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Bush Administration: No Constitutional Rights for Guantanamo ...
Voice of America - 11-15-06
By VOA News. The Bush administration says terrorist suspects being held in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have no constitutional right to challenge their detention in US civilian courts.


Senate to investigate rendition abuses
Guardian Unlimited, UK - 11-15-06
Abuses carried out under the CIA's secret programme of extraordinary rendition are to be investigated by one of the Senate's most powerful committees, it emerged today.

Former Abu Ghraib Head Janis Karpinski Points to Signed Rumsfeld ...
Democracy Now, NY - 11-14-06
... torture. We go to Berlin to speak with former Brigadier General Janis Karpinski, who served as the commanding officer at Abu Ghraib. ...


I wonder if Dubya's Daddy is for or against water boarding?



 "President Bush's dad is stepping in to help with Iraq, and he is not happy. This could be the first time a sitting president could be grounded."--Jay Leno


The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

Back in the USSR


U.S. President George W. Bush has arrived at a Moscow airport, a Kremlin official said Wednesday.

During a 45-minute refueling stop in Moscow, Bush will meet briefly with Russian President Vladimir Putin ahead of the Pacific Rim countries' summit in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Putin and his wife met the Bush couple and accompanied them to the airport terminal, where an informal breakfast..



"This week President Bush is flying to Asia to meet with leaders of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Or, as President Bush calls them, China." --Conan O'Brien


Disturbing News




The My Way or the Highway Continues


President Bush on Tuesday renominated the chairman of the agency that directs U.S. overseas broadcasts even though the nomination has been stalled in the Senate amid allegations of misconduct.


A report by the State Department's inspector general, released Aug. 29, said Kenneth Y. Tomlinson misused government funds for two years as chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors...Tomlinson signed invoices worth about $245,000 for a friend without the knowledge of other board members or staff, used the board's office resources to support his private horse racing operation and overbilled the organization for his time, according to the report.



“President Bush was asked by the press today if he was ready for bipartisanship in the Senate. And Bush said he had no problem with anyone who was bipartisan, as long as they don't try to get married.” -- Jay Leno


Republican Shenanigans



"Last week, the Democrats set a new record. They picked up more seats than Mark Foley did when he was a congressman." --Jay Leno



The South Has Risen Again


Sen. Trent Lott, ousted from the top Senate Republican leadership job four years ago because of remarks considered racially insensitive, won election to the No. 2 post Wednesday for the minority GOP in the next Congress.

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Subject: political humor


Lisa - let this be a cautionary tale for your 'political-humor' webstie:

Q: Do you know what's wrong with political jokes?
A: They get elected






Shooting the Messengers


Former President Bush Blames ‘Bloggers’ for ‘Ugly’ Political Climate
Last night on Fox News, former President George H.W. Bush said the current political climate has “gotten so adversarial that it’s ugly.” Asked to offer an explanation for why there is this “incivility,” Bush pinned the blame on bloggers. “It’s probably a little worse now given electronic media and the bloggers and all these kinds of things,” he said. Watch it:

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Rescue workers on horseback lead a herd of horses through flooded fields from a small knoll in Marrum, northern Netherlands, Friday, Nov. 3, 2006. Rescue workers saved a herd of around 100 horses that have been stranded on a tiny knoll since a fierce storm threatened to submerge them three days ago, in an incident that has transfixed the nation. (Photo/Peter Dejong)