October 5, 2004 Tuesday


Bremer: U.S. 'paid a big price' for having too few troops in Iraq
CNN International -- 10-5-04
... about the future of Iraq," Bremer said. Bremer left Iraq in June, when sovereignty of the country was returned to Iraqi leaders. ...

Rumsfeld Says He Was Misunderstood on Iraq-Al Qaeda
Reuters -- 10-5-04
... Rumsfeld said Tuesday he was misunderstood when he stated hours earlier that he knew of no "strong, hard evidence" linking Saddam Hussein's Iraq and al Qaeda. ...

The Falling Scales
During the first debate, the scales fell from millions of eyes as America saw the real President Bush....

I wonder if Dick Cheney's true colors will show in tonight's debate?

“I drank six beers and W drank 12. That’s how he got his nickname W. Whatever you drink he’d double you.” --  BushVets.org excellent flash animation

"President Bush got some bad news today: another debate on Friday." -- Jay Leno

The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

Saddam Trial Hampered by Violence in Iraq

AP -- Oct 3

Putting Saddam Hussein on trial for war crimes is turning out to be a trial in itself, as escalating violence across Iraq makes preparations harder and riskier.

"Right now, Dick Cheney is practicing his 'warm sneer.'" -- David Letterman

Disturbing News

 "Comparing these grandiose promises to his failed record, it's enough to make anyone want to, well, sigh." -- Former Vice President Al Gore, writing in the New York Times about the promises Bush made during the 2000 presidential debates

Republican Shenanigans

“OB-gyn care is threatened because of lawsuits.” –- Barbara Bush, Breeder of Bushes

Good News

“Bush looked petulant and flatulent because he's not fit to be President. Period.” –- Bob Witkowski, AtWitsEnd.org

"Political experts say President Bush was off his game. He looked distracted, confused, a little at a loss for words. Off his game? That is Bush's game!" -- Jay Leno

Biz/Tech News


Red learned to undo the bolt on his kennel at Battersea Dogs Home. Staff at the world famous dogs' home were baffled after an apparent troublemaker released dozens of animals night after night, allowing them to raid the kitchen and cause chaos.
(Battersea Dogs Home)

"Experts are saying if [the debate] had been a game show, Bush would've gone home with a handshake and a quart of motor oil." -- David Letterman

Bush-Prison-Torture News

"National polls now put the candidates neck and neck, all but erasing the bounce the president received following his boisterous reception at the Republican convention. Which may be why for tomorrow's vice presidential debate, the GOP is insisting both candidates wear elephant hats and the event be moderated by the Gatlin Brothers. Oh, and every time Cheney scores a point? Balloons!" -- Jon Stewart

Go-F*** -Yourself News

Dear Mike, Iraq sucks

Civilian contractors are fleecing taxpayers. U.S. troops don't have proper equipment, and supposedly liberated Iraqis hate them. After the release of Fahrenheit 9/11, Michael Moore received a flood of letters and e-mails from disillusioned and angry American soldiers serving in Iraq. Here, in an exclusive extract from his new book, we print a selection.  Click here

Kerry/Edwards News

"In a stunning statement in a lecture at Harvard, ultra conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said, 'I have even taken the position that sexual orgies eliminate social tensions and ought to be encouraged.' And all those times you thought he and Dick Cheney were just duck hunting. I don't think so." -- Jay Leno

Odd News

Two BASE jumpers leap off China's tallest building, the Jinmao Tower, in Shanghai on Monday. Thirty-eight base jumpers from 16 countries, including six Chinese jumpers, showed their skills as part of China's week-long National Day festivities. BASE is an acronym for building, antennae, span (or bridge) and Earth, representing the fixed objects from which BASE jumps are made. (Jinmao Group)