October 31,  2003  TGIF  Happy Halloween

Afghanistan: UN Warns Opium Production Spreading 'Like Cancer'
Radio Free Europe, Czech Republic - 10-31-03
... risks turning into a failed state once again unless it curbs the spread of what it calls "the drug cancer." A new report on opium harvesting in Afghanistan ...
       ‘ Drugs to be eliminated from Afghanistan in a decade ’ - Daily Times
       Afghan opium production flourishes - Al-Jazeera
       Afghanistan's opium production reaches new high - 4ni.co.uk
US Capitol Said to Be Haunted Building
Guardian, UK - 10-31-03

WASHINGTON (AP) - Murder, curses and demon cats. Statues descending from their pedestals for midnight minuets. There are scarier things than lawmaking going on inside the U.S. Capitol...

Costume confusion shutters House
St. Petersburg Times, FL - 10-31-03

...Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, D-N.Y., said an alarm system that is supposed to notify House staff of emergencies did not go off. The media knew of the incident before her office, she said..

Will W be as successful in the opium drug war in Afghanistan, as his father was in the cocaine war in Colombia? 

My guess is yes.


Lift Every Voice: Political tricks and treats from Ashcroft to ...
The Emory Wheel - 10-31-03

...Trick — Evil at the Department of Justice. Attorney General John Ashcroft continues to march in his crusade to erode every ounce of freedom we enjoy in this country. Whether advocating a stricter form of the Patriot Act, supervising federal judges in their judicial sentences or conjuring up more repressive methods for the government to spy on the activities of Americans...

"We are at war with Iraq, or as it's officially known in Washington, 'Operation Enduring Wolf Blitzer.'" —Bill Maher

Study: Bush backers land Iraq deals
MSNBC - 10-30-03
... Dick Cheney before he resigned to run with Bush ... based company on Thursday strongly
defended its work in Iraq and said allegations it won sweetheart deals ...

Ann Coulter graphic by Eric Maietta

"The difference between Los Angeles and yogurt is that yogurt comes with less fruit. "
--Rush "I am not a homophobe" Limbaugh


SUBJECT: Anne Coulter

The interview you posted, "Ann Coulter on Scarborough Country," should be interesting to anyone who thinks that the right-wing leaders such as Coulter and Scarborough (as opposed to ordinary people who may have conservative ideas) are honest, decent, well-intentioned people who unfortunately have reactionary views. Coulter and Scarborough were very well aware that Limbaugh said drug addicts should be jailed; they undeniably knew they either had to repudiate Limbaugh's views or argue that he should be jailed. They did everything they possibly could to evade taking a public stand, because to argue for jail would show them to be insensitive to the actual problems people face, but to argue against jail would show them as only compassionate toward people they agree with and dismissive of the American legal system. Under steady hammering, they finally worked out a sleazy shift to the question, turning it into whether they would personally be pleased for Limbaugh to go to jail ("If my mother committed murder, would I want her to go to jail?"). Then they were able to express compassion for Limbaugh while evading the moral question of whether he deserved jail. And they accused the liberal Bloom, who argued against jail for Limbaugh or any other first-time individual drug user, of glorying in Limbaugh's difficulties and thus being insensitive and vengeful.

Coulter and Scarborough revealed themselves in the interview as highly conscious shysters who were not carrying on honest discussion. They were not exchanging views for the purpose of getting out the truth or letting listeners make up their own minds. They were dishonest cons, spewing venom, working very hard to cover views that they knew would be rejected if people saw them in their seamy nakedness. We obviously need to continue to oppose their views, but clearly they are not legitimate debaters: they do not deserve to be heard, they do not deserve respect.

Ordinary people who liked Limbaugh and are troubled by his addiction should be encouraged to develop their views and should be treated with decency, civility, and respect--but shysters like Coulter and Scarborough have waived that right and should be used, as you did on your website, only to expose their monstrousness and to encourage us to defeat them.

Thanks for linking the interview!

Peter Miller.

Thanks for writing Peter.  I wonder if Scarborough and Coulter ever look in a mirror?



Commercial television is a lousy source for news about Iraq (and, in my opinion, any other subject).

So concludes a comprehensive study from the University of Maryland’s Program on International Policy Attitudes. Most notably, Fox News Channel faired the worst. Those getting their pseudo-news from Hannity, O’Reilly, and the gang at Fox were far more likely to be completely confused than consumers of Print media, NPR or PBS. Regular Fox viewers were three times more likely than viewers of any other network to answer all of the major survey questions incorrectly.

Rupert Murdoch’s Fox isn’t looking out for you. It’s looking out for Big Brother Bush and Big Business. Students of their reporting conclude that Fox’s intent was to make the White House case for war, because war, with bombs dropping and tanks rolling, would be good for Fox’s ratings. To Fox News casualties of war are not an issue when there’s market share to be had.

I am certain that Fox will portray the study as a flagrant attack by liberal intellectuals. While it’s certainly a pity that those smart people keep picking on them, Fox will have trouble explaining why the study confirms that “Among those who primarily watch Fox, those who pay more attention are more likely to have misperceptions.” In other words, the more Fox you watch, the more spin you absorb and the less informed you become. Ronald Reagan once accidentally said, “Facts are stupid things.” Apparently Fox News Channel agrees.

Andrew B.

Thanks for writing Andrew.  Don't you love the fact that Fox News was laughed out of court trying to sue Al Franken and now his book is a best seller? Right wingers will bite their nose to spite their face.

Thanks for the donations,

Professor Ray, Josh and Bill.


Am I the only one who has noticed the same people who complained that we didn't 'connect the dots' prior to 9-11, are now complaining that we connected the dots in Iraq?
--Rush Limbaugh, delusional on drugs

Economy Records Speediest Growth Since the Mid-80's
New York Times - 10-30-03
... The president's plan props up economic ... signs is likely to allay fears among some at the Federal Reserve that three years of weak growth have left the economy ...

Our armed forces shouldn’t be over there - they’re good at killing people and blowing things up, not peace-keeping.
-Rush Limbaugh, while high on Oxycontin,  on Clinton’s deployment of troops to Bosnia

How wrong the right wing Rush was.





"A fool and his money are soon elected."
Will Rogers





Enraging liberals is simply one of the more enjoyable side effects of my wisdom
--Rush Limbaugh

Gee, Rush, I think it is a side effect of Oxycontin.

Big Call-Up Of Washington Troops

5:06 PM PST October 30, 2003

In the largest call-up since World War II, thousands of Western Washington National Guard troops received orders Thursday to head to Iraq. Meanwhile, soldiers from the Stryker Brigade got a formal send-off at Fort Lewis...


"It is a little like a drunk going on a binge...It feels good for a while but you all know that the hangover is coming."

--Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D. -commenting on the surge in the economy

The Lies of George W. Bush: Mastering the Politics of Deception
Democracy Now - 10-31-03
... Today we take a look at a new book by the Nation’s Washington editor David Corn
titled: “The Lies of George W. Bush: Mastering the Politics of Deception ...

I know what caused the surge in the economy! People were buying this for Halloween.

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This image photographed at about 6:00 Alaska Standard Time, October 29, 2003 shows aurora over Gunsight mountain located about 110 miles north east of Anchorage.(Photo/HO)


Have a peaceful Halloween.