November 11,  2003  Monday

US Moves to Block Money for Troops Jailed in Iraq
New York Times - 11-10-03

...If the [Bush] administration succeeds, the former prisoners would be deprived of the money they won and, they say, of the validation of a judge's ruling that documented their accounts of torture by the Iraqis — including beatings, burnings, starvation, mock executions and repeated threats of castration and dismemberment....


Filling a suit isn't enough any more
By ROBYN E. BLUMNER, St. Petersburg Times Perspective Columnist
Published November 9, 2003

...But as the war in Iraq continues to go badly, sending back news of a daily casualty count, Bush's common-touch artifice is beginning to wear thinner than the backside of his Crawford jeans. Showing through is the real Bush, his swaggering arrogance, unidimensional understanding of issues, congenital lack of sympathy and intense pique at challenging questions...

The Chicago Way
By MAUREEN DOWD November 9, 2003
...On Wednesday, Senator John McCain offered a vinegary critique of the Bush team, urging the president to be more engaged on Iraq, and not leave decisions to subordinates. He also swatted Donald Rumsfeld's assertion that troop levels are fine, saying 15,000 more troops should be dispatched to avoid risking "the most serious American defeat on the global stage since Vietnam."...

Bush has Irrational Iraqi  Invasion Disorder.

The good news is that Bush's poll numbers are dropping like a rock.

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Touch screens worry voters
Miami Herald, FL - 11-10-03

...Miami-Dade and Broward counties already are exploring ways to enhance voter confidence in the machines, and 25 percent of likely voters polled in Broward said they were ''not confident at all'' that the electronic system would accurately tally their vote...


"Ozone Man, Ozone. He's crazy, way out, far out, man."

George H. W. Bush, speaking about Al Gore during the 1992 presidential campaign

Disabled vet fights for respect
Billings Gazette, MT - 11-10-03

... Harrison said he grew more frustrated listening to President Bush justify his $78 billion request for fighting the war in Iraq.

"He wants all this money, but he says he can't afford to take care of the people who took care of him," Harrison said.

After the World Trade Center attacks in 2001, the terrorist attack on the Cole was virtually forgotten by many Americans, Harrison said. Now he said he fears Congress has forgotten those who were aboard the ship, too.

"If they cared so much about the people who served, then they could take better care of them," he said.


"They have taken us much farther down the road toward an intrusive, 'big brother'-style government — toward the dangers prophesied by George Orwell in his book '1984' — than anyone ever thought would be possible in the United States of America,"
-Al Gore speaking about the Bush Slow Motion Coup d'Etat

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Cheney’s Long Path to War
Newsweek - Nov 9, 2003

The Hard Sell: He sifted intel. He brooded about threats. And he wanted Saddam gone. The inside story of how Vice President Cheney brought into shady assumptions and helped persuade a nation to invade Iraq

"Their very conservatism is secondhand, and they don't know what they are conserving." ~Robertson Davies

A Manufactured Crisis on Judges
NYTIMES - November 10, 2003
 ...Lost amid the grandstanding about a "crisis" in judicial nominations are the facts: 168 Bush nominees have been confirmed and only four rejected, a far better percentage than for President Bill Clinton....

"One word sums up probably the responsibility of any Governor, and that one word is 'to be prepared'." George W. Bush


Handful of budget-conscious states cancel presidential primaries
Portsmouth Herald, NH - 11-10-03
Several states have moved to drop their presidential primaries next year, worried about costs

in still-tight financial times and wondering if the political exercise would serve any purpose...




Republicans not only are cutting taxes, they are cutting voting.




"We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial flavors and furniture polish is made from real lemons."
-- Alfred E. Newman




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"Excuse me while I catch my breath; grab my chest; seize my left arm.

Whew..better now. I'm taken aback by the vitriol with which the current attack against the Dems in the Senate have been attacked by the virtue gang led by Hannity and then the usual gang of scum in the GOP Senate. (Hah! Thought I'd be talking about the attack against CBS, eh? Too time for BS and cowards here.)..."

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Taken during the STS-95 mission from a point over Cuba, this photo shows an oblique, foreshortened view of the Florida Peninsula.  (NASA/HO)