November 18, 2003  Tuesday


Bush to be cut down to size
Reuters, UK - 11-18-03

BELTON (Reuters) - U.S. President George W. Bush will come toppling to earth in giant effigy form on Thursday in a symbolic simulation of the destruction by U.S. troops of a huge statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad in April...

The Disease of Pseudoscience and the Hope for a Cure
Skeptical Inquirer - Nov 12, 2003
... treatments when most of their knowledge of mental health issues comes directly from the likes of "Dr. Phil" McGraw, radio show host "Dr. Laura" Schlessinger...

Rehab gives Rush new way to be annoying
Chicago Tribune  -11-18-03
Five weeks after Limbaugh entered an Arizona treatment program to break his addiction to painkillers, he returned to the airwaves Monday morning with a new ...
How the Orwellian White House Continues to Keep the Saddam-9/11Connection Alive ...
BuzzFlash - 11-18-03
... the Weekly Standard article. Rush Limbaugh was still being "rehabbed,"otherwise he would have force read it to the Ditto Heads. ...

So many vast right wing hypocrites to cartoon - so little time.

S. Korean meeting ends inconclusively for US
Arizona Republic, AZ - 11-18-03
SEOUL, South Korea - Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld tried to patch up a host of differences with South Korea, issues ranging from the restructuring of US ...

"In a Veteran's Day speech, President Bush vowed, 'We will finish the mission. Period.' Afterwards, he was advised he doesn't have to read the punctuation marks." —Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live

President begins visit to Britain at a crucial juncture for Blair
Baltimore Sun, MD -11-18-03

..."I don't think anybody can quite figure out why Blair invited him in the first place or why he could not somehow find a convenient diplomatic way out of carrying it through," said Peter North, president of Jesus College at the University of Oxford. "I cannot see how the president's visit can do anything but harm the prime minister."...

Why in the world would Tony Blair want Dubya in London?  There must be more to this story.

Subject: The Dumbing Down of a Diplomat


Did you notice that if you look at old footage of Tony Blair with
Bill he had the oratory eloquence of Olivier but now standing
next to Pinhead he looks, acts and sounds like Mr. Bean! He had
the world at his feet but now he's been brought to his knees
(literally and figuratively) by greed.


Dear Doug,
Hahaha...Blair lost his charm when he hooked up with W. I have always been suspicious of Blair turning hard right. Maybe W has some porn pics of Tony! Or Tony is just greedy as you say.
I'm sure Bush will get a real bashing by the Brits when he arrives in London.
Take care and thanks for writing.


"The truth is now back on the airwaves; equal time is back in America."

-- RUSH LIMBAUGH , still suffering from OxyContin delusions, opened his radio show with the above quote, according to a transcript on his Web site.

Opinion Poll of Rush Limbaugh


Subject: Thanks

Thank you for being out there! I needed a good laugh today. I don't have a job
but I will encourage others to donate.
You must be an awesome person!

Dear Christopher,
Thank you for writing.
Mission Accomplished - I made you laugh without landing on an aircraft carrier!
Good luck on job hunting!
Thank you for being there.
Take care.

Annan delays returning UN staff to Iraq, New Zealand - 11-18-03
... Calls for the United Nations to return to Iraq have come in the last few days from US Secretary of State Colin Powell, Italian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi ...



Europe too soft on Iran, says Powell

BBC News, UK - 11-18-03

Powell Praises Iran on Nuclear Decisions
Sarasota Herald-Tribune, FL -11-18-03


"I don't want to live in Washington and sit in a room with a bunch of jerks I don't know."

-- Comedian-talk show host DENNIS MILLER on why he passed when California Republicans tried to get him to run for the Senate, but failed to mention that his comedic style appeals to those same a bunch of jerks he doesn't know.

Have you visited ?

"The UN nuclear watchdog group said in a confidential report Monday that it has found no evidence of an atomic bomb program in Iran, leaving the U.S. no choice but to attack." —Tina Fey, Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update"



Mass. Court Strikes Down Gay-Marriage Ban
ABC News - 11-18-03
... deny gay couples the same marriage rights as heterosexual couples.
Belgium and the Netherlands also have legalized gay marriage. ...



....every time you raise an issue that makes those on the right uncomfortable, they change the subject and argue about something else, they shift the debate the way a desert wind shifts the sands.
Antonia Zerbisias

Boy, do I agree with the above quote.  That is exactly how Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Rush, Joe Scarborough, etc, etc, etc debate.

No new news on who from the White House "outed" the CIA agent.

Gee, what a surprise.



Leonid meteor shower photographed with a nine minute exposure.