Wednesday edition - November 18, 2009



Sarah Palin hates her 'sexist' Newsweek cover. Does she really?
Los Angeles Times - ‎11-18-09
Former beauty queen and right-wing party girl Sarah Palin is all bent out of shape about her sexy pose on the cover of "Newsweek.


Sarah Palin not speaking to 'liberal elites'
Politico - Andy Barr - ‎11-18-09
Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said Tuesday she is not trying to reach “the liberal elites” on her book tour,

UN report: Global warming risk to women
United Press International - 11-18-09
The report released in London Wednesday by the United Nations Population Fund concludes that the world's poor will be hit hardest by global warming


Sarah Palin’s got that book out, that “Going Rogue.” And she says that she was upset with John McCain because at the end of the election night, the McCain people would not let her deliver a concession speech. And I thought, don’t worry, Sarah, I’m sure you’ll get another opportunity.- David Letterman




The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

Déjà Vu


The White House rebuked Israel with heavy criticism Tuesday after the Jerusalem city government moved toward the construction of 900 additional housing units in a Jewish neighborhood in East Jerusalem, which Palestinians claim for the capital of their future state.



President Obama in China this week, or as they call it, the “People’s Republic of Wal-Mart.”- Jay Leno





Disturbing News


Last week, an 11-year-old boy shot and killed a black bear that wouldn’t leave his family’s front porch. Right after that, Sarah Palin wanted to know if he would be her running mate for 2012.- Jimmy Fallon



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How To Blow $98 Billion


The federal government made $98 billion in improper payments in fiscal 2009, and President Obama will issue an executive order in coming days to combat the problem, his budget director announced Tuesday.





Republican-Shenanigans News


Anyway, opening today, the movie 2012. It’s about the end of the world, and fantastic computer generated special affects to show the destruction of every single living being and structure on the planet. The world is ending and the apocalypse has arrived and still no healthcare reform. Well, that’s too bad. That’s too bad. - David Letterman


Another Republican


Former Republican congressman Rob Simmons, seeking a US Senate seat from Connecticut, called on Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to resign over his role in the bailout of insurer American International Group


Rock-The-Voter News




In what reporters are calling a very strange press conference, New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine blamed his re-election loss on the fact that he has a beard. He said he believes Americans won’t elect a leader with a beard. Yeah, I’ll mention that to Abraham Lincoln next time I see him. - Jay Leno


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Biz-Tech News


Fox News is criticizing President Obama because he bowed to the Japanese emperor, and earlier he got in trouble with bowing to the Saudi king. See, that never would happen with President Bush. He only bowed to Dick Cheney.- Jay Leno






Bush-Prison-Torture News


Over the weekend, Liz Cheney hinted that her father, Dick, might run for president in 2012. This news was greeted with cheers, hope and great relief — and that just from the Democrats.- Craig Ferguson



Go-F**k-Yourself News


Sarah Palin is everywhere right now. Have you noticed that? This week, Sarah Palin is going to appear on “Oprah,” “Good Morning America,” “ABC World News,” “Nightline,” “Sean Hannity,” and “20/20.” During all her appearances, Palin will talk about how the media won’t leave her alone.- Conan O'Brien




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Bamboo scaffolding students developing their skills at the Construction Industry Council (CIC) training academy in Hong Kong. Nicknamed "spiders" for their gravity-defying skills in web-like constructions, Hong Kong's bamboo scaffolders have risen above predictions that their trade would disappear.
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