November 13, 2003  Thursday

US face more setbacks in Iraq
Reuters, UK - 11-13-03
... A military spokesman said the crackdown, named "Operation Iron Hammer", would continue.
In Washington, President George W. Bush directed Iraq's US governor ...

       Bomb at Italian Base in Iraq Kills at Least 26 - Washington Post
       Japan stalls on Iraq deployment - Reuters
Iraqi teenagers watch as Americans bleed, happy
MSNBC - Nov 12, 2003
... Shortly after Wednesday's bombing teenagers in Sarafiya picked up leaflets from a group calling itself the Army of Mohammad. ... 'I want to join these Iraqi ...
Classified CIA report offers grim view of Iraq
The Olympian, WA - 11-13-03
... The CIA report, disclosed Wednesday by The Philadelphia Inquirer, also finds that ... The report questions whether the council can return Iraq to sovereignty. ...

Operation Iron Hammer?  Dubya had to come up with that name.

Bush's Unreliable Intelligence
The Nation - 11-13-03
... Bush claimed that he was the first president to advocate a Palestinian state. No, Bill Clinton had done so. (From a January 7, 2001 Clinton speech: "There can be no genuine resolution to the [Middle East] conflict without a sovereign, viable Palestinian state that accommodates Israel's security requirements and demographic realities.")

"It looks like the people of  San Francisco are an endangered species, which may not be a bad thing. That's probably good news for the country." -Jeb Bush Conserving Compassion on Californians


"While speaking at a Christian youth center in Dallas, President Bush said that religion helped him overcome his heavy drinking and rowdiness but it was good ole' fashioned Texas willpower that got him off the cocaine." —Tina Fey

Rushing right back to work
New York Daily News, NY -11-13-03
By MAKI BECKER. Pill-popping Rush Limbaugh is out of detox and "super
psyched" to return to the airwaves, his brother says. ...


Bush Demands Up or Down Vote on Judges
Guardian, UK - 11-13-03

"First, let me make it very clear, poor people aren't necessarily killers. Just because you happen to be not rich doesn't mean you're willing to kill." —George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., May 19, 2003

Comedian Al Franken considering run for the Senate
Charleston Post Courier, SC - 11-13-03
Comedian Al Franken, a Minnesota native, says he's considering moving back
to the state to run against Republican Sen. Norm Coleman in 2008. ...
       Al Franken considers move to Minnesota - USA Today


"The President celebrates Veteran's Day by building more tombs for future Veteran's Days. "- John Stewart


Hello, I read your page almost every day. Did you see during the Veterans celebration, that Bush was there, & during colors, he was laughing & trying to talk to others during this time? There should be a picture someplace to show the U. S. the disrespect that this man has for his own nation..


Thanks for writing Gini.  I searched but all I could find were patriotic pictures of Bush.  Go figure. But I do have this pic of Bush you might like.  See below



Graphic by the Wizard of Whimsy

Ten Commandments Judge Removed From Bench
ABC News - 11-13-03
Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore was removed from office Thursday for refusing ... Presiding
Judge William Thompson said the nine-member court had no choice ...





 British-built Beagle 2, will use parachutes and inflated bags to land on Mars at 0254 GMT on December 25.(NASA/HO)