Tuesday edition - October 6, 2009



Sarah Palin-Signed Xbox 360 Starts At $1.1 Million
MTV.com - Brian Warmoth - ‎10-06-09
How much would you be willing to pay for an Xbox 360 signed by former Alaskan governor and vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin?


McChrystal and Gates Raise Tension in Afghanistan Debate
Time.com Ė 10-6-09
Conflict over military officers weighing in on policy debates over how to fight the war reflect the competing pressures on the Commander in Chief...

Levi Johnston makes light of unprotected sex with Bristol Palin in ...
Telegraph.co.uk - 10-6-09‎
Levi Johnston makes light of his unprotected sex with Sarah Palin's daughter, in a new television commercial for pistachio nuts.


Yep, Sarah chose the right title for her book. But I would've titled it: Going, Going, Gone, ROGUE!



"I know why you're happy tonight. Because after all these months of seeing these tea baggers hold up signs of Obama with the Hitler mustache painted on, we have proof now that Obama isn't Hitler. Because when Hitler tried to get the Olympics he got it." --Bill Maher



The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam


Well, let's be big about it. Congratulations to the citizens of Rio de Janeiro. They spent all day today partying, doing the samba in the streets with the breasts hanging out and then they heard about the Olympics and then they were even more thrilled." --Bill Maher


I Wonder If Rush Will Keep All The Black Players?



Published and broadcast reports say radio personality Rush Limbaugh and St. Louis Blues owner Dave Checketts are joining together in a bid to purchase the St. Louis Rams.




Thanks for the graphic, Rick!



Disturbing News


Cash In Those Gold Fillings!


Gold for December delivery rose as high as $1,038.00 an ounce in electronic trade, topping the previous record of $1,033.90 in March 2008. It recently gained $16.30, or 1.6%, to $1,034.10 an ounce.



"At the White House this week they had a marathon strategy session on Afghanistan. It lasted three hours. The media went nuts. They couldn't believe that people spent three hours in one place. Three hours somewhere? Or as the rest of America calls it, a doctor's appointment." --Bill Maher





Republican-Shenanigans News


"Iran on Thursday agreed to open its newly-revealed uranium enrichment plant to international inspectors in the next few weeks, and to send most of its enriched uranium to Russia to be turned into fuel. See, nothing to worry about. They're just enriching tons of uranium and sending it to Russia ... wait, what?" --Seth Meyers




Rock-The-Voter News

Acorn Update


An internal review at Acorn, the embattled community organizing group, revealed that its founderís brother had embezzled $5 million from the group, five times more than the amount disclosed, according to a subpoena served Monday by the Louisiana attorney general. But the organizationís chief executive denied that any internal review had revealed that figure.





"Sarah Palin's book is big, 400 pages. She wrote the book herself and agonized over every word, and so will you." --David Letterman







Ads by Google



Biz-Tech News

Bloggers Beware


As of December 1, the Federal Trade Commission is going to require bloggers, and prominent tweeters and Facebook types to disclose any paid endorsements to their followers, online friends and readers. These new rules have the potential to change everyone's online habits....If you receive gifts, money or any other type of compensation from a product manufacturer or service provider you have to disclose it.





"Very interesting times here at NBC, at this network. The latest show business rumor -- it's a big rumor -- is that the Comcast cable company is thinking about buying NBC. Yeah. Comcast says they're interested in NBC because they've decided to get out of the television business." --Conan O'Brien


Bush-Prison-Torture News


"With the Olympic Committee, it came down to one simple question -- where do you want to go to spend your summer vacation? The land where super models invented bikini wax? The land where fat guys invented deep dish pizza?" --Bill Maher



Go-F**k-Yourself News


"Right now, I would give anything to be hiking on the Appalachian Trail." - David Letterman referring to his recent sex scandal





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Odd News

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A holograph is projected above a mobile phone by a 3D projector (not in picture) displayed in the HoloAD booth at the 2009 Taiwan International Invention Show and Technomart in Taipei September 25, 2009. The four-day event hosted some 600 inventors and institutions at the Taipei World Trade Center.
Photo/Nicky Loh





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