November 1-2,  2003 Weekend Edition

Iraq: 'Ramadan Offensive' -- How The US Found Itself Fighting A Guerrilla War
Radio Free Europe, Czech Republic - 11-1-03
... on his use of the word "ideological." He cited officials in the Defense Department who are known as "neo-conservatives," who tend to be from the right wing of ...
CBS Needs to Stick with "The Reagans" Miniseries
BuzzFlash - Oct 27, 2003
... are exerting pressure on CBS to cancel or change the program. If DRUDGE says it,
how can it not be true? One after another, Chris MATTHEWS, Peggy NOONAN, Tony ...

Frank Rich: The right rides the Rat Pack revival
International Herald Tribune, France - Oct 17, 2003
... in Miami Beach; two years earlier, Sinatra had stumped for Reagan's ... sons." Should
the president, Governor Schwarzenegger and their gang get Peggy Noonan ...


Peggy Noonan reminds me of that Nazi woman starring with adoration at Hitler or the picture below.  She deserves the November Terror Alert Girl.

Maybe she was one of those Lebensborn babies?

Zelda Morgan in no longer with All Hat No Cattle. I wish her the best of luck.

Secret Service: Bush never in danger from nearby car crash
CNN - 11-1-03
... Bush was never in any danger Saturday when a car ... Bush had completed a speech to campaign supporters inside the DeSoto Civic Center at the time of the crash ...
       Car Rams Miss. Arena Where Bush Speaking - Guardian


Drip Drip Drip

The Wilson-CIA Leak, WMDs and the Dems
By David Corn- Oct 30, 2003
... And due to the intricacies of the Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982,
the leakers in this case, if they are tracked down by the feds, may be ...


Rumsfeld Knows No Mojo
Los Angeles Times, CA - 11-1-03
"Is Rumsfeld Losing His Mojo?" was the headline in Time magazine above a story about
Rumsfeld's recent difficulties concerning Iraq policy and differences with ...


“To President Bush, the news is like a cigarette...when he is on the receiving end, Bush prefers his news heavily filtered.”--Michael Kinsley wrote in The Washington Post Oct. 17

Thank you very much Dan.


Hi, Lisa:

I go onto your site everyday for my daily political laugh and to check out the links you post. It's a
great site that is humourous and informative. I enjoy it immensely.

Recently here in Canada one of our distinguished news journal magazines kicked their season off with a
fairly in-depth look at the "most documented day in history". As well as investigating a number of the
conspiracy theories, it shone even more light onto the real links to terrorism that exist between the Bush
family and the bin Ladens. You may want to check out the following link for more information:

I'm hoping soon that more American news agencies and your fellow citizens will begin asking Bush for the
answers to these questions.

With kind regards,

Nick B.

Thanks for writing Nick.  I think a Canadian reporter will ask those questions before American reporters will.

I am glad you like my site.  It keeps me sane in this insane BushWorld.

"Governor-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger is paying a visit to President Bush in D.C. I think now is good time for him to be leaving California, nothing big happening there — only your whole state is on fire." —David Letterman

It Can Happen!

Senate Faults White House Over Iraq Documents - 11-1-03
... The White House has not met today's deadline. I am hopeful that the
White House will recognize the importance of the committee's ...

       White House Promises Cooperation in Iraq Probe - Capitol Hill Blue
       White House refusal portends showdown over Iraq documents - Detroit News
       State Department turns over documents; White House: working with ...  - WHNT

Bush's other war

US intelligence is being scapegoated for getting it right on Iraq

By Sidney Blumenthal
Saturday November 1, 2003
The Guardian

...Blix met with Cheney at the White House, the vice-president told him what would happen if his efforts on WMDs did not support Bush policy: "We will not hesitate to discredit you." Blix's brush with Cheney was no different from the administration's treatment of the CIA....



"In Washington, Arnold Schwarzenegger met with Vice President Dick Cheney. So, the Terminator met the Defibrillator. The difference between Schwarzenegger and Cheney is that when Cheney grabs a chest, it's his own." —Jay Leno


I wonder where Ken Lay is?  I bet he has had plenty of time to hide all of his money by now.

Bush Campaigning a Year Before Election
Kansas City Star, MO - 11-1-03
CRAWFORD, Texas - One year before voters decide whether to fire or rehire him, President
Bush is furiously raising re-election money, collecting political IOUs ...

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Norton Denies Role in Indian Money Issue
Newsday - 11-1-03

WASHINGTON -- Interior Secretary Gale Norton denied responsibility Friday for legislation before Congress that would delay a judge's order for her department to account for money owed to American Indians.

Norton said the provision, which prohibits the department from starting the court-ordered accounting until 2005, was negotiated by the White House and congressional appropriators, with her department deliberately kept out of the loop...

I think Gale Norton stole Papa Bush's line "out of the loop".

Clinton touts Street as Katz canvasses the city
Philadelphia Inquirer, PA - 11-1-03

"I think the Republicans in Washington ought to be investigating John Street, but they ought to be investigating his public record because it's a lot better than theirs," Clinton said to a roar of applause. "And they ought to follow it."..

We got a war on drugs

And a war on crime

In this land of ours, we're at war

All the time; It's no wonder lately

I've grown weary

And I long for a place where I can go

Where the people smile

And the pace is slow

I long for my own Costa Rica.

-Costa Rica from Dan Tyler's new album I Hope

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The Doctor is In

(The Howard Dean Song)

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Howard Dean May Get Union Endorsement
Guardian, UK - Oct 30, 2003
... `It's Dean or no one,'' SEIU spokeswoman Sara Howard said Thursday, days before
the union's 63-member executive board will decide at its Nov. 6 meeting. ...




A receiver in NASA's Deep Space Network. This technology enabled astronomers to determine

that Hermes, the "lost" asteroid, is a unique "binary asteroid" (HO-NASA)