Wednesday - November 10,  2004


Gonzales to Succeed Ashcroft, Sources Say

AP, 11-10-04

President Bush has chosen White House counsel Alberto Gonzales, a Texas confidant and one of the most prominent Hispanics in the administration...

Bush Wants Line-Item Veto to Be Revived

AP, 11-10-04

Six years after the Supreme Court took away the president's ability to veto specific parts of legislation, President Bush is asking Congress to bring back the line-item veto to let him make precision strikes against projects and tax provisions he doesn't like.

Democrats Vow to Hold Bush Accountable
Washington Post, 11-10-04
Congressional Democrats returned to Washington in a defiant mood yesterday, making no apologies...

I'm going to miss John Ashcroft singing "The Eagle Soars."


“Since the election, rumors in Washington are starting to fly. They say Attorney General Ashcroft may be stepping down. Apparently he wants to spend more time spying on his family.” -- David Letterman


The Say Something Nice About John Ashcroft Contest


The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

The Bible Quiz

 November 11, 2004 is Veterans Day

Disturbing News

 “President Bush was re-elected, and today he hit the ground vacationing.” -- David Letterman

A Memo From the Desk of Billionaires For Bush

Republican Shenanigans

Paying Homage To The Queen

“Don't you love autumn, folks? It's fantastic. Autumn is the time of year that all the states turn red.”  --  David Letterman

Rock-The-Voter News

Betty Bowers: How to tell if you are living in a Red or Blue State

 "[Iraq is] a huge strategic disaster, and it will only get worse… The idea of creating a constitutional state in a short amount of time is a joke. It will take ten to fifteen years, and that is if we want to kill ten percent of the population." (Lt. Gen. William Odom, Director of the National Security Agency, 1985-88)

Sorry Everybody

"Today President Bush thanked those that worked the hardest for his reelection: Ralph Nader and Osama bin Laden."
–- Jay Leno

Good News

"Are you all finally over the election? I tell you, last week was a tough week especially if you are a gay, pro-choice
stem cell."
–- Jay Leno

Biz/Tech News

“How can anyone look at a sunset, sense the quietness of a snowfall, see films of that Hawaiian volcano pour its golden lava down to the sea, or see the wonder in a child's eyes at a circus, and believe that God is a conservative?”
–- George McEvoy, Palm Beach Post Columnist

Bush-Prison-Torture News


Liberals Like Christ

Go-F*** -Yourself News

 "President Bush says he’s going to simplify the tax code. Only the states that are blue will have to pay." –- David Letterman

Odd News

School children walk inside a giant mouth at the Amazing Body Adventure Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Friday, Nov. 5, 2004. The exhibition presents the human body larger than life with interactive experiences in which visitors enter a giant replica of a human body that is 180 meters long. (Photo/Andy Wong)

Peace and hope.