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On Veterans Day, GI Bill boosts vets and the military
This Veterans Day, the first field reports are in for the most generous educational benefits for recent American vets since World War II – the “new” GI Bill.


AWOL soldier returns on Veterans Day

AWOL soldier Jeff Hanks said he walked away from the Army in the middle of a deployment because his problems with anxiety and stress have been ignored. Now on Veterans Day, he's coming back to face the consequences.

Rifle squad honors vets with 57,000 goodbyes
The bus stops on the cemetery path and the silver-haired men file out, sober-faced and silent amid a sea of white marble tombstones. Some carry rifles, some flags, a few hold bugles. They've all come to say goodbye — to a stranger.

JetBlue is appointing retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal to its board of directors. That’s who I want looking for my missing luggage — the guy who’s been trying to find bin Laden for 10 years.
- Jimmy Fallon



The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam


Sometime they'll give a war and nobody will come. ~Carl Sandburg





Who Done It?


The Air Force calls the situation "Launch Facilities Down." On Oct. 23, a Wyoming-based squadron of 50 nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) - enough firepower to kill some 20 million people - lost computer communications with their human controllers for 45 minutes.




Subject: In his book Bush says he was a "dissenting voice" on Iraq...


WMD's and Iraq.


Two names fer ya, Dubbya: Hans Martin Blix and Mohamed El Baradei, both associated with the IAEA, both qualified weapons inspectors and both were unable to find evidence for WMD's in Iraq for years before your personal war. Those were the guys you and your fellow draft dodging f*ckface buddy Dicky Cheney scoffed at before sending thousands of Americans to their deaths for the squalid s*ithole non-country called "Iraq."
If there's a God as you conceive of Him, and Justice and a Hell, both of you will be burning in it for eternity. So stay healthy back home in the Big D, Dubbya, you smirking s*ckass piece of dog sh*t.

An Iraq Veteran



Thank you for your service.


Soon I'll be able to pick up a copy of Bush's book at the dollar store.


Then I will burn it.




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Disturbing News


Very Interesting Interview With Valerie Plame and Joseph Wilson


The exposed CIA agent and her ambassador husband are in the news again with the release of 'Fair Game,' the highly anticipated film about their lives. Here's the backstory.




"Republicans were complaining about the cost of Obama’s trip, and that he was staying at the Taj Mahal. It turns out he was actually staying at the Taj Mahal Express, by the airport." –Jay Leno



Republican-Shenanigans News

When All Else Fails, Just Make Stuff Up


Is it possible that some of the most powerful Dem Senators in the country are privately bitching to Joe Scarborough, of all people, about President Obama?

No idea if it's true or not. But that's what Scarborough alleged on MSNBC



"Obama actually spent part of his childhood in Indonesia. He was known as Barry Obama then. They've been digging up childhood friends. One said he was chubby and ran like a duck. Which proves he's not Kenyan, because that's as American as it gets." –Jimmy Kimmel




Rock-The-Voter News


Bachmann TeaBag Overdrive


 A tea party favorite is dropping her bid for a leadership position in the upcoming Republican-controlled House.

Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota said in a statement Wednesday night that she is no longer running for the chairmanship of the Republican House Conference, the party's No. 4 position when it's in the majority.



According to a survey, New York City is the most stressful place to live. I was saying the same thing this morning to my bartender. - David Letterman


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Biz-Tech News


The Republicans want to decrease the debt while lowering taxes at the same time. And then they'll lose weight by eating ice cream.- Will Durst



Saving The Trees?


What's black and white and read all over? Not the white pages, which is why regulators have begun granting telecommunications companies the go-ahead to stop mass-printing residential phone books, a musty fixture of Americans' kitchen counters, refrigerator tops and junk drawers




Bush-Prison-Torture News


"‘Decision Points’ by George W. Bush has dropped, and it's like 'War & Peace' without the peace. Here's the very first page: 'In the last year of my presidency I began to seriously consider writing my memoirs.' Right away he’s got you hooked. Did he write them or didn’t he? You won’t know until you read the book. Maybe the rest of the pages are blank. If there’s one thing we’ve learned it’s that we can’t believe something is there just because Bush says it is." –Stephen Colbert



Go-F**k-Yourself News


"In the book Bush says that he lost respect for John McCain when he selected Sarah Palin as his running mate. This is from a guy whose running mate shot a buddy in the face." –David Letterman



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A girl from Japan's lingerie maker Triumph International displays Japan's tourism promotion bra in Tokyo. The bra features a bus guide's uniform-like dark blue bustier style bra with three gold buttons and a wraparound skirt with Japanese map. With a push of each button, a recorded voice message, "Welcome to Japan" will play in three languages of English, Chinese and Korean.




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