October 8-9-10, 2004 TGIF/Weekend Edition




Bushís grudge match: Prez got mad, plans to get even
Boston Herald, 10-8-04
By David R. Guarino. ST. LOUIS -- A recharged President Bush hopes to turn the tables on his opponent tonight and knock Sen. ...

No weapons, no matter, Bush says
Seattle Times, 10-8-04
The Bush administration yesterday launched a campaign to blunt the effect of a report that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction by arguing that the findings still justify the decision to invade Iraq....

Report fuels Iraq WMD debate
CNN International,-10-7-04
WASHINGTON -- A long-awaited report which concluded Saddam Hussein did not possess stockpiles of illicit weapons...

I will eat Bush's hat if he wins this debate.

"I don't want to say who won that first debate, but today the FCC is furious
  and is fining the networks for showing the emperor with no clothes."

      -- Bill Maher



Dave Casey


The Large Editor -- AllHatNoCattle.net



FEMA money buys beer and votes


Iíve decided to vote for President Bush -Ė and not because of his outstanding performance in the first debate.

Most Americans love to see handicapped people overcome their disabilities, so it was inspiring to watch Dubya grapple simultaneously with facial incontinence and suppressed brain function.

But thatís not why Iíve decided on Dubya.

Like many Floridians, I now live in a Third World region dependent on MREs from the National Guard and checks from FEMA. Many of us have joined the ranks of low-wage or no-wage conservatives, those one- and two-issue voters with slogans such as ďHaving a gun is better than a job.Ē

So any kind of government handout is vital in securing our votes. Why, it was Dubya who got those hefty $600 per household income tax refunds for a us a couple years ago, and itís Dubya who just told FEMA to pick up a larger share of hurricane recovery costs than the agency has in the past.

Thatís great news for Florida and Dubyaís little brother, the governor.

All Hat No Cattle executives (both of them) right now are mulling over how to spend the $400 and change that is anticipated from FEMA.

The publisher wants to buy more tar paper for the roof or food to restock the refrigerator, but Iím lobbying for extra ammo in case of looters. And beer; lots and lots of beer.

I still plan to watch the Friday night debate between Bush and John Kerry, even though my mindís made up for Dubya (if the FEMA check arrives).

I want to see if the president has regained control of his facial expressions and verbal skills. And I want to see if his handlers have been able to load the audience for the town hall-style forum with Republicans.

Dubya does well with a friendly crowd, even when he doesnít do well with English.

Iíll also watch the third and last debate, which will be devoted to domestic issues like the faltering economy. This is where many political pundits predict Bush will have his toughest time with Kerry.

The Democratic challenger is certain to bring up pesky subjects like the record budget deficit created under Bush, the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs, the continuing lack of a national health care program, and tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy.

And Iíll provide fair, unbalanced commentary on the second and third debates -- even though Iíve decided to vote for Bush because heís the better candidate. And because the money from FEMA should have arrived by then.

In Florida, the 2000 election was the laughingstock of the nation. This year, it might be the best election money could buy.


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Two Faces of Bush -- Excellent Flash Animation

"(Friday) is the second presidential debate, or as Republicans are calling it, 'Fear Factor'." Ė- Jay Leno

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Martha starts doing her time
Ireland Online, Ireland 

Cheney Once Pushed to Lift Iran Sanctions
ABC News, 10-8-04
Vice President Dick Cheney, who has called Iran "the world's leading exporter of terror," pushed to lift U.S. trade sanctions against Tehran while CEO of Halliburton...

Is Bush Wired?

Republican Shenanigans

Newseum - The Interactive Museum of News

"Bush and Kerry's first debate was held last Thursday. While neither candidate
  delivered a knock-out punch, polls indicate John Kerry was the winner.
  Though Bush later complained it was because he couldn't get his buzzer to work."

    -- Tina Fey, Saturday Night Live 

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Florida Relocates

 "Good To Be in DC!" -- Bi-Partisan Flash animation by Jib Jab

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"I'm extremely disappointed that I have been sentenced to jail despite the fact that I did not write, and The Times did not publish, an article about (CIA officer) Valerie Plame." -- Judith Miller, New York Times Reporter

The person who did write that story is Robert Novak.

CNN 'Crossfire' host Novak hospitalized with broken hip
Houston Chronicle, Oct 4, 2004
CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Political columnist Robert Novak broke his hip while in the Miami area for the first presidential debate and was recovering from surgery ...

What do Tom Delay and Dale from KING OF THE HILL have in common?

Both were bug exterminators and both believe in black helicopters.

"This is what his handlers have advised him to do after the first debate last week: George W. Bush's challenge now will be to stretch four and a half minutes of meaningless platitudes into an hour and a half. That's his challenge." -- David Letterman

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TGIF: Don't forget to watch the debate Friday night. Have a wonderful weekend.

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Hundreds of people gathered in Australia's largest city to get a glimpse and a whiff of a blooming "corpse flower".