TGIF/Weekend edition - October 6-8, 2006





Hastert Blames Media, Soros, Clinton
San Francisco Chronicle,  USA - 10-6-06
House Speaker Dennis Hastert, figthing for his political survival, is lashing out at the news media, George Soros and even associates of former President Clinton...

Why Guantanamo?
JURIST - 10-6-06
JURIST Guest Columnist Kermit Roosevelt of the University of Pennsylvania Law School says that the question of whether the US government can seize aliens and put them beyond the reach of law goes to the heart of who we are and what we want to become.

Hastert: I haven't done anything wrong
Chicago Sun-Times, United States - 10-6-06
Declaring "the buck stops here," U.S. House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert said Thursday that he takes responsibility for the handling of the Mark Foley e-mail scandal, saying "we could have done better."
But the Illinois Republican also said he has no plans to step down as speaker.


Sex, lies and instant messages.

Vote Republican.



Why don't Republicans use bookmarks ?

Because they just bend over the pages.



The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News



Keith Olbermann's Special Comment 10-05-2006


From Wrestling Coach to Real Estate Tycoon


House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) made a $2 million profit last year on the sale of land 5 1/2 miles from a highway project that he helped to finance with targeted federal funds.



"The big question now is what should be done with Mark Foley's seat in Congress. I say, spray it with Lysol, boil it, coat it with Bactine, and then maybe you can sit on it." --Jay Leno



Disturbing News



Dirty Denny
By Madeleine Begun Kane

There once was a House Speaker Denny,
With character not worth a penny.
He failed to shield teens
From a boy-obsessed fiend.
Family values? He doesn't have any. 



"Mark Foley has outed himself. He has officially come out as gay. Today the gays told him, 'Go back. We don't want you on our team.'." --Jay Leno

The Lavender Bund


It was common knowledge, at least among the journalists I drank with, that certain mid-level Reagan appointees were bundists, as were some of the rising young studs in Gingrich's House insurgent movement, and a rather larger number of the conservative foot soldiers in the think tanks and on K Street. Some of the names have since appeared in print, some haven't. On the whole, though, the bund has been fairly successful at keeping the closet door closed. When the Washington Times (which wasn't exactly butch central itself) started poking around in the political and sexual dealings of lobbyist Craig Spence in the summer of 1989, the episode was hushed up fairly quickly -- making it something of a role model for the strange story of Jeff/Jim Gannon/Guckert.



Republican Shenanigans


"The real battle now is how the GOP leadership handled the allegations. My guess is with some sort of latex glove." --Jon Stewart



Like Kids In a Candy Store


Once upon a time the House of Representatives was known as "the people's house." No more. It belongs to K Street now. That's the address of the lobbyists who swarm all over Capitol Hill. There are 65 lobbyists for every member of Congress. They spend $200 million per month wining, dining and seducing federal officials. Per month!


Rock-The-Voter News





"CNN is reporting that former Congressman Mark Foley's instant messages were not only sexually inappropriate, but were also full of typos. In his own defense, Foley said, 'It's hard to type with one hand.'." --Conan O'Brien


Overseas College Students - Beware


If your college kid were to be arrested in Bangkok or Cairo, suspected of "crimes against the state" and held in prison, you'd assume that an American foreign service officer would be able to speak to your kid and arrange for a lawyer, but this may not be true anymore. Be forewarned.

The Senate also decided it's up to the president to decide whether it's OK to make these enemies stand naked in cold rooms for a couple of days in blinding light and be beaten by interrogators.




Daily Show: Annual GOP BBQ and Nude Cub Scout Wrestle


Biz/Tech News



Raping Forests and Tax Dollars


A government study blamed the Bush administration, not lawsuits by environmentalists, for adding to the cost of a logging project in which the government spent $11 million to salvage less than $9 million in timber from a wildfire.



"CBS also has a brand new hit show. It's called 'Survivor Congress.' Last week, Mark Foley was voted off. Next week, Dennis Hastert is being voted off." --David Letterman






BC Celebrates Issue 200 as
16 Dedicated African American Activists
Join The New BC Editorial Board


Bush-Prison-Torture News


"In fact, some people are calling for term limits. Term limits? We need sperm limits." --Jay Leno


Naughty Bush Photos



He's an Editor, too!


President Bush, again defying Congress, says he has the power to edit the Homeland Security Department's reports about whether it obeys privacy rules while handling background checks, ID cards and watchlists.


Go-F***-Yourself News



According to the New York Post, cyclist Lance Armstrong is now dating Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka. She says Lance reminds her so much of her father -- especially when he wears his helmet. - Jay Leno



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A Chinese woman looks at a street art installation on display in Beijing, China, Thursday, Oct. 5, 2006. China's art scene is becoming popular among foreign art collectors push prices ever higher. (Photo/Ng Han Guan)


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