site in a blue state." -- David Letterman

Study Finds Excess Votes For Bush In Florida
Daily Californian, 11-19-04

A group of University of California-Berkeley researchers released a study yesterday that claimed President Bush may have been awarded hundreds of thousands of excess votes in Florida.

Rock-The-Voter News

“Kind of ironic, the only cabinet member whose heart is still in it, Dick Cheney.” -- Jay Leno

Graphic by Pat Gerber - San Francisco

Good News

All Hat No Cattle Call

 The Bush regime knows how you voted and where you live

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"And Colin Powell, who caved and made the bogus U.N. case for war. Then, when he wanted to stay a bit longer to explore Mideast opportunities arising from Arafat's death, he got shoved out by a president irked by the diplomat's ambivalence and popularity.

Mr. Bush prefers more panting enablers, like Alberto Gonzales. You wanna fry criminals or torture prisoners? Sure thing, boss." – Maureen Dowd, New York Times columnist

Bush-Prison-Torture News

Bob Witkowski:

Didn't Take Long

Back to the Fifties!

First Stations were toooooooo scared to show 'Saving Private Ryan' uncut on Veteran's Day. They got no permission from Mikey Powell over at the FCC who had just fined CBS et al for Janet Jackson's breast fest at last year's Stupid Bowl. click here

Go-F***-Yourself News

“Boy I tell you, I watched ‘Extreme Makeover’ today. But enough about the Bush White House.”  -- Jay Leno

“I'm sure you heard this story. Today, President Bush had his ‘Colin’ removed.” -- Jay Leno

Odd News

Swarms of locusts obscure the Giza pyramids near Cairo on Nov. 17, 2004. The pink locusts that swept through Cairo recalled the plague of biblical Egypt, flying high above tall towers and scaring pedestrians who stamped on them or ran for cover. (Aladin Abdel Naby/Reuters)