Wednesday -- November 17, 2004




Russia's Putin Promises New Breed Of Nuclear Missile
Radio Free Europe, 11-17-04
President Vladimir Putin said today that Russia is developing a new form of nuclear missile unlike that of any other country and unlikely to be matched by others.


Chief of CIA Tells His Staff to Back Bush
New York Times, 11-17-04
WASHINGTON -- Porter J. Goss, the new intelligence chief, has told Central Intelligence Agency employees ...

Terror Case Suffers As Man Sets Self Afire

AP, 11-17-04

A man who set himself on fire in front of the White House this week was a key witness against a sheik accused of funneling millions of dollars to al-Qaida and the Palestinian Islamic group...

I wonder if W lets Condi put her finger on the nuclear button?

"As the New York Times noted, Rice is the president's closest adviser on foreign policy matters, so close in fact she can even sometimes finish his sentences -- which makes one of them." -- Jon Stewart

The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

"Condoleezza Rice brings an impressive resume to her new job. The granddaughter of a cotton farmer, the former provost of Stanford University, she is fluent in four languages, an accomplished classical pianist, and even an expert figure skater. Wow, it seems like the only thing she can't do is make peace with other nations." -- Jon Stewart

"Punish France, ignore Germany and forgive Russia." -- Condoleezza Rice suggested for how Washington should treat European opponents of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq


Dear Lisa,
I am still trying to get my bearings after the election disaster - and I do
believe it was a disaster of historic proportions. I know everyone is
counseling us "to get on with it" and "don't give up the good fight."
And, of course, I will. But, some heads should roll. Goodbye Terry
McCauliffe. We raised and spent as much money as the fat cats and that
didn't work. So long, John Kerry. The very idea that he's thinking of
running again illustrates the hubris and arrogance that I detected in
him long ago and was central to my decision to back Dean. At this
point, I'm tired of all the usual suspects, all the talking heads, ours
and theirs - Begala, Carville, et al. How CAN James Carville be
married to that witch? I know love is blind, but is it deaf and dumb,
too? I'm even tired of the Clintons. I think Clintonism - trying to
have it both ways, the third way, triangulation, etc. - is one of our
problems. I say that knowing you have a soft spot for King Bubba, but
I say it anyway.

I think our problems are deep in this country and a lot of it has to do
with the total domination of American life by corporations. I recently
read a book about corporations that was an eye opener. For most of our
and for English jurisprudence, the corporation was frowned upon by the
law. The idea that people could ban together to make money and then
avoid responsibility or "liability" for their actions, the essence of
the corporation, was anathema, back when folks still had anathemas.
Then, after the Civil War, during the reign of the robber barons, a
series of Supreme Court decisions gave the corporation all the rights
of an individual but still protected the corporation's owners, the
stockholders, from liability. The thrust of the book (and movie) is
that we have created sociopathic "people" called corporations which
have only one goal and that is to maximize profits. In fact, it is
"illegal" (according to case law) for a corporation to consider
anything but profit in its decisions - no room for social concerns,
right/wrong or ethics. Of course, corporations spends billions on PR,
a fancy name for propaganda, to convince us they have our best
interests at heart. No way! And now, they have completely corrupted
the political process and both parties. Nader is right.

Excuse the dissertation, but I wanted to work through that in my mind.
I really believe that's the central distorting, corrupting force in
American life. Maybe modern life is impossible without these monsters,
I don't know. But their power should be limited and they should be
held accountable for their misdeeds. Of course, what we'll get is
"tort reform."

It's time for the Democratic Party to get some steel in its spine and
stand for something. But, I'm not hopeful. I think we'll have to
undergo another disaster like the Great Depression before we see any
real reform.

Dan Tyler

The sad thing is we keep repeating history.

"There was a scary moment over the weekend when Dick Cheney was rushed to the hospital for heart problems. Donít kid yourself, this is serious. Cheney has had four heart attacks ... and for a few minutes Bush was actually in charge." -- David Letterman

Disturbing News

E-Mail: Marsha Gaul

Subject: Racist cartoon


Are you a racist, or just ignorant?

Either way, how disgusting!


Hi Marsha, my conservative stalker.

This is an equal opportunity satire site. I canít even spell race cyst.

Condi misread intelligence from the CIA brief in August 2001 titled ďbin-Laden to strike the United StatesĒ, which is verified in the 911 Report, and fortunately on video. She also made the same wild claims (yellow cake claims that were disproved by Joseph Wilson who was rewarded with having his wife outted as a CIA agent) Can you connect the dots here, Marsha? You and I would be fired or demoted for such horrendous decisions.

And youíre concerned that I am a racist? My priorities are different. We are in an Iraq quagmire while bin Laden is roaming free. And 1200 troops and countless Iraqis are dead because of that decision.

Aunt Jemima brought us comfort food to feel good. Condi Rice brought us yellow cake to feel fear.
Racist? No, ironic.


Republican Shenanigans

"Secretary of State Colin Powell has submitted his letter of resignation. Actually, he submitted it six months ago, but Bush didnít get around to reading it until today." -- Jay Leno

Rock-The-Voter News

 Dear Lisa,

Gary from Oshkosh wants to know: Does all this mean that George Bush
won't have Colin irritation anymore?



Good News

This 2003 picture shows Spanish news photographers holding portraits of Spanish TV cameraman Jose Couso. The U.S. Army has acknowledged "no fault or negligence" in the April 2003 attack on a Baghdad hotel that killed two reporters, a rights group said, even though the military knew that hundreds of journalists were based there. (Sergio Perez)

Biz-Tech News


To end your piece [yesterday] you said:
In this image captured from an undated video
animation, shows the separation of the X-43A
research vehicle from the Pegasus booster. The
X-43A is mounted on a modified Pegasus rocket
designed to be carried aloft by a B-52 aircraft
and released at 40,000 feet. The rocket will
carry the X-43A to 110,000 feet and separate,
allowing the craft to fly for about 10 seconds
with its supersonic combustion ramjet operating.


Ironic, since the scramjet is intended by nasa as
a military item that will deliver a cruise
missile (maybe nuclear) to anywhere on earth in
two hours. Anywhere that angers the US for any
reason. France?

Sorry to spoil your day.

Thank you for writing.

You didn't spoil my day.

All this wonderful technology should be put to better use.

Condi Rice will bring peace through diplomacy, right? Maybe she should talk with Putin about developing nuclear missiles?

Well, my freedom fries are ready, must go.



White House Resignation News

Bush-Prison-Torture News

Dubya Dubs Condi Secretary of State

Odd News


The first ever European Wine Tower designed and built by the company Edwin Shirley Staging is located at a hotel near Stansted in southern England. The structural challenge of the project was to deliver a tower capable of supporting the 6.5 tons of glass, four thousand bottles of wine and four flying performers known as "wine angels."